Monday, July 19, 2010


I am never amazed at the lengths media and individuals will go to denigrate and demonize opposition. As a, once Liberal, I saw this in the 80's with the Ultra Right. The interesting thing is that it petered out because we all knew the tele-wanderlust's and Moral Majority people were lunatics. We are in a different place today.

The Socialist Liberals have over 75 years of slow, incremental gains that have inculcated various generations to their cause. While many of the Social changes have been good for this country (ie: Women's Rights, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, even regulations) many of these Legislative Acts have been marred by 'Earmarks' and various 'clauses' that promote bylaws and other regulations that have nothing to do with the original piece of Legislation. It went on then, it goes on now. Political Activists insert their agenda and hold hostage any politician who votes. You are supported if your vote is 'yes', you are publicly executed if you vote 'no'. Both parties do this.

Case in point: The Violence against Women Act. Contained wording that defined all men as abusers, supported separating couples to have the mothers have de-facto custody requiring men to prove their worth and pay support. No enforcement to require women to pay child support, Domestic Violence laws to be applied towards men who are in a S+M relationship where men are the Doms. No investigation of 51-A reports supplied by estranged female spouses, just instant arrest of the men reported on. Many Femi-Nazi lawyers encourage women to file these reports to buttress their cases for custody. In fact, entire States and Communities have adopted these rules resulting in an 85% defaulting of all custody battles to the mother! No recompensing if perjury is proven, an entire Probate System where "beyond a reasonable doubt" is null and void. The accuser need only point a finger. The State takes over the case. The Defendant spends life savings and has little chance of exonerating his name. Never mind getting his kids back.

That example was created during Clinton. He signed that Bill. It is ironic, that he was later caught in the trap he set himself with Monica Lewinski. He was seen as the 'aggressor', Monica, 'the victim'. Right!! Trust me, Monica had no problem being convinced to hike up her skirt and get on her knees..Many women, at the time, felt the same way. But the trap was set and media went after the kill.

Now, we see another perversion of the truth under media spotlight.

The Tea Party is a racist organization according to MSNBC, CNN, NBC, NAACP..The list goes on.

The video clip of the man with an M-4 slung on his shoulder. Main Stream Media failed to show he was a black man. A recent clip of a Neo-Nazi: Main Stream Media editted out the Tea Party people drumming him out and Police arresting him. Equating The Tea Party Express (totally separate organization) and the Chairman's racist rants with the grass roots Tea Party as one and the same. Black members being lumped into the same catagory as the Jewish prison guards during the Holocaust. Even Glenn Beck, who had the neice of Dr. MLK and a black pastor (running for Congress in Tx.) on his show is labelled a hate monger and a perverter of the tenets of Jesus Christ.

The sad thing is; we can fight this all we want. That (actually) is the purpose of these slanders. To take Conservatives 'off their guard' and divert the message. The more we fight the accusations the less time spent on the true message. It is all part of the plan..

My fear is some nutcase who picks up a rifle and does something stupid! Now the Liberals have a poster child to advertise! Now that Michelle Bachman has created the Tea Party Caucus in Congress. The fragile political movement we have created will be wisked away like your grandma sweeping a spider's web from a corner. We must be vigilant!

I shake my head as I watch the TV. I watch business' go on with life (all of them knowing what's in store), I watch the Gulf Spill, Legislation passed that cripples business. The Banking Bill, TARP, ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, the rhetoric against a grass roots movement (Liberals started this idea), regulations, taxes on our food, agencies created to tell us how to eat, drive, get medical care and I can hear a ghostly voice in the backround...

It is George Orwell, pounding, with his skeletal hand on his rotting casket screaming.."I told you so!!"

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