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How To Win Elections with Rank Choice Voting-Part II-The Arrow Theorem

"Most systems are not going to work badly all of the time. All I proved is that all can work badly at times." Kenneth Arrow

In 2011 a Mayoral race was held in San Francisco. Sixteen candidates were on the ballot. The ballot was designed under Rank Choice Voting. San Fran employs RCV. There is only one problem. Voters can only 'rank' three candidates.

The ballot is set into three columns. All sixteen listed in each column. Voters must 'rank' according to each column. One choice each! Your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. (yes, you are voting multiple times) according to 'preference'. If you mark it wrong your ballot is tossed.

What is wrong here is that there are 16 candidates but you only get to choose three. Under RCV there should be sixteen rankings. Right?

In Cambridge Mass the City Council uses RCV for elections. Cambridge is a staunch Democrat controlled city. So what is it we see in this city? What party controls San Fran?

In both places there exists a system of voting that ensures a Democrat hegemony.

Can you imagine any Republican running in any of these places? Imagine a Libertarian. Under RCV they would be instanty tossed out due to dismal numbers (but thank you for your rankings).

The theory behind Rank Choice Voting is not at all sound. Frederic Bastiat wrote about such social theories. He premised that (unlike) scientific theories based on trial and error, Social theories are just employed. The outcome being the least of the theorist's concern.
RCV claims to being a better form of voting are far from it. It is fraught with errors as much as the current system it wants to replace. This is Kenneth Arrow's Impossibility Theorem.

The theorem is named after economist and Nobel laureate Kenneth Arrow, who demonstrated the theorem in his doctoral thesis and popularized it in his 1951 book Social Choice and Individual Values. The original paper was titled "A Difficulty in the Concept of Social Welfare".[1]

In social choice theory, Arrow's impossibility theorem, the general possibility theorem or Arrow's paradox is an impossibility theorem stating that when voters have three or more distinct alternatives (options), no ranked voting electoral system can convert the ranked preferences of individuals into a community-wide (complete and transitive) ranking while also meeting a specified set of criteria: /wiki/Unrestricted_domain

From Wikipedia,

That set of criteria is selecting a winner. Not ranking. Essentially you ARE voting multiple times. RCV supporters have told me many times that I am wrong on this premise.

According to Arrow (and what I have posited as well) you are 'manufacturing' the winner by a shell game. The magical 50% you need to win is completely arbitrary. Besides, 50% isn't a majority. It is only half. In a multi candidate race no one is going to get 50% unless they run one hell of a campaign. In the case of Fall River only 13,000 total votes were cast amongst six candidates. The Mayor he won by 35%.
In fact RCV does not even pass Occam's second Razor. Occam said that if there is to be something set forth as fact it must be proven empirically. In addition any deviations, questions or secondary statements of facts must also be meticulously proven. No one from RCV even attempts this. It is just claimed to be better. Politicians who sign onto this shell game use the same script from the various RCV websites. Almost like they are handed to them to repeat.

Two articles come to mind. A March 29th 2019 article on and a March 14th article in Worcester Magazine. Both use the same wording, phrases and misinformation.

The WBUR article lists several cities that have been using RCV for a number of years.
Massachusetts wouldn’t be taking a leap of faith if voters adopted ranked-choice voting. Almost 4 million Americans live in communities that use this system, including Oakland, California; Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota; and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Closer to home, voters in Cambridge have used a variation of ranked-choice voting for city council and school board elections since 1941.

What is NOT divulged is that those cities have a Democrat hegemony. Cambridge Mass being the worst of them all. Cambridge has been under Democrat control since 1941. RCV loves to tout how Maine has adopted RCV. Maine has shot themselves in the foot with RCV. All the economic gains and welfare reforms from the last Republican Administration have been wiped out. Maine is on course to the tax and spend policy that messed it up in the first place

Nothing is necessarily wrong with that; the decision process can be perfectly democratic, and one person simply turns out to be on the winning side on all issues. (Hylland 1986: 51, footnote 10)

Aanund Hylland

My grandfather used to say, " Everyone one has a Democratic right to be an ass.
Hylland's premise is correct. It is all perfectly Democratic if all you have is one party in power winning on all sides of the issues.

If we further explore Arrow's Theorem we come to realize that RCV isn't choosing better candidates or choosing a better system. It chooses from best to worst.
There are some people whose preferences will inform this choice, and the question is: which procedures are there for deriving, from what is known or can be found out about their preferences, a collective or "social" ordering of the alternatives from better to worse?

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

In plurality voting voters choose the best person to win. the best candidates rise to the top through meritocracy. They earn your vote. The Primary process literally weeds out the least effective campaigns. I do not suggest that candidates who fall by the wayside are 'bad' candidates. It is just the nature of the process. Elections are very passionate endeavors. People really do vote with their hearts most of the time if the 2016 Presidential race is any indicator.

Intuitively, the result has to be a ranking of the alternatives from better to worse, perhaps with ties. There is never to be a cycle of social preferences, like the one derived by pairwise majority decision in the paradox of voting

Basically, you choose the candidate you want to win first. From then on your second and third choices are simply that. Your second and third choice. I really want a steak but I will settle for the pork? If I don't get the pork I guess I am ok with the chicken? Is this how elections should be decided?

The WBUR article makes this completely inacurate statement, If ranked-choice voting were in place in Fall River, where no candidate had a majority, it would have allowed the votes for Erica Scott-Pacheco, who received just 5 percent of the vote, to transfer to voters' second choice. This would have continued until one candidate surpassed 50 percent. That would probably have been one of Correia’s opponents, based on the recall vote. The wishes of 62 percent of the people would have been satisfied, instead of subverted by the "pick one" plurality voting system.

Only 13,000 votes were cast! How can ranking the votes from candidates who received even less votes somehow reflect the "... the wishes of 62% of the people.."? Fall River has 190,000 people living there.

Now, unless you are using Common Core math Rank Choice Voting should make perfect sense. Pick an arbitrary 50% to achieve and by voting multiple times rank your choices from best to worse until the second, third place loser becomes the actual winner. Stack up the field with multiple candidates that would have otherwise been eliminated in the Primary process. Be sure to limit how many you can rank (like San Fran) the whole time convincing the voters you are opening up the process to let better candidates run better races while deluding them into thinking they have better choices.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

Be sure to check out the next segment on dollar numbers and who is funding Rank Choice Voting

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How To Win an Election With Rank Choice Voting.. Or Is It?

The interesting turn in the 2018 midterm elections wasn't Democrat control of our House of Representatives rather how many of them came to be by a narrow margin and a lack of voter participation. The recent recall and re-win of indicted Fall River Mayor Corriea underscores this. Then again Massachusetts has a history of indicted, on trial and imprisoned Governors, Mayors and other representatives serving time while serving in government.

The election of Ocasio Cortez is interesting. Only 27,744 out of 214,750 registered Democrats showed up on election day. Cortez won by 4000 votes. This was claimed by Leftist Media as a victory.

Over what? How NOT to win and election? Or, is it?

In Fall River roughly 12,000 showed up to vote for five candidates. Correia won the majority at 35%.

4,200 out of a city population of 190,000 voted for an indicted Mayor. I have no idea how many are registered to vote in FR. That does not matter. Stay focused on the 12,000 number.

Trust me, its gets better.

61% of voters petitioned for the recall. What is not clear is: Was this 61% of ALL voters or just those who bothered to sign the petition? Then, on the same day only 12,000 showed up to select six candidates where the indicted Mayor ends up winning?

Advocates of Rank Choice Voting claim this will be avoided with RCV in elections. How?

Well, thats all well and good if people actually showed up to vote. But RCV does not address this 800 lb gorilla in the room. According to RCV if we 'ranked' the candidates in Fall River then possibly (operative word) Fall River could have elected a lesser known (or liked) candidate who received a more dismal number of votes... Because you 'ranked' them, or (in other words) you got to vote 2-3-4-5 times.

A Democrat's dream come true!

The problem isn't the system. It's not even a 'plurarity' of parties. The problem is people couldn't care less. The problem is people DO NOT participate!

Cortez won a very small number from her Disrict. It surely does not represent the majority of voters. It just represents who bothered to show up. We must be clear on this. RCV and their various web sites, and the Mass affiliation never address this issue.

What is also never addressed is how the votes are tabulated and how the magical number of 50 plus 1 % is determined? Also, how is the number determined to eliminate the candidate who does not get enough of a percentage? And what is disregarded is once that candidate is eliminated RCV takes your rankings. So, YOU lose but your voters who decided they might like some one else (though they don't hold my political beliefs) is carried over.

How does it feel to be used?

Yes, you are used.

RCV claims to welcome all candidates from all affiliations while at the same time speaking out against 'spoiler' candidates. What the hell is that anyways? How is it that some one who chooses to run for office under whatever party they claim to be is some how a 'spoiler'? Are you insinuating that a certain person has no right to run for office? We are a Constitutional Republic. Any one from any party has every right to toss their hat into the ring regardless of party. If people want to vote for that person that is their right.

Voting for a candidate is a vote against another candidate... That's how elections work!

Speaking of Constitutional Republic; On all the RCV sites you will see the word 'Democracy' in reference to our system of voting and our form of government. While local elections do vote by majority we are NOT a Democracy. If RCV cannot get our most basic system of governing straight then how can we depend on them to ensure and institute a fair and equitable system of voting?

If you want to fix the system? Get people to show up on election day.

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Media- American Style




    These are just a few of the headlines that have appeared in news outlets over the past couple of weeks. Not a single one of them are true. In fact if you read the entirety of these articles a pattern begins to emerge. A pattern that seems to be working to further the  purposeful misinformation of the American public.
    It afflicts us all. Just the other day I was snookered by a fake Waylon Jennings story. If a vigilant radio host and writer like myself can be bamboozled, just imagined how easy it is for the average John or Jane Q taxpayer?

     Reporters, or wire services (I know, dating myself) are regurgitating what they are told to and or copying from. Editors keen on the knowledge that most Americans today have an MTV attention span will bury the truthful aspects of any story on the back page (again, dating myself). However, considering that actual 'print' news is fading fast and 'column inches' no longer apply Editors must employ a new tactic in the age of internet news.
    I had an epiphany while reading the three articles I posted above. Even though I have known the slants and agendas of Leftist Media for most of my life and as much as I have mentioned on my show that the media openly lies to you it took me a bit to figure out HOW and WHY the American public is so easily mislead.

    The How

    Virtually every one of the three articles above follow the same formula. 1; The headline has nothing to do with the actual article. The headline is designed to grab you. Most readers just peruse headlines anyway. There is no want of opinions on social media based solely on a headline alone. 2; The article itself (lets break it up into 3rds) is designed to wear you out so you have no desire to finish reading it. The first 3rd just keeps repeating the narrative in various paragraphs only it mixes up the wording of the sentences. (ie; Trump Russian collusion, the ongoing investigation into Russian collusion, revelations into the ongoing Mueller investigation on collusion, etc, etc). After a few paragraphs the reader gets fed up and has had enough. Thus the reinforcement of a false narrative is firmly implanted in the reader's mind. 3; In the second 3rd the writer will quote sources backing up the first 3rd of the article or the headline itself. As we have seen most of these 'sources' are always 'anonymous' yet somehow deep within the Administration. They may actually quote a reliable source but even that quote is just some one's opinion. Toss in a prestigious title of that source, or claim they are an 'expert' and it lends the illusion of legitimacy. 4; The final 3rd will contain the actual facts of the story. In many case I have discovered the facts are at the very end of the article but by this time the reader has been convinced and has moved on never realizing the truth.

    Politicians are masters at this formula. They are firmly aware the American public can be convinced of anything if the media says it is so. They are assured the vast majority will not do any kind of fact checking or research into any opposing information. Those that do are easily marginalized by a phalanx of  media false narratives and driven agendas. This is why over 46% of Americans actually believe Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election despite zero evidence.
    In that fantastic press event with Pelosi and Schumer we saw exactly how manipulation of information is key to driving an agenda. Nancy claimed transparency but wanted the press out of the room. Chuck quoted WaPo as his go to source for the 'Pinocchios'.
    That's like asking Bill Clinton how to behave on a date.
    But Trump is far more intelligent than the two of them combined. Hell, my cat is far more intelligent than the two of them combined but I digress.
    The standard Modus Operandi is to go before the media after the closed door meeting to spin the narrative as they wish. Trump sidelined them with a smack down live on national television. It was epic Trump!

    Sensational headlines have been around ever since the birth of print media. Benjamin Franklin was very good at penning a title that drew in his readers. Headlines through history have even taken us to war. REMEMBER THE MAINE! JAPS BOMB PEARL HARBOR! Just to name a few. But at least these had a modicum of truth to them and the reader became somewhat informed. It was also a different time and people spent more time becoming more informed. That is no longer the case. Headlines today have nothing to do with the content.

    The Why

    During the roll out of Obamacare several media executives and anchors were summoned to the White House for a closed door meeting. There is no recording of that meeting but speculation was abound. In the weeks to follow it became apparent. The media was tasked to sell Obamacare to the public. Slick adds on social media and television popped up every day. Regardless of the fact that companies were going belly up because they could not compete with the new mandates, regardless that doctors dropped out by the hundreds, emergency rooms crowded with the uninsured and illegals (Joe Wilson was correct), premiums rising by 100%; the narrative was The Affordable Care Act is the panacea to solve our nation's healthcare woes.
    Well, we all know how that turned out.

    The purpose was to sell a shitty plan to a duped demographic. Who better to sell it than the very arbiters of mass misinformation?  President Obama never thought of hiring Madison Avenue because he is a Socialist and he does not believe in Capitalism. Besides advertising companies are bound by the "truth in advertising laws". The media isn't. Media does NOT to tell you the truth. It tells you what to think.

    It panders in groupthink. The methodology bolsters this and any deviation from that methodology is tantamount to heresy.


    And ignorant we are. As I have said in a past blog  people are relying more on personal feelings about issues rather than an objective analysis. While a constant objectivity leaves one heartless, a constant passionate interpretation leaves one an emotional basket case. But given the reduction of critical thinking required of an educated society that balance of passion and objective analysis has disappeared. Lack of understanding and knowledge reduces mankind to suspicion, doubt and constant negativity about everything.
    The Kavanaugh Hearings were a perfect storm of emotions and misinformation. An entire media circus was created around a fake story. An entire nation was consumed by manufactured agit-prop from the screaming women clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court to the 15 minutes of fame "we believe survivors' nonsense.
    Not one single aspect of that story was true.

    But here is why media pushed the Blasey Ford story forward.

    On the same day Sen. Feinstein whipped out a week old letter gathering dust in her top drawer of political tricks Lisa Page was before a closed door session of The House Judiciary Comm. testifying on the Russian Collusion hoax. She basically spilled the beans that the whole thing was made up. There was no evidence. But the FBI went ahead with the story anyways. In fact the real truth circled back to Hillary and that damned E-mail server!

"...Former FBI attorney Lisa Page has reportedly told a joint committee of the House of Representatives that when FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok texted her on May 19, 2017 saying there was “no big there there,” he meant there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. .."

   Had this garnered the same media attention as the Kavanaugh Rape-gate scandal we would be discussing a much different topic here.
    But it did not. It could not. It could not be allowed the same spotlight. It was counter to the narrative that Trump stole the election with the help of Putin. Page (and eventually Blasey Ford) would end up as 'useful idiots' used by Leftist media for its own purposes. The public being no wiser.

     Christine Blasey Ford has since publicly stated the Kavanaugh accusation was entirely made up.

    The Result

    So you have multiple examples of completely false stories almost back to back since the Trump Inauguration. Approximately every ten days to two weeks a new story comes out with Trump being accused of... Oh hell, pick one.
    What is fascinating is the ability of the media to convince an entire segment of society that no matter what they slooge out Leftists will swallow it down like a crack whore short on cash regardless of the facts. Even when the story is proven false, the damage is done and the narrative has been firmly implanted.
    And the stories don't stop! Cohen, the Inauguration itself, Melania's Christmas decoration costs are now being investigated. Trump farted, the sun went behind a cloud during a press briefing.. Anything! Make anything stick!
    Or, at least throw so much bullshit out there the stink alone will drive the public against him.

    Nor is there any consistency. What is said by a news outlet a year ago will be polar opposite of what they say a year later. And the public believes whatever it is they are reading/hearing at that moment.  It manifests itself everywhere. Coffee is bad for you, coffee is good for you, eggs cause cholesterol, eggs don't cause cholesterol,  the planet is cooling, the planet is warming, etc, etc.
    This is how you get people like this:

    These people are never held accountable because Leftism demands an unwavering lock step to whatever the party line is at the time. Republicans are just as guilty. When pressed the stammering and back pedaling is really quite acrobatic at times.

     "... Fox News’ Bret Baier asked Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday why he supported funding an $18-billion border wall in 2013 but is opposed to the $5-billion border wall President Trump has asked Congress to fund.... “I think border security is enormously important, but I think building a wall is a very costly and inefficient way to do that,” Sanders said. “And I’m not alone. I mean, many experts think that given the kind of technology that we have today, we can protect our southern border without building the wall and spending $5 billion.”
“Yes. And senator, in 2013 you voted for comprehensive immigration that included $18 billion for a wall in border security,” Baier interjected.
Baier then asked Sanders why the $5 billion is a nonstarter for him.
“Well, I’m saying that you have $5 billion as part of tens of billions more for a wall. What I’m saying right now, sometimes you vote for things that are part of a broad package,” Sanders said, before changing topics..."
    Proving once again, politicians DO NOT read the legislation they pass. But that isn't the point. In 2013 every one who was ga-ga over Sanders were totally on board with anything he said and did. In 2016 everyone who was ga-ga over Sanders flocked to his campaign. In 2018 he can fumble the fucking ball on national television and no one gives a shit.


    The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) was inspired by and modeled on the Boy Scout Association, established by Baden-Powell in Britain in 1908.

"...Baden-Powell’s idea was that boys should organize themselves into small natural subgroups of six or seven under a boy leader—the patrol and patrol leader. Their training would consist of such things as tracking and reconnaissance, mapping, signaling, knotting, first aid, and all the skills that arise from camping and similar outdoor activities. To become a scout, a boy would promise to be loyal to his country, help other people, and in general obey the scout law, itself a simple code of chivalrous behaviour easily understood by the boy... " Encyclopedia Britannica

      In 2018 BSA was filing bankruptcy.
    Traditional American organizations, families, value systems, religious participation has practically collapsed. States are becoming 'sanctuaries' for illegal aliens with the elected officials jumping on board for their own political expediency. Everywhere you look churches are flying the rainbow flag of the gay community.
    Society is polarized politically. The tangible hatred of our President is disturbingly omnipresent. The ability to convince 50% of voters to follow lockstep into the abyss of Socialism is secure despite the fact that Europe and Venezuela are collapsing under it. The #walkaway movement is growing and (like Islam) those that leave the fold are threatened, ostracized and ridiculed. In Europe mass protests have swept the continent with millions wearing yellow vest and demanding an end to high taxes, rule from Brussels and a return of Nationalism.
    In the meantime media continues it's downward spiral of spin doubling down on the false narratives.

    A few days ago Tucker Carlson was excoriated by the Left for his report on the migrants camped out in Tijuana. Twice he interviewed Genaro Lopez a Delegate from that city. The report centered around what actually was going on now that the migrants have arrived. As I have said on my show many times, the city is trashed. Piles of trash, people defecating in the streets, drunk and drugged out people and now homes and businesses are being robbed.
    Not exactly the picture of immigration we are all told about is it?

    And that is where media reared it's ugly head. The report painted a 'negative impression' of immigrants went the axiom. Tucker's use of the words, 'poorer' and 'dirtier' became the focus of the outrage.  So, Tucker doubled down and interviewed Genaro Lopez again and to no one's surprise the situation in Tijuana has deteriorated.  In fact Tucker mentioned an interesting website that is helping to tackle a problem that comes with unfettered illegal migration. The trash.
    A project called Arizona Border Trash documents the amount of trash left along the trails in the southwest desert.. The AZ Dept. of Environmental Quality estimates the average illegal deposits 6-8 lbs. of trash as they cross the AZ desert. This affects a very sensitive ecosystem and the consequences can be seen for hundreds of miles. This trail of trash can be found on private property as well as preservation areas held by the state or Federal Gov't. 

      It makes one wonder about the validity of the argument that building a wall will damage sensitive ecosystems or that it will cross private property.
    I would gladly give my property for the wall if it would stop this madness.

    Finally, as we near another Gov't shutdown the false narratives are  being whipped up like a cotton candy machine with everybody lining up for a sample. The President has firmly said he will "own" this shutdown. Absolutely brilliant! Classic Donald J!
    The Democrats have no idea they are being played. Sen. Schumer even said today (12/21), "..Mr. President, you will not get your wall..". Affectively, the Democrats have literally told the nation they do not want to keep the American public safe. They have abrogated the very Oath they take and the first rule of any elected official to protect the nation from all enemies foreign and domestic.
    The false narrative is that support for the President is only 1/4 of the nation. His approval rating is holding steady at 45-48% (depending on what poll). His support of registered Republican women is at 93% with an overall Republican rating of 75%. If the Left wants to blame Rush Limbaugh as Trump's only go to source for advice and information he would be wise to do so. According to Pew Research and Media Research Center Limbaugh holds at 99% accuracy rate for his analysis. Are Leftists willing to say that an audience of 27 million listeners are delusional? Well, considering the 65 million who voted for Trump are a "basket of deplorables" I would say they are willing to. Is fulfilling as many promises Candidate Trump made being carried out an example of partisan ship? No. Trump is not a partisan. He isn't even a politician.
    Ask yourself, when was the last time a Presidential Candidate actually followed through on their promises?
    So, go ahead CNN, lie all you want.

    Oh, and by the way Chucky? It is NOT the President's wall. It is our national security.

.... And That Is The Diatribe....


Sunday, October 7, 2018

What Have We Just Watched?

The Left (and I am NOT taking about Democrats) is assured of a Blue Wave this November. They site everything they hold true from their paid for WAPO, NYT, CBS, NBC,CNN, hell.. Even FOX that they will take over the House and Senate. The problem with this current generation of Leftists is they promulgate everything based on belief and feelings. And this is why they will be proven wrong come Nov. 6th. In fact? It is this very notion where they will suffer the biggest defeat ever in the history of American Electoral Politics... Ever!

Ask any Millenial about facts and they will look at you like you have six heads. Ask them what they 'feel', what they 'believe' and they will pontificate on the camera with every ounce of politically indocrinated BS you have heard for the past decade.

Every once and awhile this disjointed methodology comes to a head. Kavanaugh was one such example. An entire industry was created based upon innuendo and falsehoods. The fact that this woman could never prove her case was irrelevent. Never mind that others (excluded) came forward to dis-prove her case. Facts no longer matter. Again, because this methodology comes to a head just proves the mental instability of Leftism.

What did we just watch?

What we watched is what I have been talking about on my show for the past year. The Left is becoming marginalized. Not by ignoring them (they are front and center in media), but by their own actions. People pay attention to examples. By example we are judged whether by groups or individuals. According to Leftism we should disregard this as well. Unfortunately (for The Left) Human Nature cannot divorce itself from this simple Darwinian postulation. The more they riot, the more they whine and cry, the more they invade Capitol Hill and 'occupy' offices; the more Americans see them for what they are and the more Americans turn away from them.

Let us look at Nixon 1968: What were we watching then? Riots. Leftists. Anti-Americanism. Usher in Nixon. Before the Bible was put away on his inaugeration the Left went after him (mmm.. sounds familiar). In hindsight, it was no wonder the RNC broke into the Watergate Hotel in order to find out what plans the Left had to destroy the President. I am not defending this but the internet was many years away. Today, all we have to do is click on any site, anywhere. Which makes this more insane.

So, what did we just watch?

Watch we have watched is a general insanity that has become the axiom of the Left. Simply put? Extremism. The Left is now a cornered animal. It has been seen for what it is, what it stands for, we know the indocrination, we have all read Saul Alinsky, we know who Soros is and we are firmly aware of the media control. We have the Left cornered. And, like an animal cornered, this is when they become the most dangerous. The rise of ANTIFA is nothing more than a militant arm of that cornered animal.

Violence is their only recourse.

Unproven Accusations are their only recourse.

Shouting down speakers is their only recourse.

Driving people out of restaurants with mobs is their only recourse.

The Left has lost all sense of Morality and Rationale'

Is it Rational to to deny free speach by violence? Is it Moral?

Is it Moral to create a fake Dossier? Is it Rational?

Is it Rational or Moral to pay people to lie under Oath in front of Congress to deny a person who has served their nation the highest court in the land?

Is it Rational and Moral to come up with anything every two weeks for two years that might stick to discredit a duly Elected President?

Evidence? YES!.. Barring that? NO!

At no point in time does any one from the Left come up with a cogent plan to restore the American economy. At no point in time does the Left come up with a cogent plan to defend the country, restore trade, negotiate with our enemies, balance the budget, restrict Illegals, make America YOUR FIRST reason to be in office! After all, isn't running for office to be a calling? A calling to serve your nation?

No. The entire purpose of Leftism is to destroy everything... Everything.

Leftism demands compliance under law. Law voted in under a Democratic Socialism. Majority Rule. Even though Leftism represents a small segment of our society the Press makes it seem bigger. Given power the Left will exploit that and force upon us that 1-5% of Extremism into Law. They will claim the watchword of 'Democracy' but it won't be.

Because, you see, the term 'Democracy' only works for them. The fact that 10-15,000 people show up organically at multiple Trump events over and over is nothing more than 'Nationalism'. And love of country? Leftist hate that! However, a few hundred Soros paid for protestors represents 'Democracy'.

It is here we must ask ourselves again. What have we been watching? If the last two years are any example we should be wary.

If what we have been watching is any indication: Then, what will happen when they take power once again?

When you go to the voting booth ask yourself one quintessential question that I have been asking thoughout this article:

What have you been watching?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The REAL Trump Presidency. Legacies In The Making.


 Despite the constant 24/7 barage of Trump Derangement Syndrome from virtually every corner of the Lame Stream Media, every Democrat in America, the mal-informed, and the Russian Collusion Delusionists something is happening that is transforming America in a tectonic way not seen since Reagan. The return of Brinkmanship has ushered back into vogue traditional American foreign policy that dictates that a new Sheriff is in town and he is not taking any grief.

Subtle things are working in the background as well but are quite intrinsic to the events taking place in the for-front. President Trump's visits to Poland brought out tens of thousands of people not seen since Kennedy went to Berlin. The visit to Saudi Arabia witnessed a sea change in Middle East policy and a commitment from the Saudi's to combat terrorism in a pro-active way. The Press failed miserably in pointing out a key moment that occurred when the President arrived in Riyadh. For the first time in Presidential history since Roosevelt met the King during WWII the now aging King of the House of Saud walked down the red carpet to greet the 45th President not the other way around.

Joint operations between Iraq, Turkey and the US have captured ISIS leaders. Israel pounded Iranian Republican Guards in Syria responsible for launching rockets over the Golan Heights (remember that place)? The US Embassy is about to open in Jerusalem and the square in front is to be named in honor of Trump.

....Cuz, ya know? The guy is soooo universally hated...

Jack Hellner wrote in The American Thinker a few days ago that encapsulates this entire BizarroWorld thinking that has gripped the Left;
".... Democrats are acting as though they are morally opposed to Gina Haspel because of the intensive interrogation techniques after 9-11. Somehow, they weren't outraged when they voted for John Brennan even though he was higher up than Gina Haspel at the CIA at the time. They didn't seem concerned at all about waterboarding when they and John McCain voted for Brennan.

Selective outrage and selective morality indicate that they don't really care. They appear to be sexist because they are willing to vote against an extremely qualified woman while they voted for a man with the same history or worse...."

Regardless of the two year old, $50 million, flailing, spasmotic Mueller investigation there is still no actionable evidence that points to any criminal activity concerning the 2016 election. The Stormy Daniels debacle has been seen as just that, a debacle. Her lawyer, Avenatti, owes the IRS $5 million, has sent letters to Cohen naming him in related suits only there was one small hiccup: In several of those letters he named the wrong companies to the wrong Cohen. What makes this even funnier is that the Lame Stream Media is now claiming every company that DID do business with (the actual) Cohen is somehow de-facto complicit in the Stormy Daniels pay off.

In a May 11th article in Zero Hedge guestions are finally being asked: Just who is this Avenatti guy?
"... After appearing on CNN 59 times to claim the moral high ground over President Trump's alleged decade-old affair with Daniels, skeletons in Avenatti's closet are now beginning to pour out.

Questions have emerged over who's funding Avenatti, how he was privy to Trump attorney Michael Cohen's bank records - and how exactly did he obtain banking transactions for two men also named Michael Cohen, who he wrongly accused in a seven-page "dossier" released this week.

Other questions have come to light over a bankrupt coffee chain Avenatti left in smoldering ashes with $5 million in unpaid taxes to the IRS, an alleged $160,000 owed for unpaid coffee, and over 45 lawsuits filed in connection with the failed venture...."

Gotta admit, this guy is having his moment in the sun. What continues to amaze me is how the media is openly ignoring facts of the case. Of course we all know the answer to that question. He is going after Trump and that is all that matters. Hell, he could be a child sex abuser and that would be OK as long as he was gunning for Trump... Oh, what am I saying? The Left ALREADY excuses those people too..

The imagined economic collapse following the newly imposed tariffs never materialized. The correction of the Stock Market just after the announcement has been long forgotten due to record gains since then. Two shuttered steel plants are retooling as we speak. The tax cuts continue to reap benefits and some projected CBO reports forecast record revenues for the Federal coffers. Unemployment has reached a 40 year low of 3.9% and we are soon to see a problem we haven't seen in as long.. Finding people to do the work needed.

Our dependence on foreign oil is dropping as America produces more energy that rivals the days of Standard Oil. The exit from the Iran deal, Paris Accords, TPP and a hard line approach to NAFTA are re-aligning our global partners where the United States is no longer the whipping boy in trade or threats.

John Stone of The Independent (as proof that the Left has absolutely NO IDEA what they are talking about) opens his article with this gem:
".... The European Union has rebuked Donald Trump over his move to break the Iran nuclear deal, telling the US president he does not have the power to unilaterally scrap the international agreement.

’In a statement delivered on Tuesday night EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini said the US should reconsider its position, but that it was not within the power of the country’s president to end the accord...."

... But it is perfectly within the power of the former President to make a deal unilaterally without Congressional approval? And just where did Obama get those billions on pallets? Does he have a key to the vault? No one asked when he requisitioned an unmarked cargo plane to deliver the money? And where does the EU Foreign Affairs stooge get the idea she can make such a claim?


As long as she is going after Trump she could trip on her own shoes drunk and the Press would love it.. After all, she is telling the world what the rules are and Trump is a bad boy! Trump doesn't give a shit what she thinks.


And this is the REAL Trump Presidency. A President who could care less about the global order of things. The worn out gameplan of constant war and crisis has met the President who wants peace in the world. Senator Shmuck Schummer's shameful statements on the Americans being released by North Korea should give pause to those so sure of a 'Blue Wave' in November... This is what you have to offer? Pelosi and Sanders' pledge to undo the tax cuts if they regain the House and Senate are doing the exact opposite of what the Press (and the Left) is convinced of. This is what you have to offer? More taxes? More regulations? More stagnant economy? And don't forget Climate Change..

And what is the plan if they do impeach the President? None... None at all.. The more misery and more hardship will convince people that Government is the answer. 2019 and 2020 will be two years of hearings, false accusations, more taxpayer money spent on bogus charges while the world descends into chaos, terrorism and an economic stall... But at least we finally got Trump.

The legacy of the Left is well written in history. We see what the Left is capable of every day we open our phones, the internet and CNN.

The Trump Presidency is a legacy in the making and he is making America Great Again.

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Five Points of Liberalism-Part VI- Acceptance of The Absurd. Contortions of The Mind.


As I mentioned in the opening of this series a few months ago one of the things that kept Soviet Union society cohesive and peaceful was NOT the KGB, Secret Police or the Gulag. What kept the day to day life predictable and even keel was the ability of the citizenry to plug away each day knowing the lines would be long, bread would run out, gas rations never lasted the month and the light was always broken on the street corner. It was an innate feeling that this is just how life is under Communism; that in time they would rise above, overtake those selfish Capitalist pigs and Communism would be the future of the world.

It is the ability of the human animal to endure the unendurable in order to survive. It is why camp fulls of Jews in 1940 went to the chambers under a few armed guards. It is why truckloads of Christians were slaughtered by a few ISIS holding AK-47's. It is why tens of thousands of Venezuelans are held at bay by a couple dozen police with water cannons and tear gas. It is why Soviet citizens would stand in line for hours waiting for bread.

If we revisit the Five Points we close the loop at this point. And if you remember? One can enter this closed loop system at any point and all Five Points fall right into place.

A Lack of Principle allows for a Cognitive Dissonance. This separation of reality and removal of foundational truths makes it easy for one to be Convinced of their Position on an issue regardless of how it may run counter to a related issue a Liberal may be for or against. This is Selective Outrage. (As I quoted in the last segment from Dr. RD Laing). The employing of all these points demands a contortion of one's mind in order to make sense.

It requires an Acceptance of The Absurd.

In the Westborough Mass. District Court House there is a plaque with an Orwellian inscription. "Obedience to The Law is Liberty". This is a constant reminder to the poor saps who have to stand before a Judge with no idea of their Constitutional Rights. George Orwell himself wrote in '1984' about the ability of the masses to carry on their assigned tasks, waiting in line, keeping quiet. Once and awhile being Selectively Outraged because one of them dared to rebel. In the movie version Winston meets his neighbor while in prison. He asks why his neighbor is there. The neighbor says his own son turned him in because he heard him uttering 'un-words' while in his sleep. Though fictional, in this one scene all Five Points are employed at once leading to the final Acceptance of The Absurd allowing this man's own son to turn him into authorities.

Today, our society is rife with oxymoron's and contortions of the mind. The level is palpable to the point where 1 in 10 average persons are clinically, yet functionally insane. (Cornell U.). Between 2012 and 2014 the amount of school aged children nationwide on SSRI drugs reached 17%. (CDC). With this emerged a side affect of that epidemic. The school shootings. Yet, our societal-wide Cognitive Dissonance to the growth of mental illness and Selective Outrage towards guns (an object) allows for the dismissal of one simple Principle.

The Principle that society is totally fucked up.

Social Media has expanded upon this 1 in 10 concept. The billions of people who are logged in on the multitude of platforms are primarily narcissists, antagonists, trolls, angry and more than willing to shut you down. The algorithms from these companies are set up to allow the antagonist while censoring the person who speaks out.

Insanity is institutionalized.

You can argue facts all you wish. It won't matter. There are too many people Convinced they are right in how they 'feel'. A perfect example is the Anti-Trump hysteria gripping the Left, and many Republicans. It has become an anchor of their 2018 and 2020 election season. Where this comes from God only knows but one thing is for sure: It is based on an absolute falsehood.

This is textbook Acceptance of The Absurd. A fake dossier (admitted so by the author) becomes the basis of an investigation. This launches a nationwide, governmental witch hunt. Still 20 months and $50 million later no evidence has surfaced. It has gone so far badly that a former porn star from 2006 is now the focus. Sadly, the same people who are convinced of a failed Russian Collusion accusation are as convinced this porn star has all the answers. Just as every Congressional Hearing from witnesses where the media was convinced this was the smoking gun, none of this has presented the evidence that President Trump is guilty of anything.

None of this matters. An entire media industry and scores of Americans are sure that President Trump is guilty of.... Something. And this Acceptance of The Absurd fuels this societal-wide psychosis.

It may have deep and lasting political ramifications our Republic wont recover from.
As we always see.. The Left thrives on crisis.. A crisis (as Rahm Emmanuel once said) should never go to waste. In fact it has become so commonplace with the Left to protest everything and anything that it is losing it's ability to mean anything anymore. People get tired of this crap after awhile.

In the book, 'The Tea Party-Three Principles', Elizabeth Price Foley puts forth her premise:

1; Limited Government

2; Unapologetic American Sovereignty

3; Constitutional Originalism

If you take these three 'principles' then all "feel-good" arguments lose merit. The entire Convictions of Position (as I posit in my blog) of beliefs and feelings hold no bearing on what is rooted in our Foundation.

The entire Leftist mantra is lost in it's own (as Jefferson said) "..foggy field.." Outside the preview of these these principles. Outside the purview of our Constitution. Sure, we can claim 'rights', we can claim 'demands' but as Alvin Toffler said in his book 'Future Shock' those voices become sub-groups all clamoring at the teat of our Republic.. Demanding this.. Demanding that.. All the while destroying the very pillars on which our society is based upon.
The Bible states clearly about a house built upon sand. That, as political winds shift that house cannot stand. However, a house built upon rock (principle) can weather any shifting sand (or, political wind).

And it is this Acceptance of The Absurd that we find ourselves today. Always shifting. Always holding a wet finger to the wind to see which way we should go. Outside that prevue, in that, "..foggy field.." Our foundation has become lost.

Recently we have become fixated upon the rhetoric from a 17 year old who has become the poster boy for gun control. David Hogg is now the point person who has the finger on the pulse of America that demands more gun legislation.

Now, before you blindly accept his rational you must first look back at simple principles that you enact upon every day in your lives as parents: And those principles are,

When have you EVER taken advise from a 17 year old on anything? Is it NOT your job as a parent for the child to listen to YOU (the parent)? Are you NOT the protector and educator of said child? Sooo, then why is this kid now become the be all and end all of the conversation around gun control?

Would you take marriage advise from a 17 year old? Investment advise from a 17 year old? So, why is it we are putting this kid up as the arbiter of the 2nd Amendment?

Because we Accept the Absurd.

The Left is calling out Laura Ingraham because she had the audacity to call this child and his Leftist Media sycophants out. Immediately cries of boycotts swirled around social media. Meanwhile Leftist Media outlets called Laura a "Nazi pig'.. Perfectly OK.. But her challenging the legitimacy of this person was considered worthy of censure and boycott.

This is Absurd. Yet we are Accepting of it. We are Selectively Outraged by one person's rhetoric while ignoring the rhetoric of the other side. We, Cognitively Disconnect to fit the Conviction of our Position because...

.. We are Lacking in Principle..

Rush Limbaugh was sure that the Feminists would call this out. How dare you call a woman a 'pig'.. No, this does not fit the narrative of The Absurd. No Feminist came to the defense of Laura Ingraham. As a bumper sticker once displayed ".. Its not that she is a woman, she is a Republican.."

Lets visit more Absurdity as we go further down this rabbit hole; If you are proposing that you cannot own a weapon until 21 then why would we listen to a 17 year old on guns? On that same level of Absurdity why then would you claim that a person is unable to own a gun, drink, rent a car until the age of 21 yet demand that the voting age be lowered to 16 (Gutteriez/Braude). How do you you square this round hole? How does one rationalized this?

Liberals don't.

It does not matter how it is rationalized it only matters that you get enough Cognitively Disconnected people without Principles to champion your Convictions who are Outraged at what the current outrage is all about. As Dr. Hacker explained; they ACT before they think.

Liberalism demands reactionary-ism. Liberalism demands a constant manufacturing of anger, separatism, victim-hood, class warfare, a constant barrage of the 'have's' and the 'have-not's'. This is why Communism never survived. It was always a struggle between classes and ideology. Capitalism over Collectivism. Conservatism knows none of these bromides. Liberalism is constantly indoctrinating the youth of America to supply a fresh generation of 'useful idiots'. A fresh generation of the disenfranchised.
How has Republicanism and Conservatism 'stolen' from the poor? We wish only for the growth of economy. The growth of and expansion of Freedom and Liberty. Let everyone rise and be who they want to be. Get Government out of the way.. Get all of the Advocates out of the way.. Leave everyone the F alone..
This is probably why Hillary Clinton still has traction. She presents herself as the woman scorned, the stolen election.. The victim of a misogynist, white male dominated society. This is also why the homosexual community must indoctrinate youth and demand laws to be accepted (absurdly) as normal. Homosexuality is not a 'natural order of things' (Dr. Scott Lively). It cannot exist on it's own merits. It is NOT principle based.

2014 and 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate for Massachusetts Dr. Scott Lively was so gracious to come onto my radio show. We spoke about this very subject.

His thesis was simple; that God has set into motion certain laws and these laws are immovable. Our human interpretation of these laws has lead us to our Judeao-Christian roots that which our nation is founded upon. These laws are also found in the Torah, 10 Commandments, many Buddhists texts, Hindu texts and our Constitution. What we are experiencing now is a complete repudiation of all we have known for over two millennia. It is as if all the laws of God (and science) are now up to interpretation.

More frighten?


If we are able to negate God we can negate our individualism. We negate our sovereignty. We can negate our principles. Everything becomes interpretative. It becomes how one 'feels'.

We even adopt the idea that our self absorbed man-centric absurdity is what we 'believe'.

This is also how we have lost all semblance of rational thinking and old fashion Common Sense. In a brilliant article written April 8th 2018 by Dr. Michael Hurd he opines with this perfect assessment of society today:

" Common sense used to be a great concept. Unfortunately, it has been co-opted and abused by irrational people. Today’s culture is FULL of irrationality and irrational people, more than ever before."
"What is common sense? It refers to the self-evident based upon the fairly easily provable. The way we use the phrase common sense today is not that way.

At its best, common sense is not a substitute for highly technical or specialized knowledge. It’s a way of coping with the limited knowledge most of us have in a highly specialized world. It’s a way of insisting we reason and think about both what we do know and do not know."

" People who say "common sense", in today’s context, often want to bypass the reasoning required to make their claim about something highly questionable, radical or untenable."

" Increasingly, common sense is a tactic of intimidation.... The purpose of such shaming is to arrest or obliterate dissension or discussion. It’s intellectual dishonesty or fraudulent elitism at its worst...The death of common sense was inevitable in a culture where reason has been slowly perishing for some time...."

    This leaves us only with Absurdity. There is an old saying that goes; "In a world of insanity, insane becomes the only way". In a conversation with one of my Liberal nemesis' on Social Media I found myself astonished at his interpretation of our Constitution (surprise-surprise). He described the additional Amendments as an expansion of Rights and the First Amendment as protection of speech from Government intrusion. I hardly see the 16th and 18th Amendments as 'expansions of Rights'. And he fails to grasp the simple concept of ".. shall not be infringed". In fact he fails to grasp the entire concept of our Constitution all together. He angled his argument from the idea that the Constitution 'gives us rights'. If this were true then a sweep of the pen and all those rights disappear.

And trust me! There are plenty of activists out there openly campaigning for such an idea!

It became impossible for me to get through his thick skull (and this is an educated man in radio and media himself) that rights simply exists. They are not 'given' to us by any man or government. They are (as Jefferson pointed out in the Declaration) ".. self evident..". Or, as Dr. Hurd would posit; 'Common Sense'.

This lack of collective (common sense) understanding of our Constitution further erodes our collective (common sense) understanding of our system of government. Nothing grinds my gears more than the use of the word 'Democracy' when talking about The United States. It dates back to Detouqueville. Though his observations of early American life are eloquent, his basic understanding of a Constitutional Republic was lost in his well steeped European mind. In the very early days of our Republic we lacked sufficient Professors in the few colleges so we imported Academics from Europe. Again, these people (though highly educated and esteemed in their circles) lacked basic understanding of a Constitutional Republic.

It has been ever thus as my mother would say. Franklin was correct when he remarked to the woman outside Independence Hall; ".. a Republic, if you can keep it.."

Today people react with incredulity when you claim that we are NOT a Democracy. This is why Progressives constantly turn to Hillary winning 'the popular vote' as reason why she should be President. They are convinced of this and no amount of factual, historical precedence will pry them away from such Absurdities. The term is bandied about with no thought at all. The concept has filtered to our public offices and schools where Biblical quotes are removed because it violates the absurd notion of '.. separation of church and state..' No such thing exists. It manifests itself in equally absurd notions that America is ".. a Nation of Immigrants..". No! We are NOT!

This from a woman who slept her way into political office; Kamal Harris:

    In a stunning display of dysfunction one of the characters from the Parkland shooting Emma Gonzalez openly admitted she bullied and taunted Nikolas Cruz for years. She is now one of the spokespeople for national disarmament. Her challenging of Dana Loesch was seen as brave but it was the way her question was perfectly scripted to fit the narrative and how CNN posted the question on the screen. Watch..

    In the realm of the sublime, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has proclaimed there is ".. no need to carry a knife..". London has instituted a 'Stop and Search' Policy.

In London there has been a concerted effort to reign in Knife Violence. The rise in crime from knife related incidents has skyrocketed. There is now 'Common Sense Knife Regulation' in London. Of course real criminals have neither observed this law or care to. What has resulted in is regular people being labeled as criminals. We all know that this policy will only apply to white, male, citizens. Because, targeting black, African, refugees will be considered 'racial profiling'.. Regardless of the preponderance of crimes committed by black, African refugees.

It takes a contortion of the mind to Accept the Absurd. The purposeful disregard of Common Sense and the adoption of Cognitive Dissonance fractures normal thinking. Is it any wonder why mental illness is on the rise? Why so many people are prescribed psycho-active drugs by the millions?

An entire media industry promotes, extols upon and insists that The Absurd is the paradigm. Any challenge to it is summarily singled out. There is no more rational behavior, let alone moral behavior. The FBI gets away with whatever it wants, The Elite gets away with whatever they want. Murder, rape, human trafficking, rigged elections.. The attempted take down of a Presidency...

"... And if that wasn't evil enough. We get the drunken and passionate pride of the citizen along for the ride..." Rush.

I have played a piece many times on my show titled "The Story of Your Enslavement". We are so afraid to see the cage we are born into. We are so afraid to see the farm we are forced to work in. We Accept the Absurd because it keeps life steady, keeps life.. Quiet. It is the reason why nothing ever gets done. Nothing gets solved. Diseases never cured. People still poor. Entire nations wrenched with war. Religion and Ideologies at each other's throats.. Constantly.. All of it... Always.. Constantly..

To lose your Principles you become Cognitively Dissonant as you Selectively Outrage, Convinced of your Position (however Impossible) until you find yourself one day Contorting your mind and....

.... Accepting the Absurd..

To see the cage is to be free....

....And That Is The Diatribe....

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Five Points of Liberalism- Part V.- Selective Outrage

1; Trump is NOT my President!

President Trump needs to ban assault weapons!

How can President Trump ban assault weapons if he is NOT your President?

2; Defy the Federal law on Illegals, Sanctuary Cities and Marijuana.

We need tougher Federal Gun Laws.

How can we enforce tougher gun laws if you won't enforce other existing laws?

3; Women must be allowed access to unrestricted abortion.

The Death Penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and must be banned.

It's OK to kill an innocent child in the womb but not OK to execute a convicted murderer.

4; President Trump is an idiot, moron, etc

President Trump colluded with Russians to win the election.

How can POTUS be a complete retard yet still be intelligent enough to conspire with a foreign government to alter the votes of over 120 million people and an entire Electoral College?

5; Christianity must never be taught in public schools. It violates the separation of church and state.

(Even though no such 'separation' exists)

Islam must be taught in public schools as part a larger program of 'diversity'.

( I am not even going to expand on this lunacy).

6; Former President Obama signs an UnConstitutional EO concerning DACA.

President Trump refuses to renew it and has referred it to the proper Constitutional role of Congress to decide. A Circuit Court Judge rules against the decision as (you guessed it), UnConstitutional..

Speaking of Executive Orders..

7; During the Iranian Hostage crisis in 1979 President Carter signs an EO banning Iranian students from entering the US. No one disagrees.

President Trump bans specific people from 7 specific countries known to harbor terrorists and are also known to be failed states. He is a racist.

8; At a recent appearance by Sen. Warren in Massachusetts she spoke of the importance of everyone being allowed to partake in ".. our Democracy."

Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton recently Tweeted of the dangers Social Media poses to ".. our Democracy."

(Side Note: We are NOT a Democracy)

9; Corporations are not 'people' and should be banned from donating to campaigns.

Corporations should be taxed at the maximum amount.

If corporations are not 'people', why are they being taxed?

10; "Military style weapons have no place on American Streets." Pres. Obama.

After the Boston Marathon bombing Military style vehicles, weapons and uniforms patrolled American streets.

Each of these examples could easily be 'explained away' by any Liberal. The simple act of doing so is not only an example of the expansion of Selective Outrage it is also an example of Acceptance of The Absurdity. But that is for the next segment of this series.

In the 1977 book, "Crusaders, Criminals, Crazies" Dr. Frederick Hacker writes on page 145 this on Selective Outrage: How it it constructed and how it manifests.

" In.. compulsery thought.. established internalizations are first dislodged of their anchorage.. by denunciation of the sources and content of the former introjected values... then persons and symbols are offered as recipients of that ..ego.. to act in lieu of and on behalf of that individual.."

Essentially, the idea is that one is subjected to being pissed off about what is happening right now. None of it based on 'content' or 'principle', but rather, what is current and the crisis 'de-jour'. Always acting out. Never being pro-active aside from pro-acting upon one's 'acting out'. Subject to change as the political winds blow.

This current debate on gun control following the Florida shooting is prime example. Always reacting at the moment but never taking into account 'content' (as Dr. Hacker explained). Always 'dislodge' the anchor of our Constitution in lieu of a new axiom as it pertains to the crisis de-jour.

This is dysfunctional.

In 1964 Dr. R.D. Laing wrote; " The social adaptation of a dysfunctional society may be dangerous.."

We are at that point today The entire dysfunction of our society is displayed on social media every single day. We are outraged at whatever comes across our screens at any moment. This is 'GroupThink'

Dr. Hacker goes on to say; " Full membership in is granted only in the.. Submitting to.. and induced to perform actions with and for the group..he will be firmly welded into the unit because his internal demands for consistency will compel him to to talk and and think as he has acted..."

One must always be Selectively Outraged at that which one is programmed to be outraged by. Content, context means nothing. Current Convictions of Positions must apply. Cognitave Dissonance exists on this compulsion because there is a Lack of Principle. ER-go. You Accept The Absurd.

All Five Points of Liberalism come once again into play.

Look at the Vagina Hats, Millenials, ANTIFA. None of what they say or protest is based on principle or content or context. It is always 're-actionary'. Based soley on how outraged they are. Compelled to talk and think as they act.

I had a great conversation with Dr. Scott Lively on my show about the ability of the Left to be who they are and act as they do. He explained how the Left accepts 'random-ness'; that everything is hap-hazard and there is no God and everything just comes about as it does. This is why men can use a woman's bathroom or why abortion is perfectly acceptable because everything today is totally random. This is why the Left is able to act upon whatever happens NOW and project that into action for whatever cause they 'feel' is important at that moment.

But, as Dr. Lively explained on my radio show, there is a natural order to things. There are 'principles' that have defined centuries of civilization. Regardless of your religious beliefs one must admit that there must be an order to things. There are certain behaviors of society. If I might adopt a Socialist axiom here? Are we NOT (as a society) supposed to be working together for a greater good? The betterment of mankind?

If not? Then why are the Five ponts of Liberalism I have explained in the past blogs so much the hegemony of our society today?


We are all Selectively Outraged. Conservatives as well. Angered at what we see and re-acting as such. Our mindset is based on what we are convinced of.

Dr. Hacker, "... very difficult, yet very principled to distinquish between legitimate and illegitimate aggression.."

Dr. R.D Laing, " We begin with the children... catch them in time... thorough and rapid brainwashing.. we shall turn them into imbeciles.. with high IQ's.. if possible.."

So they may be all vapid yet reactionary at how Selectively Outraged they are tonight, tomorrow and the day after that..

....And That Is The Diatribe....