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The Five Points of Liberalism- Part IV- Conviction of Position/The Impossible


George Barnes wrote an interesting piece in the Telegram and Gazette on Jan 27th. 2018 on welcoming the world to our melting pot. He opines on the altruism of unfettered immigration to our country. He employs the commonly used Conviction of Position that the United States is "..a nation of immigrants.." This is an utter falsehood.

First of all, we are a Soveriegn nation. As far as our history of immigration is concerned we are NOW the descendants of immigrants. Actual documented and adjudicated 'immigrants' who take the Oath and join as Citizens number only a few hundred thousand a year. This hardly qualifies in a country of 350 million (or so) as a nation of immigrants.

What we are?

Is a Soveriegn nation with a serious border control issue!

This is the reality; but Liberals are convinced of their position, outraged at the idea of any discussion on this issue and accepting the absurdity that we actually ARE a nation of immigrants.

Dictionary.com defines 'Conviction' as;

1. a fixed or firm belief:

4. the act of convincing a person by argument or evidence.

5. the state of being convinced.
I left out 2-3 because it dealt with criminal convictions.

Bing.com does it one better..
a firmly held belief or opinion:
synonyms: belief · opinion · view · thought · persuasion · idea · position · stance ·

the quality of showing that one is firmly convinced of what one believes or says:
synonyms: certainty · certitude · assurance · confidence · sureness ·

Notice none of these definitions have anything to do with facts. The ability to convince someone of something is alot easier than you would think. All it takes is a day to day, slow, methodical inserting of words and phrases over a period of time and soon it becomes a social lexicon.

I mentioned how the use of the term 'American Democracy' is now rooted in our lexicon. We are not a Democracy.

Every time we have a heat wave, hurricane, blizzard it is now the absurdly accepted Conviction of Position that it is all because of Anthropogenic Climate Change.

These are just small examples. Just perk up your ears and listen to the way people and pundits maximize the use of such phrases.

It matters not the presenting of alternative facts. In fact if Conservatives adopted the concept of Liberalism and presented how opposing people 'felt' or, 'believed' or, were 'convinced' of they would be laughed out of cable news!.. But that is Selective Outrage and will be discussed in the next blog segment.

Conservatives are always held to facts, yet are disregarded anyways. Liberals have the finger on the pulse of society.
In an old Rush song the line goes; ".. we get the drunken and the passionate pride of the citizens along for the ride.."
Getting back to George Barnes and his opine in the T&G. He writes further to talk about his Irish heritage.

Look.. Every one of us has an anectdote. We all came from somewhere and from some one. Liberals want to segregate and define our individualism. It is the only way Liberals can to steal that last vestige of our intrinsict and birthright fact that we are Americans.

By accepting the absurd that we are a 'nation of immigrants' can Liberals further define us and label us separate as.. Simply... Americans.
So, how is it Liberals are so easily convinced of their positions?
Pete Townsend of The Who once wrote; ".. cuz ya know that the hyptnotized never lie.. Do-Ya!"

It comes from indocrination. It comes from years of the same metaphors, worn out songs on the Hit Station! Teachers using textbooks written by Liberal revisionists. Eventually we get masses of millions completely devoid of critical thinking and easy, empty vassals (not vessels). And don't they all just agree on the Absurdly Accepted mantra?

Mark Dice does great video expose's where Liberals pontificate on positions they know nothing about. They do so because they are taught to regurgitate predetermined answers to everything and anything. Ami Horowitz did the video blowing the lid off the myth of voter ID being racist. Here is the link;


What is thoroughly entertaining about this video is the reaction of the black Americans he interviews. The white Liberals he interviews are so dyed in their convictions the boiler plate explanations roll off their tongues with little effort and even less thought! Whereas the black's reaction runs the gammit of incredulity to outright laughter. Sadly, what is not mentioned in the video is the underlying premise that Liberals think blacks are stupid, lazy and generally poor.

Convictions are difficult to alter. There are entire safeguards in place to reinforce these convictions in the minds of the empty vassals. Television plays an important role and is an important tool. What we see and hear is carefully choreographed to fit a narrative, promote that narrative even justify it's existence.The talking heads of most major networks are the mouthpieces of an editorial board that hands them the talking points. This, in turn, is read from the teleprompter to an eager audience. The advent of internet media and alternative news sources would make one think that the likes of CNN or MSNBC would alter their tactic or risk losing more of their audience share. Instead, they double down on the narrative. This is purposeful.

The audience these outlets have chosen to cater to are the extreme Left. The 1% population of trans, gay, Socialists, Anarchists, Enviro-wackos, Militant Feminists, ANTIFA and the easily 'Triggered'. Better known as Millenials. Tactically this is ingenius. Reinforce a narrative to a specific audience receptive to said narrative. An audience convinced of their position and unlikely to be swayed from that conviction.

Unfortunately, conviction of position stymies growth. Having a set idea of something that is unwavering shuts out the ability to see and understand a position that differs from your own. This is why the 'tolerant' Left tends to become very intolerable when faced with opposing viewpoints. The rioting at Berkely over Milo Yanopolous, the recent ANTIFA crowds at the two Boston Free Speech Rallies, the shouting down of speakers at college events. There is no lack of examples. Seattle Washington was the latest in rioting by the tolerant Left because some one came to excersise their Constitutional Right of Free Speech.

Shortly after the Charlottesville riot I went on air to discuss the event. I repeatedly remarked how I was not defending the Nazis but that they have every right to practise, speak and peacably assemble. As difficult as this may seem to the reader how I felt about the First Amendment had nothing to do with the facts of the First Amendment. I don't like the Nazis any more than you do but that has nothing to do with facts.

More of the lexicons used to reinforce the conviction of position are the 'phobics'. Homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic. Every description under the sun to showcase an imagined unreasonable fear of one group or another. What is always missing when these terms are tossed around is Oikaphobic, the unreasonable fear of oneself or one's own culture.

When the principle that children should not be exposed to homosexuality is presented the term homophobic is thrown at you. When the principle that no matter how many body parts you alter you cannot change the X or Y chromosome is presented the term transphobic is thrown at you. It is all well and good that a person feels this way or, believes these things it is just a position that is being taken and has no impact upon the facts presented or the fact that these facts are factual.

Finally, one last thing that is hardly mentioned anymore is the old adage that one person's rights end where another person's rights begin. The conviction of position throws this out. A certain position becomes the lexicon and therefore any one who disagrees with it therefore must have something wrong with them. So, a George Barnes who insists that we are a nation of immigrants is simply carrying the water for the already convinced and becomes legitimate in his position. They have every right to feel this way. Whatever facts are presented to the contrary are irrelavent and whoever holds to those principles have no rights at all.

I am convinced of it.
.... And That Is The Diatribe....

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Five Points of Liberalism, Part III - Cognitive Dissonance

Wikipedia defines Cognitive Dissonance as; In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. The occurrence of cognitive dissonance is a consequence of a person performing an action that contradicts personal beliefs, ideals, and values; and also occurs when confronted with new information that contradicts said beliefs, ideals, and values.[1][2]

The actual mental disorder is supposed to be discomforting. A cognitive person would recognize this and seek to avoid it or at least recognize it and dismiss one of the two opposing thoughts as false. This is what normal people do. Not Liberals. Liberalism demands that you hold fast to both contradictory thoughts at the same time while defending both of them at the same time.

Wikipedia goes on to state; In A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (1957), Leon Festinger proposed that human beings strive for internal psychological consistency in order to mentally function in the real world. A person who experiences internal inconsistency tends to become psychologically uncomfortable and is motivated to reduce the cognitive dissonance. This is done by changing parts of the cognition to justify the stressful behavior, by adding new parts to the cognition that causes the psychological dissonance, or by actively avoiding social situations and contradictory information that are likely to increase the magnitude of the cognitive dissonance.[1]

In the first part Festinger posits that normal people seek an equilibrium. Find the fact and disregard the absurd. The mental (and physical) discomfort experienced by some one who is cognitively dissonant will justify the psychosis. In many cases we have seen over the past decade Snowflakes resort to name calling, violence and a demand that the opposing thought that corrects the dissonance be silenced. Vagina Hats dress up as vaginas, gays march half dressed waving dildos at parades, actresses wear revealing dresses at Golden Globes while they decry sexual abuse yet Donald Trump is a serial sexual abuser and needs to be impeached. Trump (a tv celebrity billionaire with no political experience) is not qualified to be President. Oprah Winfrey (a tv celebrity billionaire with no political experience) is being pushed to be the 2020 Democrat Candidate. Another perfect example is the 'He is not my President' position. A cognitively dissonant person holds this as a truism in their mind while disregarding the tangible fact that Trump IS THE PRESIDENT! Cognitive Dissonance.

Lets revisit the 11 Commandments of Lie-Awatha Warren (talk about the personification of Cognitive Dissonance). This little gem is a treasure trove of CD.

"We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement.."

For what? There are already library cart loads of fine print 3" binders full of SEC rules and regulations. Is she stating that there are NO rules presently? Remember what I said in the last piece about politicians who want ".. to do more.."? The fact that she opens this sentence with '..we believe..' is axiomatic of a Liberal's position based rather than a principle based doctrine.

In a past blog I wrote years ago about how Congress and Senate people were involved in insider trading I proved that the main reason many of these hacks became multi-millionaires is because they own stock (perfectly legal). However, because they write and enact legislation they are front and center to know beforehand which companies are going to grow and which will die. (Obamacare is a one of many examples). If you don't believe me then read the book by Peter Sweisser 'Throw Them All Out'.

Of course, President Trump must divest himself from all his business dealings and reveal his tax records.

If you or I had this insider knowledge we would be in jail. These mobsters just get re-elected. But, because of CD this is perfectly acceptable (Acceptance of the Absurd). It is a closed loop system.
"We believe in science, and that means that we have a responsibility to protect this Earth."

But there are 63 different Genders based on how a person 'feels'. Let that one sink in while I refresh my Irish coffee..BRB.

It is bad enough (if we accept the absurd that humans are destroying the planet) with two genders consuming limited resources. Now there are 63 that require we cater to each and every one of their demands. We need to rewrite textbooks, hang new bathroom signs, designate parking spaces, create new forms for applications, clothing, food needs, locker rooms and educational services.. The list is endless. The carbon footprint must be astronomical! But under CD this is a necessary to be a more tolerant and diverse society.

Science is never settled. The entirety of human history is rife with 'settled' science being debunked based on new discoveries. Interestingly, many of these new discoveries have come from accidents, catastrophes, and people who have more balls than brains pushing boundaries. At the turn of the 20th Century many of the early, failed experimenters of flight published articles in reputable periodicals that human flight was impossible. The public absorbed this and believed that the science was settled. Fortunately for us all two brothers who built motorcycles had a different idea. In fact, many acclaimed scientists at the time derided the Orvilles. How could two grease monkeys building motorized bicycles know anything about the intricacies of flight?
"We believe that the Internet shouldn't be rigged to benefit big corporations, and that means real net neutrality."

At least here we see Warren claiming that free market Capitalism should be replaced by the all knowing, all seeing eye of benevolent Government. Corporations bad. Goverment good. Unfortunately Senator Warren is forgeting one, tiny fact. Government is ALSO a corporation.

This is the CD Liberals are afflicted by. While simultaneously claiming corporations are not people Warren wants to tax them to the fullest extent and then deny them access to representation. Net Neutrality is based on a 1934 law regulating communications under a Public Utility. It has no application on a 21st Century market that has exploded around the world. The repeal of The Fairness Doctrine under President Reagan unleashed the cable TV industry, internet, talk radio and people like myself. Under the Warren idea (while claiming we are are an 'equal' society) Net Neutrality would restrict or ban the plethora of diverse voices we now see on the World Wide Web. Even those we would disagree with or find most abhorrant. Net Neutrality runs counter to The First Amendment.

See? I told you this little gem is a treasure trove of Cognitive Dissonance.
"We believe that no one should work full-time and still live in poverty, and that means raising the minimum wage."

Here is a perfect example of something I have said many times on my radio show. Under economically bad conditions the cry for minimun wage increases becomes the news de-jour. Under economically good conditions the natural rise of wages is inevitable. The need for workers becomes a demand. Companies are willing to pay more for qualified people. While this natural rise will lead to price increases the old adage of 'a rising tide' applies here. The Laffer Curve is a principle. It is based on a fundemental truth. More people working means higher wages, means higher prices, means more growth demanding more high paid workers.

Again, pointing to research and past blogs I have written; forcing an artificial raise in wages does not eliminate poverty (a principle). It only pushes that low skilled, low paid worker into a higher tax bracket (a position). The imagined raise in pay is taxed at that higher rate. Subsequently the prices of essentials rises also (to pay for that wage increase) and the low paid worker is no better off. What brings about a full and extensive economic rise for people is the unfettered growth of Capitalism and a standard of taxation that is representative, fair and equal. This is also a principle.

I could consume this piece with example after example from Chief Warren. Suffice to say, look it up and come to your own conclusions. Lets move on.

CD is ever present in our news feeds today. Almost each day one story contradicts a story from last week while at the same time holding onto both stories to explain whatever the hell it is the Liberal media is presenting to us. It matters NOT what facts are presented. Agenda is the main driver. It is point # 3, Conviction of Position, that is the be all and end all of what drives the Cognitive Dissonance.

Lets look at what is present today in the alledged statement that President Trump called certain countries 'shitholes'. A normal person would agree... Yeah, they are shitholes. Because a normal person dis-connects from the CD to accept the fact while disposing of the absurd. Liberals do not. Both thoughts exist at the same time. These countries are NOT shitholes despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The idea of it is racist while many of these 'immigrants' have no intention of assimilating and any demand they do so is (in and of itself) racist. It is not like we are importing the next Einstein or Fermie or DeSousa. Somehow America must change while these countries do not have to change. In fact, the entire concept of 'Sanctuary Cities' does not just apply to Illegals. It applies to to any group of people. Come to our cities to escape your shithole country and we will work to accept, assuage, adopt your culture thus turning our city into the very shithole you emigrated from. The adoption of Sharia Law in many communities to appear more diverse. English as a 'second' language (God forbid it should be first), no-go zones. Islamburg in upstate NY and Dearbornistan in Michigan. Kate Steinly murder in California. Islamic rape gangs in Oslo, Cologne, Paris and Nice.

It is here all Five Points come into play. It is a closed loop system.

Any attempt to point these out is racist and runs counter to the Acceptance of The Absurd. It Compartmentalizes the Outrage, Liberals are Convinced of their Position. It is Cognitive Dissonance. And none of it is based on any Principle.


.... And That Is The Diatribe....

According to cognitive dissonance theory, there is a tendency for individuals to seek consistency among their cognitions (i.e., beliefs, opinions). When there is an inconsistency between attitudes or behaviors (dissonance), something must change to eliminate the dissonance.
For more on Cognitive Dissonance and Leon Festinger,

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The Five Points of Liberalism - Part II, Lack of Principles

A quick Google Search defines Pinciple as: a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning... a rule or belief governing one's personal behavior... morally correct behavior and attitudes...

late Middle English: from Old French, from Latin principium ‘source,’ principia (plural) ‘foundations,’ from princeps, princip- ‘first, chief.’

The foundational principles this nation was based on are Judeo-Christian. These principles have been repeated for as long as I can remember. Mention that to any modern day millenial and they will have an anurism. Because we have lost the 'principle' of a well balanced education our young people are quick to relate their 'position' on an issue as a 'principle'. The two are unrelated.

Positions can change according to new data (or at least they should). Principles are unwavering. They only change if a monumental, colossal shift in a person's life occurs. Both Principle and Position are nouns, so they are things, tangible and usable. As stated a principle is foundational, fundamental. Position (if you do that same Google Search) is defined as more of a strategic place to be. However as the definitions are spelled we can see how position and principle are confused as one and the same: a person's particular point of view or attitude toward something.... (Logic) a proposition laid down or asserted; a tenet or assertion... synonyms: viewpoint, opinion, outlook, attitude, stand, standpoint, stance, perspective, approach, slant, thinking, policy, feelings.. "the government's position on the matter".

It is that last synonym that sums it all up. Feelings. Listen closely when some one tries to define their 'position' on something. They always ".. feel as if...", or ".. I feel that it was unfair..." Feelings have no place when it comes to principles. Our Declaration of Independence opens with these words, ".. We hold these truths to be self evident.." The Founders didn't 'feel' these 'positions' as self evident. That is an impossibility. Feelings and positions are by no stretch of the imagination self evident.

Issac Newton's Laws of motion were not based on how he felt. They were based on exhaustive inquiry, testing and a realization that there were certain things a person cannot change no matter how they felt about it.
Sir Isaac Newton first presented his three laws of motion in the "Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis" in 1686.

His first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.
The second law explains how the velocity of an object changes when it is subjected to an external force. The law defines a force to be equal to change in momentum (mass times velocity) per change in time.

The third law states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Since Liberalism requires one to not have any principles then the first first law does not apply to them. No matter how hard one tries Liberals cannot be moved from their positions. Nor does the second law apply. Liberals never change their zeal, tactics or penchant for subterfuge to gain power. Possibly the only law that applies to Liberals is the third one. Usually when a person offers an opposing viewpoint, reaction or fact the Liberal usually loses their minds.

The abortion debate is a perfect area to begin this defining of what a principle is. People are always asked what their position is on abortion. I have NO position. My principle is that the Government should not be involved in people's private lives. If Government held steady to that 'principle' then the debate over taxpayer funded abortion would evaporate. And if it is your 'position' that women should be allowed access to abortions then YOU do it! Let Planned Parenthood come up a better way of providing abortions at the lowest cost possible. Maybe set up an easy payment plan for the poor. If the idea of Planned Parenthood is so fantastic then why can it not stand on it's own principle?

Most agencies, programs, entitlements are not principle based. They are there to provide assistance in regards to an ongoing societal problem such as poverty. In fact the vast majority of social programs are rooted in the position of alleviating poverty. Certainly not to eliminate poverty. If that were the goal of these agencies then after awhile that agency would cease to exist. This is the position that HHS, SSI, TANF, Welfare in general stand on. Never working towards a goal based on the principle of eliminating poverty.

Author and economist Loren Spivak (euphemistically known as The Free Market Warrior) has spoken eloquently on the concept of Progressives having no principles. In the video below he outlines a few principles that are held sacred by Conservatives. The first one is Free Speech. Under no uncertain terms is anyone to be denied the right to speak, publish, report or assemble to speak what they hold as a principle or a position. Liberals think decidedly differently on this subject. They have no problem employing the thug tactics of ANTIFA to shut down any group they deem offensive especially on college campuses where the Liberal Free Speech protests of the 1960's began. That is because ( as Spivak says at the 5:10 mark) ".. Liberals have no principles at all because they are a movement of power..."

If you google The 11 Commandments of Progressivism you will see the tenets espoused by Liberal Elizabeth Warren. The humerous part of all this is that none of them are principles. They are just feelings about various issues. The most interesting one being #11; "And we believe that corporations are not people, that women have a right to their bodies. We will overturn Hobby Lobby and we will fight for it. We will fight for it!"

That cannot be a principle because it is an oxymoron and none of what Warren states is even related. If corporations are not people then why do we tax corporations? And what do women's bodies have to do with Hobby Lobby? The other ten are just as all over the map as this one is. You see, a principle is simple, usually a single sentence. If you go through the Warren list every "principle" contradicts itself. She claims "..equal means equal.." but is going to deny Hobby Lobby and treat them as unequal. She claims to believe in science but wants Net Neutrality. The scientific and Free Market is what makes the internet great not government control.

Like the useful idiots of the Communist Revolution once a person is no longer of use to the Party they are discarded. Just as a position is discarded in favor a new one, especially one that gets you elected.

A common saying of the Left is; "Speak truth to power". This is a dubious statement. Unfortunately it is used ad-nauseum. It is substance-less. It basically states that whatever it is YOU believe should be championed. It claims that whatever your position is on an issue should be empowered. Not the facts of an issue but, your position on that issue.

Speaking to the power of truth is principle based. Truth (in and of itself) is very powerful. There is no way around it. It simply just is. If Liberals adopted this simple axiom their entire agenda would be in jeopardy. You can take any Liberal position, apply truth to it and the entire argument dissolves. This simply cannot be allowed because speaking truth to power allows flexibility. It allows you to hold two diametrically opposed thoughts in your head at the same time while accepting both of them. This is also known as a form of psychosis.

Principle based positions are unwavering. They are based on fundamental truths.

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

Friday, December 29, 2017

Five Points Of Liberalism - Part I

" Find me the man and I will find you the crime.." Joseph Stalin

    It has taken me a number of years but I think I can finally  detail the intricate workings of the Liberal mind. It is a dangerous place to be. It really is a form of psychosis. It varies in intensity from individual to individual. Some are very mild, you would never know it. They function as fully cognitive citizens of society. Others are radical and violent. However they all share a set of rationalizations that are common throughout.

1; Acceptance of the Absurd.

In the former Soviet Union one of the things that kept Communism firmly entrenched was not the powerful police state but the acceptance of the population that this is what life is like under Communism. People would make up excuses, rationalize why there were shortages and blame agitators. Even today a large segment of Russian society still longs for a return to Communism.

2; Selective Outrage or Compartmentalization.

It is easy for a Liberal to be outraged at the slightest thing yet are masters at separating like reasons to be outraged about because they run counter to the narrative. This is also a form of schizophrenia. The ability to hold two opposing thoughts in your head and have perfectly valid reasons (to a Liberal) to back them both up.

3; Conviction to the Impossible.

To a Liberal belief in a position requires no evidence to back up that position. If enough people are talking about it then it must be true especially if it is packaged into a trendy catchphrase. The War on Women, Reproductive Rights, Gender Equality, Global Warming are all perfect examples of how something with no substance can become a complex social issue. If asked no one can easily define many of the positions held by Liberals.

4; Denial of Reality or Cognitive Dissonance.

In the face of overwhelming facts and opposing opinions a Liberal is literally unable to change their thinking and is predisposed to deny the existence of any alternate fact or reality. They become hostile and will issue threats or revert to name calling. It is truly a chilling and frightening thing to experience.

5; Lack of Principle.

Simple things like love of country, American values, traditional family, God and Constitution are 'principled' institutions. Liberalism seeks to defy, question and replace anything that represents our heritage as Americans. Not that they are practising a principled right of Free Speech to question something but rather to destroy principles and replace them with a position based agenda. Liberals have 'positions' on issues and all those 'positions' falls within the accepted absurd narrative.


I will explain in this and subsequent blog posts how these things interrelate. How employing one of these five symptoms is backed by the other four and in many cases all five points employed. It is almost like a closed loop system impervious to outside intervention and impossible to break.

Lets look at an ongoing example that encompasses all of the above; The Russian Collusion Delusion. I am not sure if there has been any other time in American History when an entire nation was duped by such a lie. The only thing I can think of is Orsen Welles' radio broadcast of an alien invasion. Despite the obvious evidence that no aliens had landed people were in a panic. The same is true for this investigation. James Clapper speaking on Meet The Press openly stated that the Fusion Dossier was the impetous that triggered the investigation. Yet, the dossier has been proven false by the admission of the person (Christopher Steele) who wrote it. Here's where it gets screwy. Fusion GPS is now writing another false dossier to be used in the (possible) impeachment of President Trump. Regardless of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and more and more evidence coming out implicating the DNC to railroad Bernie Sanders virtually everyone who is against President Trump is convinced he colluded with the Russians. The arrests of Flynn, Manaforte and Papadopolous (on completely separate chatrges) just reinforces this conviction. There is no way to convince them otherwise. It is a closed loop system.

The Alabama Senatorial Election is another prime example. Despite there being no evidence against Judge Roy Moore, despite the fact that testimony from two of the women was proven false Moore lost that election. Oddly, he lost it by such a narrow margin that there should be an investigation of voter fraud. The DNC openly admitted to bussing in people from out of state. However, as I stated in a past blog post the fraudulently won seat usually stays in the hands of the fraudulent candidate.



Both of these examples highlight every single one of the bullet points listed above. Democrats are firmly convinced this is the nature of politics and there is nothing any one can do about it. They accept the absurd. Democrats are outraged at the thought of our Presidential Election being rigged but have no problem bussing in people from out of state to rig an election even one from their own party (ie Bernie/Hillary). Selective Outrage. Regardless of the evidence there will be no investigation and election fraud will continue. Democrats are firmly convinced this is perfectly fine. Saul Alinsky said in his book Rules for Radicals "... by any means possible.." Conviction of position. Finally, Democrats are perfectly fine with the cognitive dissonance needed to get away with such tactics and are in complete denial of all evidence to the contrary because in order to mastermind and undertake such a scheme is to have no principles at all. The admission that these women were paid to slander Moore, then disapeared after the election is all the proof you need that this was orchestrated.. And the public swallowed it, hook, line and sinker..

The mental schizophrenia can be entertaining at times. A few years back a good friend of mine was engaged in a debate over the construction of a new train station in Somerville Mass. It was going to cost billions, was not needed but scores of Beacon Hill accolytes were all in favor of it because of the name recognition and the fact that they had a perfectly valid reason to hike up passenger rates. As if that ever stopped them before. Finally my friend turns to his counterpart and says, ".. Well, I am glad that at least you admit Global Warming is a farce'" Stunned, the person comes back with his affirmation that Global Warming is real and man is the sole cause of it and this is why we need more mass-transit. My friend cooly responded with, ".. Then how can you justify spending billions on a train station that will under water in less than fifty years?"

That one statement has had me thinking about something related to this issue of Global.. er.. Climate Change. Considering many cities are located along coastlines in primarily Democrat held states why haven't those Democrat controlled states begun preparing for this inevitable doomsday? Why are sea walls not under contruction? Have we begun to encourage citizens to move out to higher ground? No! They seem to all be Sanctuary Cities. Are they secretly allowing in thousands of illegals just so they can drown them all? There seems to be lots of money spent on 'infrastructure'. Why? If Climate Change is going to happen and sea levels are to rise flooding out major coastal cities why has Providence RI just completed a multi-billion dollar highway project? Why such a push to install wind turbines offshore to power these sunken cities? None of it makes any sense.

In addition I have always wondered how is it we are still destroying the environment? Did we not pass sweeping legislation in the 70's requiring emission controls on cars, factories and homes? The Clean Air and Water Act date back to the 60's along with the EPA. Haven't they cracked down on polluters? Haven't they made the regulations more restrictive each year? What are you telling me here?

That it was all a lie? That none of it worked anyway?

The truth is, yes and no. It was a lie and it has worked. But a Liberal always has the textbook answer to questions like these. We need to do more. Be careful when any politician from any party talks about 'doing more'. That usually means they will be picking your pocket soon and taking more of your Liberty away. Enter Carbon Taxes..

[I]n the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.
It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.
Socialist Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

It is easy for an entire Party to go so far as to convince an entire ideologically mesmerized mass of people to believe the Big Lie no matter what that lie entails. A person who supports Bernie Sanders will support a John Kerry, Feinstein, a Schummer, Howard Dean a Governor Brown. It matters not the position because they all carry the water for the party. Not so under Conservatism (specifically Conservatives). No two Conservative Republicans from any level of office can agree on any damned thing ever. I know, I have covered it on my show for years! If you want more proof just look at the Republican controlled House and Senate under President Trump. Not one of those idiots could agree on how to tie their shoes let alone Legislation! I see it every election season as my own Mass GOP perpetually shoots itself in the foot over which candidate to back and how can they best fuck themselves out of another chance of a Republican Representative..... Any Republican Representative!

But, I digress.

From the Global Warming lie to the Russian Collusion lie the ability to convince the masses of something that is simply not true is staggering. While we are at it, it was the famed Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels who not only made the claim about keeping a lie simple and repeating it often he also coined the axiom of accusing the opposition of the very thing YOU ARE DOING. Lets look at some examples"

Trumps calls out the Press as 'Fake News' due to their biased reporting. Everyone denys it, calls him unfit and potentially crazy. Turns out he is correct. The Press lied about the President, the polls lied about the President.

President Trump colluded with the Russians. Turns out it was a fake dossier purchased by the Clinton Campaign and that same Clinton Campaign hacked the DNC and Clinton herself oversaw the Uranium One deal.

The hockey stick Chart used to claim Global Warming is real was totally made up, debunked by scientists Lord Monktagne, Chief meteorologist and founder of The Weather Channel and the former founder of Greenpeace. The IPCC which is the UN Council on Climate Change is now under investigation for cooking the books and doctoring up climate models.

Blame legal gun owners, Conservatives and the NRA for all the mass shootings over the past few years. None of the shootings were carried out by lawful gun owners and/ or members of the NRA. All of the shootings were carried out by registered Democrats, Illegals or Islamic Terrorists.

Speaking of shootings; Police are racists and are killing black children. Black on black crime is in the 97% range (no one talks about that) and police killings of blacks are less than 1% with over 90% of that 1% a justified shooting.


This is just a sampling. All of these examples fall under all of the five points made earlier. They are all absurd yet people accept them. They are all carefully chosen outrages. Those who purport these notions as well as those who support these notions are convinced of their position. Supporters are in denial of any facts to the contrary because none of these examples are based on any sort of principle.


.... And That Is The Diatribe....


In the next segments I will talk in more detail about each of the five points and how they affect the rationale of a Liberal. We will start working backwards until we come back to number one. As I stated before it is a closed loop system. You will discover at the end how the entire thing is connected.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Decorated Gonzo Journalist Tossed Out of GOP Event Again!


 I wrote a piece awhile back about the Age of Information where no one seems to have a clue. This morning I was reminded of how true this actually is.

On Dec 14th I received an e-mail from a Jaclyn Corriveau inviting fellow Republicans to a Breakfast Event at The Beechwood Hotel in Worcester Mass on the 19th. The e-mail reads as follows:

Jaclyn Corriveau <jaclyn@bethforsenate.com> Dec 14 (5 days ago)


to bcc: me


Greetings fellow Republicans,

I am very happy to invite you to a Holiday Breakfast at the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester the morning of December 19th to meet U.S. Senate Candidate Beth Lindstrom. Please see the attached invite for details.

I hope to see you all there!

To find out more about Beth, please visit: www.BethforSenate.com

Thank you,

Jaclyn Corriveau

All well and good, right? So, I responded promptly, of course, but with my experience of being decorated with the venerable badges of being tossed out of GOP events here in Massachusetts (this makes 5 now since 2014) I decided to ask a most important question:

Christopher gmail
.com> Dec 14 (5 days ago)


to Jaclyn


Is local media allowed to film and/or take photos?
I have extended an invitation to Beth to call into my radio show
Either way, I look forward to attending.

Christopher Maider

The response came back as;

Jaclyn Corriveau Dec 14 (5 days ago)


to me


Yes of course. Thanks !

Jaclyn, naturally, was inquisitive and asked specifically: What media would attend? I, again, wrote back;

Christopher Maider gmail
.com> Dec 17 (2 days ago)


to Jaclyn


Me.. You should be reaching out to local media, especially online media. Cover every event you hold. Blast it out across all Social Media.

The M&P Conservative Media Network has been interviewing Candidates since 2008... Blah-Blah....

I am not going to bore you with the remainder of the e-mail. I go into a whole dissertation about the show, history, links, etc.

I told her I would be there and no e-mail was sent telling me no Press allowed. Apparently, that is not the case. Press IS NOT allowed at Beth Lindstrom Events because here I am in my suit, Press Pass, camera gear ready to cover this event and film what great ideas Beth Lindstrom has for defeating Lie-Awatha Warren and I am stopped at the door. Despite showing the very polite woman there the e-mail threads she had no idea who I was, why I was there and no Press was allowed..

.... The Age of Information and No One Has a Clue....

I was told this was a private event. OK, then why the mass e-mail blast? Who is MindyGOP@gmail.com? Why is she not sending out the e-mails? Who is jaclyn@BethforSenate.com? Are any of these people communicating here? Apparently not because after a half dozen back and forths nothing was sent up the chain that The M&P Conservative Media Network will be arriving to cover the event and is more than willing to create a great expose' on the Beth Lindstrom Campaign. This is what I do!

Not a good way to start off the 2018 Campaign season BethforSenate.com. You need to have a Board meeting with your Communications Team ASAP!

Here is something ALL Mass GOP campaigns need to start understanding. The Internet IS going to determine your chances of winning or losing. The choice is yours. The LSM is NOT going to give you proper coverage, ample time on air or even a fair shake. This wrapped up system of keeping your campaign events private and secret does nothing for you as far as letting the public hear what you have to say. The stakes are too high to default yourselves to the same old 'politicking' of a time long ago unless you are in the race simply to lose it so status quo can remain. Has the election of President Trump and the growth of grassroots, internet based candidates hammering at the gates since 2008 taught you nothing?

If losing is your game plan then get out now. Save us all the time and the donor's money. I mean, talk about throwing good money after bad! Geoff Diehl sees me at an event and snaps a picture of us together. I have covered several of his appearances and he is the most gracious candidate I have met on this trail so far. Allen Rodney Waters has been a multi-time guest on my show and he is by far one of the most open and diverse challengers. Steven Hall brought his people to my humble radio studio and we talked for over an hour on air while pictures were taken. Jeffery Soussa Paquette and I are in communication for an in depth interview. John Hugo is being scheduled to come onto the show as I write this. Shiva was eager to do an impromptu vid/interview while at the Boston Free Speech Rally last month. All of it went viral.

... THIS is what your campaigns need to do.

SO, with another badge of honor I was tossed out of another Massachusetts GOP event. I have sent invites to BethforSenate  to be on my show. I will be preparing the second Candidate's Symposium for August 2018 and sending out invites. No one will be turned away, not the Press, not the candidates, not the public. It is important that communication be succinct and that voters be given every opportunity to hear every candidate at every event regardless of position or opposition.

Strap in folks 2018 is going to be one Hell of a ride!

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Age of Information Part II


Think about this for a minute.

We now have computing power in the Exa-scale now. Terabytes are so 2000's. Yet, with all this computing power in the palm of our hands what have we accomplished?

Where are the cures? Where is world peace? Why are we not walking on Mars? If we can compute in the 18th power to 1 billion what is it all for? To solve a math problem in a fraction of a nanosecond?

Sorry to sound niave but ask yourself these questions.

The new I-Phone is $1000. All it does is take nifty pictures and upload the last stupid thing you posted on Instagram that much faster. Without it's updated GPS the owner couldn't find their own ass to wipe after a shit.

And this is my point; The age of information and no one has a clue.

I watched a replay of the November 18th Boston Free Speech Rally posted on Facebook LIVE. What astounded me was the constant commenting from people who were not there, had no idea what it was about, had no idea who the speakers were, did not even know there WAS a rally yet were convinced it was all white supremacy hate speech. The comments were simply astounding.. Just astounding!

Yet these people are probably the proud owners of the latest technology, the proud recipients of one or more college degrees, white collar employees, in positions of decision making for their places of employment. None of them...NONE of them knew what they were talking about.

Think about that for a minute.

Despite the fact that we know the press lies to us, politicians lie to us, advocates lie to us, teachers lie to us, law enforcement lies to us.. Every one lies to us! Still we believe what we are told and follow accordingly. It is almost as if it is no longer engrained propaganda built up over time but intinsically genetic. We are now born into not just believing the bullshit, but living it. It is part of our DNA.

Watch the movie 1984 with John Hurt. Watch the scene where the crowd is chanting and raving at the video screen with passion. Watch the people of North Korea cry as Dear Leader waves to them. The protestors at the Boston Rally were just as convinced; not mentally, educationally or even emotionally. They were convinced genetically. They could not separate themselves from their own delusion any more than one can genetically separate themselves from their own skin color.

( Apologies here: According to Liberals apparently you can.. I know, Liberalism is confusing.)

Still, this is suppose to be the most advanced, intelectually evolved, ethically evolved and most Liberally tolerant generation ever in the history of man. Meanwhile they Tweet and Comment and rant on Exa-byte capable devices the most hateful, intolerant and ignorant shit ever in the history of man.

Ever watch these people? Face forward into their cell phones. What is so God damned important? Are they working on curing cancer? Plotting a mathmatically faster way to Mars? Maybe negotiating worldwide nuclear disarmament.. Doubt it.

Individual lives are trivial. We are just one in seven billion. Technology allows us the illusion of importance. Technology grants us the self indulgence of internet pontification worldwide. In an age of information our circadian 24 hour cycle does not allow us to process that information cogently. We unreasonably respond instantly to Social Media faster than we can reason our instantaneous responces.

Media no longer manipulates us. It just feeds us on a base level. It taps into the DNA we have passed down since electronic media was invented over 100 years ago.

Think about that for a minute.

Understand why I keep using that sentence.. Think! It takes time. The Exa-byte society we live in does not allow that. It requires and demands instantaneous responces regardless of critical assessment. The human capacity to fathom this at such a speed does not exist.

Too bad, imagine how far we could go as a species if it did.

Because in this Age of Information no one seems to have a clue.


.... And That Is The Diatribe....

Monday, October 9, 2017

It Never Ends With Liberal Media Or Ray Mariano


"..As an ultimate show of contempt, Mr. Gaffney has refused to respond to media inquiries throughout the current election season..."

Can you blame the guy? Since 2015 with his run for Mayor I have watched the local press excoriate Worc. City Councillor Michael Gaffney. Article after article, (most of it made up) accuses him of racism, antagonistic to the press, emotional and possibly not fit to hold his office.

But former Mayor and Worcester Sun paid hack Ray Mariano has his finger on the Trump/Gaffney pulse.
"..Like President Trump and the national media, local emotions surrounding the Gaffney/media dustup are running pretty high..."

Because, Mariano is (again) a leading local expert on the mindset of President Trump and Mike Gaffney. Ray-Ray goes on to talk about how he cannot remember a more volatile relationship with the press covering local elections until...... "The first time I ran for mayor, the Worcester Telegram publisher and the lead editorial writer did everything they could to stop me from being elected. "

Welcome to the party Ray-Ray! I will play the Jeopardy Theme while we all look up when and where local press in Worcester supported a Conservative Candidate. Turtleboy isn't the only 'blog' supporting Gaffney. This guy right here! Like TB I have my own radio network and broadcast nationwide. So, many more people are reading, listening and paying attention than the T and G and Worcester Sun could dream of combined.

I find it odd that when your competition is blowing your doors off, your only response is to marginalize us in your articles.. Like, that is suppose to stop us? Guess M&P and TB should just pack it up and go home. Ray-Ray has spoken!


Clive McFar-Left is a Leftist Idelogue. Of course he equates everything with racism. It is the topical issue of the decade. Everything is about race.. My choice of dinner is racist, Mike's color of his car is racist. A bunch of pot smoking Socialists at Mosaic are 'Diverse' but wanting to check their books once and awhile is racist.. Turns out Gaffney was right on that one. I work for a Real Estate Co. that bought that property.. You DO NOT want to know what we found in there once we got the keys..

But Ray-Ray has his finger on the pulse.
"....Mr. Gaffney’s response to his media critics has been equally as volatile and over-reactive as the people he has disagreements with. He has personally attacked his media critics with a ferocity that we have never seen locally...."


So, what is the 'correct' response Ray-Ray? How did you respond when the press went after you? Apparently, in today's Leftist controlled Media World people like Mike are suppose to prostrate themselves on the alter of public opinion. Hey, it worked for Bill and Hillary, seems to be working for Weinstein, Elliot Spitzer. It worked for Walter Bird. He is back at the helm of WoMag AND still holds his seat on Citizens Advisory Council! Give it 6-8 months and Anthony Weiner will have a book out!

Jesus! Maybe Gaffney ought to start banging his sectretary so he can be in the good graces of the local media! Just change party affiliation Mike and you'll be all set.

The double standard is blaring and obvious.

A recorded "off mic" interview with Trump from 2004 about 'grabbing pussy' was perfectly OK to release at zero hour just before the election Cuz, every one hates Trump. Right? But Gaffney releasing texts of Birdie The Pervie is innapropriate? I just love how everyone covers for the local hacks in this town.. Fucking hilarious! I don't know where you nood-nicks got your journalism degrees but I would ask for a refund.
"..Instead of going to the appropriate authorities or encouraging the women who complained to him to do so, Mr. Gaffney held the damaging information for months and then released it as an attack when he felt he had been harmed and in a way that would do the most personal damage to the editor..."

It isn't exactly like WoMag has been Councillor Gaffney's BFF. Fair critiques are part of what objective journalism is suppose to be. Wait.. What am I saying?

None of that exists anymore. What is sad is young people are reading, listening and watching this Frankentein known as Media. They think this is what it actually is! Bash this person, expose some skeleton, bash some more. Any push back from the accused is met with more bashing. Look at VP Pence at the Colts game. Look at Trump. Hell, look at Gaffney!

No wonder the guy won't talk to media. He had no problem calling into my show last week because he knew I just wanted to hear what he had to say. Sorry local media, my show is raw and unedited so listeners can make up their own minds.

I have to hand it to Ray-Ray. He does end his piece on a conciliatory note by admonishing us all to stay away from personal attacks and what keeps our eye 'off the ball'. Unfortunately, he, Walter and Clive need to take that same advise.
"...We need to stay focused on what matters..... safer neighborhoods, cleaner streets and better schools...."
Since I have met Worc. City Councillor Michael Gaffney in 2014 I have seen nothing but his efforts to hold City Council responsible to the people. His efforts to expose crime in our schools, expose the over-taxation, the trash and decay in our inner city neighborhoods, exposing his detractors publicly are everything I want in a Leader.

Voltaire was right.. And yes, it WAS Voltaire...


.... And That Is The Diatribe....