Thursday, April 20, 2017

MOABS, Tomahawks and Other Failed Launches-The Return of Brinkmanship

After four years of economic decline, a Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, gas lines and 444 days wondering if our hostages would ever come home again Ronald Reagan assumed the Presidency and reacquainted the world with a long dormant foreign policy known as, Brinkmanship. The Liberals and Media were convinced we were on the verge of Armageddon. The rise of the Nuclear Freeze Movement was an end result of this hysteria.

Lead by Senator Kennedy who colluded with Soviet counterparts to spread propaganda that Reagan was unstable probably did more to drive our nation closer to a confrontation than anything from the President. In fact if you read The Reagan Diaries you come to realize just how concerned the President was over the state of the decline of American power. He was also keenly aware that anything he proposed would be scrutinized, even ridiculed. But he also knew that to continue on the course of decline would mean a far more dangerous world for everybody, especially generations yet to come.

A prime example of the 'ridicule' would be Reagan's Star Wars Program. I won't get into the laundry list of denigration, we all remember it very well. What is forgotten is how just by proposing such an idea he brought the Soviets to the bargaining table in Iceland. We also, now know, that the offshoot of that R+D is our modern GPS, our laser/satellite guided weapons, modern weather forecasting, cell phone technology and the Internet to name a few. Reagan's use of our armed forces to intercept terrorists, special operations and install the first modernization of long and short range nuclear weapons since the 60's showed NOT mental instability but rather a whole lot of balls. For Brinkmanship requires you push the envelope all the way to the edge and you don't blink.

This scares the crap out of our enemies.

President Donald Trump's use of our military capabilities only drives America to war in the minds of the Liberal Left.

Understanding the use of Brinkmanship, when and where to use it, is best left to the adults in the room, leaders like General Mattis. The missile strike in Syria did nothing to bring us closer to a confrontation with Russia. We did not hit any Russian equipment, troops or bunkers. The MOAB strike does NOT signal an escalation in our use of weaponry. I will even go out on a limb and propose that even if we strike a North Korean military target the Chinese will not respond.

You must ask yourself two quintessential questions before you laugh at what I have written. What CAN the Russians or the Chinese do? The onerous becomes their own. What targets can they hit that would be seen as 'measured' or 'proportional'? NONE!

It would require they hit us directly. Either they fire upon our deployed soldiers directly, our carriers directly, an airfield in a NATO country or (worse) one of our cities. At that point in time it would become their fault for starting WWIII. What Russian or Chinese leader is crazy enough to do such a thing?

This is what Brinkmanship does. It literally scares the crap out of our adversaries that they back off. That we as a nation are resolute in our resolve to protect our allies, protect ourselves and push the issue right to the edge of that precipice. Once there we look our adversaries in the eye and say; "..your move.."

There are a few other factors that must be addressed. Our international trade and interdependency on each other virtually secures there will not be a confrontation between the superpowers. We are not dealing with Kruschev's Soviet Union or Mao's China anymore. What we ARE dealing with is the last few hold outs of lunatic fringe dictators whose clock is ticking. Assad is in no position to act upon us militarily. If he does he is toast.. Even Putin understands that. Little Kim may spaz out and begin pushing buttons, but then again all that would mean is he is toast as well. China would understand that they failed in their efforts to reign in this madman and would have little leverage to argue (or counter) a massive US retaliation.

The Clinton Administration gave North Korea billions in aid if they curtailed their nuclear program. Officials smiled, signed documents, cashed the check and kept on building weapons. In a stunning display of history repeating itself The Obama Administration gave billions in aid to Iran if they curtail their nuclear program. Officials smiled, signed documents, cashed the check and kept right on building weapons.

This is not Brinkmanship. This is insanity. History is replete with insanity being the precursor to war far more often.

Brinkmanship not only prevents wars but, as history has shown us, has even ended them.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Dissolving of Law And Order

I have truly arrived at the point where I am no longer concerned with offending some one or a particular group of people. The London attack is just another unacceptable example of why Western Civilizations must get tough with our enemies. The Maryland rape of a 14 year old girl, another example of why we must deport the Barbarians now or face more atrocities. If we are to learn anything from history we know the demise of Rome began with the opening of the gates and making every one a citizen.

The worn out adage of these incidences being "isolated" and not indicative of the majority is crap. If this were true we would only see one incident per year and it would truly be isolated. Unfortunately these "isolated" incidences seem to happen rather regularly all over the world. Sweden is rape central thanks to Islamic immigration, Oslo Norway comes in a close second, Germany is overun, Calais France is now a 'no-go' zone as well as Birmingham England. This is cognitave dissonance. There is a psychological disconnect of the people who adopt an ideology that permits and allows cultural invasion with no regard to rule of law or the protection of natural citizens.

The stories are always the same. Suspect was deported many times only to return, the bomber travelled to some sandbox country to learn Jihad, they were refugees, they were here legally, visa, students. The excuses are never ending. President Theodore Roosevelt once said that there can be no hyphenated American. Any immigrant must adopt and become an American by his/her actions, desires and efforts. To come here and proclaim your ethnicity over our Constitutional Law will forever marginalize you and you will never attain the full benefits of American citizenship. You will forever be a foreigner and so will your children.

Europe is awash in cultural suicide. Political correctness has been proven to be a lethal blow to Western Culture. In the city of Antwerp citizens lock up and stay inside come nightfall while African gangs roam the streets. Rioting in European cities is a weekly event. Tourism has scaled back sharply, budgets are strained tasked with repairs, fires, police, destruction. Women are afraid to walk their streets. Here in The United States there is an underlying current of fear as cities (and some states) buy into this malarky by claiming sanctuary status. The crazy thing about some of these places is that few of them have a significant illegal resident population. The insane Judicial overreach of the Hawaiin Judge against President Trump's EO is a prime example. Hawaii has the least amount of illegals and practically zero refugees. Still crazier is that cities adopt this sanctuary status and almost the next day a horrific crime is committed by the very same people they seek to protect. (See the Worcester murder below)

We must ask the question: If those Governors, Mayors, Selectmen conduct themselves this way, what is the purpose? They claim to be upholding American values yet they are simultaneously destroying them. If any one is familiar with Progressive ideology then you know that the goal of Liberalism is to destroy our traditional value system. In fact, the psychological element employed here is to proclaim altruistic means.

Perhaps it is time to get tough and make tough decisions.

A concerted effort to identify, locate and deport potential elements that may cause harm to our citizenry must become a priority of local and state law enforcement, State agencies as well as Federal agencies. What is interesting is how police are able to locate and round up known associates of a particular bomber, jihadist, illegal alien criminal after they commit a horrific act. Don't you ask yourself, how is it they knew where to find these people? Why didn't they just nab them before hand? With all the worldwide surveilance and technology we should be more pro-active instead of re-active.

But we are not.

Furthermore, it is very disconcerting when you hear stories of repeat offenders like the one who was just arrested here in Worcester Mass. A beloved teacher was found murdered in her apartment just last month. DNA evidence linked it to a suspect already held in custody in Worcester County Jail for a slew of crimes in various states.. Various crimes in other states? How does this happen? Would not the first crime be an indicator of something wrong here? Considering the suspect is an illegal alien? How does it transcend into 'various crimes' in several states leading up to a strangled teacher here in Worcester Mass? Is this what Worcester's Mayor Petty and the Hawaiin Judge want to protect?

This is why the President's EO to vett and/or ban certain people from known failed and terrorist states is not only necessary it is perfectly lawful and is rooted in historical precedence. In fact Congress banned all immigration after the 1920's until 1965 to allow a few generations to pass and become Americanized. It worked! Today the ethnic blend in America truly is one of our greatest strengths and has spurred on economic growth as well as a history full of great Americans from all creeds and colors forever galvanized as explorers, discoverers, dignitaries, scientists, astronauts, doctors and lawyers. The list is endless.

And this is a critical difference compared to what we are dealing with today. I am sorry to say this but some one has to..

We are not dealing with the cream of the crop any more. While one could sumate that many immigrants from the turn of 20th Century were illiterate, poor they had two common threads amongst them. They truly yearned to be free and become Americans and they were (more often than not) deeply religious. Western Christianity to be specific.

Over the last 50 years we have seen a worldwide decline in Christian religious upbringing. The predominant religion today is Islam. A religion whose sole intention is to destroy every thing and every one that is not Islamic. This is what Muslims mean by proclaiming to be a religion of peace. Yes, peaceful once the whole world is a Caliphate. Europe and America have long since removed traditional Western history from the school system. There is no 'nationalism' anymore. It has now become a bad thing to be nationalistic. To love one's own country. The concept is considered racist.

In a historical turn of the screw racism has become a modern day Orwellian boogey-man. After the Communist revolution in Russia the party set out to pacify the various territories of Siberia. It was here that the term 'racist' became vogue. Ivan Trotsky coined it while referring to the tribes and villages who refused to give up their traditional way of life, religious practises and culture to Communism. Essentially these people wanted to adhere to their race, their way of life. He called them 'Racist'.

Americans and Europeans who reject Sharia Law, cultural diversity, bi-lingualism in favor of those new commers adhereing to Western standards are considered racists. If we adopt the Trotsky-esque interpretation of this term then... Yes, we are Racist!. As well we should be!

Survival and preservation of a culture is the responsibility of every generation. When we look to other nations the first thing that comes to mind is that country's vibrant culture. Yet sadly, we deny and minimalize our own. Pernicious Oikaphobia. The fear and loathing of one's own culture.

It is the right of a nation to deny access from foreigners for any reason. We can't simply go to another country without proper documentation, security checks, vaccinations and 20 questions from Customs Agents. Yet it is considered inhumane and xenophobic to detain and question a handful of people from the Middle East for a couple hours.

In esscence, migrants today have absolutely no desire to become Americans except for the very few who go through the process. And it is a "very few". Given our immigration laws the process is expensive and time consuming. Those who can afford it are the ones we want here. The rest who say 'fuck it' and just swim the Rio Grande or smuggle in or declare refugee status (no vetting) at over 10,000 per year have become the burden and cost overruns in countless cities for social services, food stamps, housing, education, free healthcare, interpreters, and last but not least.. Absorbtion.. We must absorb these people into our daily lives. We must stand aside as we wait in an emergency room because they are given priority status. We must wait in court for an interpreter to show up who speaks some far flung language from God only knows where. None of them speak English, none of them want to and it is the rest of us who are intolerant that ask why? Why must we put up with this?

Let me tell you a quick story that backs all of this up.. Remember when Joe Wilson yelled out " lie!" He was right! I was on Mass Health during that speech. I could go see my doctor and wait only 15-30 minutes. Six months later, I went back to that clinic and the line was out the door and not one of those people spoke English. I and three others were the only white people in the que. I waited two hours for a 7 minute exam.

A Western Tourist who goes to another country respects the customs, respects the laws, might even dress accordingly so not to offend. This not the case when people come to the United States. Some how WE must respect them. The worst cases are when Diplomatic Immunity is in question. A recent Youtube Video was put out of an Arabian Prince given a parking ticket and he ran over the foot of the NY Police Officer. Naturally, he was taken into custody for assault on an Officer but this is what I am talking about! There is no respect for American values, customs and our laws.

Enough is enough..

We have the technology to find them. We have the means to expose them. We must be pro-active instead of re-active. Round them up and get them out of our country. All of them. Do not let another attack, another murder, another crime be committed because we wish to be not seen as intolerant or xenophobic.

Rather, we insist on being eternally vigilant.


....And That Is The Diatribe....

Friday, January 20, 2017

From Here On Out.


With the inauguration of the 45th President there is now a sea change in the way our nation's government will run. From this point forward it will become incrementally difficult for elements within and without to counter a surge of Americanism, Patriotism and accountability of our elected. As I have stated on my radio show and on my many blog postings it was virtually impossible for grassroots candidates to get a snowball's chance in Hell of getting on the ballot let alone elected. Once and a great while we would see a win in some far flung district but, that was it.

I have had the honor to speak with many of these candidates over the 9 years of broadcasting in various forms. Time and time again I would see them lose. Not because of lack of message, virtue, fortitude or a clear policy but because of party politics working behind the scenes to marginalize them. More egregious was most of it was from within their own party.

Allen R Waters is a Candidate for Massachusetts Senate. I had the great pleasure to speak with him on my show January 17th. His candor and decorum is seldom seen in a candidate. Allen has come up the ladder the old fashioned way. His success is his and is well deserved. He has not let his ethnicity be a factor on his way through life but rather has just persevered by his own grit and determination as an American.

His opponent, Elizabeth Warren is the polar opposite. Here is a woman who lied on her Harvard application about her ethnicity, charged an outrageous sum of money to teach at that college, has spent the majority of her adult life as a 1%-er, ascended to the Senate with the sole intention of rubber stamping every government rule, law and regulation that crossed her desk. At the same time she has purposely worked to make life difficult for small businesses, middle income families, upholding the Elitist status of her small clique and bullies any one who challenges the status quo as a racist. Her treatment of Trump supporters and his Cabinet nominees is nothing short of shame full.

This has been a constant for decades from both parties. Obstructionism is the policy. Change is a dangerous thing to those who benefit most from stagnation for it means the very real potential of being left behind. Populism is a dangerous thing to those who benefit most from Elitism for it means the loss of power.

And power, the acquisition of it and maintenance of it, is the reason why Obstructionism and Elitism exist.
This 'sea change' can usher in a new wave of American Populism. For most of the 20th Century the political pendulum swung right to left never returning to where it was intended to be at by our Founders; at center-right. Progressives always pushed the settling needle further left until we have reached the point where our youth truly believe we are a Democracy. With the election of the 45th President the obstacles preventing the needle from returning to it's original position have been removed.

In the upcoming election seasons of 2017 and 2018 we could potentially see more of that Obstructionist policy whittled away. Candidates like Allen R Waters represent the opportunity to replace the Leftist Elitism that has represented Massachusetts for half a century. Scott Brown's stint was a fluke in an era of controversy over Obamacare. The election of a true grassroots candidate under a new White House Administration will be the wheel that turns in making America great again.


.... And That Is The Diatribe....
Christopher Maider is the producer/broadcaster of The Meat And Potatoes Show on He is the Owner/Writer of The Lexington Green on He is a Board member and Media Liaison of The Worcester Tea Party. His Company page can be found on

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Inevitable, Ultimate Stupidity of The Left- History Will Teach Them Nothing

In a historical and unprecedented moment in American History a person who has never served in office, held no significant military rank or a Nobel Peace Prize Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of The United States.

Stunningly he was able to single handily wipe clean a primary stage of over 20 Republican Candidates, defy all the odds of a phalanx of Media rejection, Party rejection, minimal funding and the powerful, Soros funded and corrupt DNC.

At times his candor would make a Soviet Shock Troop blush and each and every time the Media declared his candidacy DOA. But Donald J Trump kept on swinging and kept on point with a simple message we have all been wanting for some time now: Make America Great Again!

While gladly taking his campaign donations in the past both the Republican and Democrat Establishment Elites were hell bent on destroying this man and his message. Once it became clear Trump was picking off the opposition one by one the remaining few tried to stay relevant by 'adopting' some of his positions. It was too late. Even the money from George Soros couldn't keep Kasich in the race and he too finally caved. On Convention night to a packed audience the perfectly coiffured nominee walked out onto the stage and laid out his vision for our nation.

During the debates it became obvious to the nation that Hillary was paddling upstream. While 'technically' Trump lost the debates the nation watched Clinton squirm as her opponent hammered her on Benghazi, e-mails, corruption, rigging the primaries and Bill's history of sexual abuse. Clinton's responses of trying to paint Trump as crazy and imagining things did not stick. The look on Bill's face as he eyed Willy, Broderick and Jones sitting in the audience was priceless. He didn't know whether to shit or go blind.

The Donald took a play from the Liberal Playbook. I saw it. Few others did.

Keep the message simple and keep repeating it. Only this time there was one element that he changed. This time it was the truth. Clinton's use of homophobia, misogyny, racism, bigotry (ad nausium) were only affective to her far left base, especially the ones bussed in purposely for her rallies. Trump was mater full in sending out Tweets, e-mails and Facebook invites to a rally nearby and tens of thousands would show up all on their own. And this did not happen just a few times but each and every time he appeared somewhere in America.

On election night as I broad casted my show tracking the numbers roll in it became clear within the first hour this was going to be a route for Clinton. Rumors of her freaking out at her New York Headquarters swirled. How could this happen? How could 'some guy' beat the Democrat Political Machine?

Because the machine had stopped working.

While history may teach us nothing what people do understand is what is going on in their own lives. Delusional Barak Obama who still clings to his Presidency as a success is a sad reminder of the mental disorder known as Liberalism. Denial being the main symptom. His Executive Orders, his push for expanded Government, a corrupt IRS, DOJ, BLM, EPA even Justice Roberts claiming Obamacare is nothing more than a tax are all examples of the mindset of Elitism. That they know better how to run our lives than we ourselves do and we best better comply or the long arm of Washington will reach out and crush you.

Think about this any time you have dealt with some 'official'. Was that experience pleasant? Did they do everything they could to 'help' you? Most likely not. Lets us never forget how the Bundys and Finicums were treated under a Leftist Administration. Reminds me of Waco, Gonzalez and Ruby Ridge under another, past Leftist Administration.

And they don't get it either. They still think they are king shits in the dog park. Over the past ten years Democrats have been sent packing. Over 1200 seats have been lost by them from Senate, Congress, Governors, State Legislatures, Mayoral, Selectmen, even dog catcher! The few states that are controlled by Democrats are bankrupt, sanctuary states. Regulations drive out businesses. Civil forfeiture is rampant because they have no other way to generate revenue. Pensions are now unfunded liabilities, Unions extract more, drive up costs of projects and in every Democrat controlled state the cost of living is exorbitant. All driven by a thirst for more and more and more. It was only a matter of time before this whole Leftist machine would come to its inevitable stupidity.

I think it is this penchant for control that the Left is in shock over the election results. They felt secure in their own bullshit. The snowflakes melting away because a little heat is being applied to them is symptomatic of this false sense of security. Being coddled all their lives millennials cannot comprehend what has happened to them and their beloved apparatchik politique. The rioting is just another example of the control of propaganda. Spin it as a protest. Make no mistake, they are nothing more than Brown Shirts. Well funded and well organized. How is it that fleets of buses were on standby 24 hours after the polls closed on Nov. 9th?

The argument of " What if Republicans were doing this?" is pointless. We all know the answer and we also know we on the Right would never conceive of doing such a thing. I would posit we continue to let the Left implode. Let them expose themselves for the ilk that they are. They have nothing left in the arsenal. Just like when Patton saw the Germans were using stolen ox carts to move supplies he realized the war was over...They are running out of gas.

This is why at zero hour an eleven year old comment was released to the Media made by the President Elect about 'grabbing pussy'.. It was all they had left.

There is little more we can do on the rhetorical end to hasten the final destruction of the worst political party in American history. They are doing it all by themselves. As a Trump Presidency ascends and our economy starts moving, our government becomes more focused on real issues and we begin to see the fruits of our labor will we then see the Left wither away. They will continue to lob insults, riot and claim racism and the rest of America will watch them do it all on TV. And, like a bystander who shakes their head at a petulant child at the checkout counter because they can't get the toy they want Americans will turn further away realizing the true nature of Liberalism.

And the Left wont understand it either. The worn out playbook does not work anymore. The 'gotcha' porno journalism does not work anymore. Fraudulent votes and fraudulent protests do not work anymore.

Eventually they will slip into that inevitable and ultimate stupidity and history will have taught them nothing.


.... And That Is The Diatribe....

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Memo To A Higher Office


    An opportunity was lost last Saturday at the Conference and Expo in support of Donald Trump held at The Holiday Inn in Boxborough. In fact, being billed as the "first Expo" resulted in its utter failure due to the 'big fish/small pond' mentality exemplified by your managers, and Jeff Kuhner. Attempting to control the event and hijack it from the late great John O'Mara did nothing to promote the event beyond the minute reach of your local AM transmitter. Sadly, instead you sullied the hard work and reputation of this great Patriot and blackened your own eye by having my Media Company forcibly removed. The blog post included in this letter has gone nationwide. Had your 'handlers' understood this the Expo would have been talked about across the country. Since I have personal contacts with Trump campaign people the exposure would have been stratospheric. Instead, a copy of this letter and the subsequent story has been submitted to those people.
    Essentially, you just shot yourselves in the foot.
    It was The M&P Conservative Media Network who was first approached by John O'Mara over a month ago and asked to attend and film the event. Subsequently, other independent outlets/persons were contacted by John to cover the event as well. I know, I work with these people,  Unlike WRKO, we all work together to cover events, stories, news and were very excited to be invited to such an occasion. I, and others had been promoting the event and I received many responses from other Conservative groups across the country looking forward to my expose'. The potential was limitless.
    Then WRKO got hold of it.
    It has come to my understanding that last minute negotiations were arranged to ban all other forms of media coverage despite the fact that these factors had already been set into motion. One could theorize that a purposeful attempt was made by managers and personalities of WRKO all colluded to make this so. I had thought that maybe the family had something to do with this but that has been shown to be somewhat incorrect. In fact, I simply think they did not know what they were doing and got into bed with the wrong people. I seriously doubt if John were still alive he would have allowed such a travesty to take place.
    Frighteningly, it was how my expulsion was handled. I was physically and verbally accosted, threatened with arrest by a man  who I assume is  the 'muscle'. I was denied my ability to retrieve my computer and had to wrench myself from his grip to get it. In the hallway I was continually yelled at and threatened with arrest for assault and literally followed out the door while continually being accosted. Several members of the RNC Delegation were present as witnesses, friends and supporters of local Tea Party groups also witnessed this and were horrified at such unprofessional behavior. You may want to have a conversation with this individual and look closely into his mental stability to determine if you want him to represent your radio station in future endeavors.

    So, unfortunately for this Expo and WRKO I have written the story, published it and will broadcast the particulars of the event on my radio show. One of the individuals also denied Press access will be on my show as well as a fellow radio host who will partner with my show and share this stunning example of journalistic thuggery on his Network as well. Already the coverage is gaining incredible reach.
    And to think; this could have all been yours WRKO.
    I would not have asked for any monetary compensation. I would have shared it freely, so wouldn't the others you systematically denied. The message presented that day would have been a tribute to the late and great John O'Mara and help propel Donald Trump into the White House

    I do not take to this lightly. Oddly enough, no one has attempted to dissuade me from continuing this vein and speaking about it openly. These things  need to be exposed and the support I have received is very comforting. I could care less about 'taking down the man'. Go ahead and continue to screw yourselves by doing these things. I will still be here talking about them. I get far better coverage this way. You are just a small time AM station going the way of the dinosaur and would have been off the air years ago had some one not bought you out to keep the lights on. Mine is a growing enterprise on a growing medium completely self funded and supported by old fashion hard work. I cannot say that some day you will be coming to me to cover an event but I can say this...
    Even after the way I was treated I would never deny you the freedom of the press and respect so deserving of all of us in this industry.

Christopher A.W. Maider CEO
The M&P Conservative Media Network
Ambush Media, Films And Sound

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Unpopular Kid At The Birthday Party

    It is with utter heartbreak that I pen this particular blog.
    It was my intention to honor the name, work and Patriotism of my good friend and mentor, the late John O'Mara by attending the Restore America Conference and Expo in Boxborough Mass on the 17th. I was personally contacted by him over a month ago via e-mail to alert me to the event. John was always so gracious to alert me to events from Northborough Tea Party as well as others and encouraged me to film, write and cover events to get the word out to the public. John was one of the first people to recognize my work years ago and always welcomed me to his venues.
    A little over a week ago John passed away. I and others involved in Liberty attended his Mass. The conversation after wards was one of moving forward with the Expo that John had worked so hard to assemble. Great speakers had been lined up, Boston Broadside Newspaper was present, delegates for Trump were there, friends, fellow Tea Party members and other writers, bloggers assembled at the Holiday Inn just off Rt. 495.
    I too arrived with camera gear in tow, excited to be part of such a special day to honor the hard work of the Trump Campaign, The Republican Committees, Delegates, speakers and John. I was going to put a video/blog piece together that would celebrate the hard work of so many involved and share it with the country.

    Instead I was met at the event with contempt, threats, accusations and humiliation. Eventually I was kicked out.
    I did not mourn the loss of John at his Mass. I celebrated his legacy and resolved with deeper determination to be a more integral part of this movement. However, truly my heart broke that morning for John. His beloved Tea Party had been hijacked.

    I am not sure how, or why his son and others involved refused to have the event covered publicly. I was informed something about contractual obligations between radio host Jeff Kuhner and the event organizers. Personally, I could have cared less to film Kuhner. I find the man a bore and somewhat full of what makes the grass grow green. Fine, I'll shut off the camera during his monologue. In fact, I wanted to speak to the organizers to clarify if ANY of the speakers did not want to be filmed or interviewed. Fine! There was plenty to see, plenty to film, plenty to be part of and I had paid full admission for a full day.
    But none of that ever came to pass.
    My contention was that nothing was mentioned in any e-mail, or on the site about NOT filming. Never mind the fact that the organizers committed the cardinal sin of posting a public event, inviting said public, accepting a cash fee for attendance, representing a National Presidential Campaign, having public figures as guest speakers, hosting it in a hotel, involving the name of  The Tea Party (of which I am a Board Member for the Worcester Chapter) and then at zero hour denying Press coverage. This is a major NO-NO!
    I insisted that you cannot deny free Press access to events involving the public. This falls under the Plain Site Law upheld by the Massachusetts Supreme Court from 2013. If the fear was 'bad press' then, guess what? You just created it! No one was interested.
    It was at this time I asked for my money back and was preparing to leave. I had even said to several people I was leaving. Hell, I could cover the event outside. I knew plenty of people there.
    I was about to retrieve my laptop from a chair I had placed it on when a bald headed man approached me. I did not catch his name ( in the heat of the moment I may have just forgotten it). He held out his hand to shake. Naturally I returned the gesture. Next thing I knew he began to hold firm his grip and began raising his voice to me.
    "... Do you understand what I am saying to you?... Do you understand what I am saying to you?.. You are not welcomed here and you are being asked to leave!"
    The man continued his hold on my hand. Clearly, something was up.
    " Actually? No, I don't understand, I am leaving just give me back my money." I finally replied.

    I disengaged his hand and headed towards the chair to grab my computer bag. It is here that he became very vocal letting the crowd in the hall hear and began threatening me with calling the police for trespassing and assault. I never touched the man, never approached him, I did not even speak to him except replying to his admonishments of not being welcomed. I did ask 'what assault?'
    "You resisted me!"
    Clearly this man is disturbed and has a sociopath's ego. It is a shame he is in any way associated with this event. It was HE who approached me, shook my hand and proceeded to raise his voice while firmly gripping my hand. In point of fact? I was assaulted. Verbally and physically.

    Again, it is with utter heartbreak that I must tailor this blog post in this manner. I pray that the spirit of John O'Mara will find forgiveness in any denigration of his name I may have caused.

    But, it is at this point I must defend my name, my reputation and my Media Company in the manner that is well known to my followers.
    As I say on my show, helmets and safety glasses required....

    First of all you bald piece of shit retard, you are a despicable excuse for humanity. You do not know me from the hole in your own thick skull. I have covered political events, campaigns, Republican Committees, The Campaign for Liberty, I am Media Liaison and standing Board Member for The Worcester Tea Party, I am a writer, videographer, business owner and radio host. I have interviewed ( and personally know) dozens of Republican candidates from Oregon to Florida and back again. I have worked as a staffer for campaigns and have been invited to work as a Congressional Staffer by a very dear friend of mine. I have personally worked on signatures for ballot questions. I have had the honor to interview Governors, Naval Commanders, Veterans, Senators, Congressmen, City Councilors, activists. Boston Broadside has covered events hosted by me in the past ( my apologies to Lonnie for not being able to say hello to you). I have interviewed and personally know editors and owners of media publications. My posts, blog and radio show are viewed/heard (literally) nationwide. Some of the guest speakers are also familiar with my work (one of the reasons I was there). Many of the guests in attendance have been on my radio show, supported me at other events, invited me to cover said events, I am in the loop of a vast amount of e-mails regarding politics in Central Mass and those individuals who include my name are fully aware of my Media Company and the work I perform in support of Liberty. Other writers, media people who were in attendance there have also been on my show and were astonished that I was being treated in such an unprofessional manner.
    Did you throw them out as well? I sure hope you informed the audience that there was to be no filming and/or picture taking of the event because if you DID NOT? And, I find coverage of the event anywhere on Social Media (which I will) you have one hell of a lawsuit on your hands.
    Which leads me to my next questions: So, is it just you don't want media coverage at all or just media coverage from my company? Better yet, is it just me, personally? Am I the unpopular kid at the birthday party?
    And, who the fuck are you anyway to threaten me with arrest if I re-enter the hotel.. What if I booked a room there? What if my family was there and I was separated from them because of your insolence and stupidity? Would you vouch for their safety?
    Do you even realize ( or care) what you just did?

    As I said to John O'Mara junior just before this whole charade went to shit. "... You realize, by denying me the chance to cover this event you just wrote the story for me.." I was invited. I was part of the conference call that included delegates to the RNC and who were present at Mr. Clean's tirade.  
   You embarrassed yourself, the Trump Campaign, the delegates and you have sullied the legacy your father built. I was perfectly content to get my money back, let my friend attend (she did not, nor did she ask for a refund) and stay outside the venue. There would have been no stopping me on still covering the event in some manner. Instead I chose the higher path to leave once Kojack got involved..
    I will not pursue this legally. I get far better traction by doing what I have always done; writing about it!

    Again, I did not mourn the loss of my friend and mentor John O'Mara when he passed away. I celebrated his life's work.
    But today, I wept for him.

... And That Is The Diatribe....

Christopher A.W. Maider CEO
The M&P Conservative Media Network

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Climate Change Double Standards

   "... Power presumes the ability to control the actions and beliefs of others through favor, fear, fraud, force and to manipulate the social environment to one's advantage.."
Professor of Political Science Michael Parenti "Democracy of the Few" 1983.

    In the book "Derelict Landscapes" Professors John Jakle and David Wilson describe the powerful as, "... wielding influence to obtain agendas and goals... the influential are naturally drawn together in coalitions to consolidate the exercise of power.."
    When Galileo discovered that the Earth was (in fact) NOT the center of the Universe he ran into a little trouble with the powerful and influential of the time. You see, the prevailing doctrinaire was a plethora of long since debunked 'junk science'. The Universe revolved around the Earth , the Earth was flat and anything scientific was the work of Satan.. Makes sense, right? Islam does the same thing with a whole host of malarkey unique to itself and so does the Anthropogenic Climate Change Disco Crowd.
    With dance steps that never change this group has determined (like the Priests of old) that the science has been settled. And, like the Priests of old, new strict laws are being laid down to punish the wicked and purge society of Satan's (err.... opposing think tank's) evil influence.
    As the legal boom gets lowered on groups opposing the theory of man made climate change we can see another classic manifestation of a powerful, centralized government. Entities align with a scripted approach and a broad brush. With no regard for local communities, local businesses and individuals government hands down dictums to be followed without question or dire consequences can/will result. Centralized bureaucracies then work in unison NOT to serve the public good but to lord over it. Oddly enough, how this monster gets created many times come directly from a localized need to solve a localized problem. The 'environmental movement' is a prime example. What started out as communities looking to hold companies accountable for air and water quality has morphed decades later into a behemoth with the authority to ruin your life for the smallest infraction including disagreeing with those bureaucrats.
    A trend is playing out once again. With some of most stringent environmental, permitting, safety and labor laws in the world small American businesses are financially hobbled before they can open their doors. Meanwhile, powerful conglomerates in league with government passing such regulations (please refer back to the first two paragraphs) can either bypass such regulations, pay off officials (usually campaign donations) or just anti-up the fines as a cost of doing business.
    In the case of General Electric (and when does GE ever not have a 'case'?) according to they are responsible for over 78 Superfund sites across the country. In Massachusetts GE was levied a $200 million dollar settlement for dumping PCB's into the Housatonic River in Pittsfield. While Plaintiffs claim this to be a success $200 million dollars is a pittance compared to GE's global profits. GE bought off the town of Pittsfield with 'redevelopment' plans of it's former site. To this day no one is in jail and GE just packed up their factory to pollute another river somewhere else in China or Mexico. However, if Joe's Burger Joint fails to pass a Health Inspection because they don't wrap something up correctly its asta-lavista-baby for poor Joe.
    Yet GE is one of the major players in today's push for 'green energy'. They produce most of the wind turbines around the world despite a long history of defrauding the government ranging from the Minuteman Missile to jet engines. They received bailout money during TARP thanks to a $20 million campaign donation to the Obama Campaign.
    The point of this digression is to expose how double standards exist. It is almost a modern day version of how royalty was able to get away with murder while the peasantry suffered immeasurably under the yoke of tyranny. It is the same as the Catholic Church destroying science and progress from Copernicus and Galileo during the Inquisition while enjoying that same science to construct cathedrals still standing today. Our 'nobles' today comprise of the powerful elites passing Draconian laws with the sole intention of denying the citizenry their God given rights. It will be a walk in the park for Exxon to fight supheonas on their climate research but potential ruin for smaller groups and activists. It is here that the AG's know who will be easy pickings. In fact, lumping in large corporations in this witch hunt is just a ploy to deceive the public into thinking something substantial will result from all of this. The real reason is to target, marginalize, bankrupt and eventually prosecute smaller organizations that represent vast amounts of Conservatives. Or, in the case of recent California Legislation, the individual.

    Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal? That was only a Beta-test. The only thing missing with the roll out of this new version is Steve Jobs at center stage....

.... And That Is The Diatribe....