Sunday, July 11, 2010

OK America....Here We Go Again

Everything you hear from the media and the government is a lie. The only truth is that; you know its a lie.

It is easy to become sick and tired of the banter and arguement of the Left and the Right. Both sides are exquisitely wrong! Tiresome is the Border discussion. It is like a bunch of plumbers bickering over a blown pipe while the basement fills with water. I am tired of the money discussion. There isn't any money and there won't be for a long time so make a decision and move on with life. I am tired of the entire 'everything' that comes down the national news media pipeline..Never mind the BP pipeline..

I am trying to run a radio show, my FB page and two blog sites here. I cannot keep up with the info-mass-media, and get my kids breakfast in the morning at the same time! My daughter's french toast burns as I stand in the kitchen gaping at the latest steaming pile of bullshit coming from the boob tube. I can only do five things at once. I cannot do eight!

But, as I have said on my other blog about it all being "part of the plan". I, truly think it is; all part of the plan to confuse, manipulate, with slight of hand magic tricks, the general public.
Case in point 1. The Gulf Oil Spill is a horrible disaster. What you will not hear is why it will never be contained or why..If..Ever.

BP has done something unprecidented in oil drilling history. While there are many deep sea oil rigs, BP has drilled a hole into a deep fisure in the Earth's crust. You know? Those places where the continents shift and collide?

Yeah!!..Great idea!! The best engineering minds thought this Pandora up!!
It blew the "F" up!

70 thousand pounds of pressure from the core of the Earth! Thats like trying to stop the Colorado River with a roll of toilet paper.

First of all..There is no "oil crisis". The wells drilled from all over the world are fed by deep core wells that 're-fill' the surface wells. In fact; scientists are wondering if these deep core wells are actually the "grease" that helps turns our planet. Kind of like the grease that turns any wheel or cog in that wheel.

(STOP!! OK all you Al Gore fans, the world is not going to stop turning anytime soon..Well, maybe in 100 million years.) The point is....

In all this hysteria over the world's energy supply, we have done stupid things. Stupid is as stupid does.."Forest Gump". We import while our own soil contains vast amounts of gas and oil. I question the Government reports of two percent of the worlds supply of oil and gas we have under our soil and off shore. Why then is there so much desire to explore and drill all across America for only two percent? Something ain't right there pal. Our own self-centered desire of not wanting to see these rigs has forced companies to place them over the horizon and out of site. Engineering marvels they are yet plagued with complications.

is all part of the plan. Never let a crisis go to waste, says Rahm Emanuel. Let Government pick up the pieces. You can't make this stuff up. It is almost as if the BP disaster was tailor made, and couldn't have been timed better if you planned it, for The Obatrons and their GE buddies to trot out the new trick pony they have in store for us: Green Technology.

Second case in point: The Space Program. The whole "Yes we Can" promise of the Obama Campaign did not include the Constellation Program. This NASA program was the dream child to take us back to the moon in 2020. The first test launch happened 48 hours after the great and powerfull OZ cancelled the whole thing. What do the New Jersey Italians say?.."Fuggetta-bout it". An entire industry and scientific community created to take the lead for America is now taking a dirt nap.

The compromise is to let the Russians send up supplies to the ISS. Lets have robots do our work exploring ..Mmmnn.. More outsourcing. Turns out the Russians have problems with the "Auto Pilot' software on the cargo ships that supply and dock with ISS..Sooo..We outsourced our only last National Enterprise to a BFI nation and it's scientist? China gets to the moon before us? They mine all the Helium 3 and corner the 21st Century market on a clean and unending source of energy? Like the Chinese Government will really abide by that "For all mankind" rhetoric..And I have some great Real Estate I want to sell you just East off Cape Cod.
(B.F.I.= Bunch-of Fucking Idiots)

Third case in point: The war. First and foremost! Here is my mandate. Read carefully because I am not going to repeat it.
Win the war..nothing else is acceptable!

Do I need to say anything else on this subject? No? Good, lets move on.

Fourth case in point: Illegal Immigration. There is no such thing as an 'Illegal Immigrant'. Either you came here as as an "immigrant" and therefore hold papers to testify to that fact or you are just Illegal and have no business being here in the first place. The term "Illegal Immigrant" is an oxymoron. It is like the term "Political Correctness". There is no such thing. Even Winston from Orwell's 1984 would be scratching his head.

The entire 'Immigration Reform' Bill encompasses this notion that both are the same: Illegals and Immigrants; they are not the same...Shit..Talk about Orwellianism. The truth is those who came here legally are just as pissed off as native born Americans. These poor people payed their way and waited in line. Now they have to accept the Liberal mandate of "Amnesty" just so we can be seen by the world as "fair"??..Screw that!! There are millions of legal, card holding immigrants today who would agree with me!

Shut the border down. Other countries have armed fences and sentries. Why do we not? Because the Annointed One has told us publicly that the border is too vast and that it cannot be done.(Pres. Obama on his border speech 2010)

Don't ever tell me something cannot be done Mr President. Don't ever say it is too expensive or too complicated. You and your fellow Chicago criminal cabinet members are really grinding my gears with your continued insults.

At the dire straits of the Revolution, Washington took Trenton with militia who had no shoes in winter. Jackson held off the British in 1814 with farmers when every one told him to run. Lincoln marched an army to the sea and saved the Union. At the depths of the Depression we galvanized our industry and built Hoover Dam and went to war on both sides of the globe and won. The crippled fleet burning in Pearl Harbor limped out six months later and Colonel Doolittle launched bombers off an aircraft carrier. Apollo 13, dammaged, came home safe. The Berlin Wall fell from our own military buildup when we could least afford it. Every one said Kuwait would be the next Vietnam and we finished in two months and freed a nation.
I was a high school dropout yet I have created a radio show that attracts the future members of our Congress as my guests and I have planted myself squarely into this Election year process. I have also become a writer.

Never tell an American that something cannot be done.

Shall we let the media and Liberal Government decide our path? Or shall Americans decide that path? I, for one, am getting pretty fed up with being 'told' what to do by an entity whose soul purpose is its own self preservation or 'citizens groups' who think they know whats best for me and Law Enforcement who fine you every step of the way and call it protecting you.

Tell you what Government, lets keep it simple. You guys protect the nation and fight our wars. Hell, I'll even let you tax me a little bit so I can help pay for it all. I will take care of the rest. All you 'concerned citizens' go home, I think American Idol is on the TV. Hey Mr. Policeman, I think some one is being murdered by an Illegal, pay attention to those crimes and leave me and my broken headlight alone.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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