Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Agenda Driven Policies of Tolerance and Understanding --Part IV, Oxymoron's of Liberalism

    " Are they oblivious to this quality. An Equality.. Of life unique to every city street.."
    Rush The Camera Eye, Moving Pictures Album 1981

    ".. A kid I was when I first left home.. Looking for my freedom and a life of my own.. But the freedom that I found wasn't quite as sweet and the truth was known.. I have prayed for America.. I was made for America.. I can't let go till She comes around.. Till the Land of the Free. Is awake and can see.. Until Her Conscience has been found.."

    Jackson Browne For America, Lives In The Balance Album 1986

    Racism is a completely made up human-centric notion. The term 'racist' was first coined by the Russian revolutionary Ivan Trotsky. During the Bolshevik Revolution entire tribes in central and southern Siberia refused to adopt the Communist Manifesto. Trotsky's original use of the term was to imply how these tribes cling to their culture and way of life and are unwilling to change. Oddly enough almost 100 years later a Presidential Candidate would refer to segments of American society clinging to their way of life. Are you seeing the Oxymoron here?
    What we should be focusing on is hatred and violence. Hatred and violence is what drives Islam. Hatred and violence drives the racial agendas of today. Not one single bit of either of these movements are interested in equality, harmony or peaceful co-existence. It is always about power. The NAACP is demanding that monuments be torn down. They are demanding graves be dug up. What we are going to do with those remains is still unclear.. Just as the Taliban and ISIS are blowing up ancient artifacts, so too are these special interest groups simply for their own self centered hatred to anything that is different from them. Are you seeing the Oxymoron's here?
    Did Al Sharpton show up after the church shooting in South Carolina? No, he did not. Why? Because God showed up.. Those people, and hundreds more, came out to join together and worship forgiveness over angst. Had this devolved into rioting.. Al would be front and center on PMNSBC.

    It has become so clear that the Emperor is naked.. What is sad is that it took deaths to wake us up with a tire iron.. It was fifteen minutes for The White House to emblazon 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in rainbow after the SCJ decision on gay marriage.. But, over a week to decide they should lower flags to half staff after the Chattanooga Recruiter Center shooting.
    We are staring straight into the face of The Oxymoron's of Liberalism.
    Liberalism is suppose to be about tolerance, freedom, understanding, equal voices.. It is anything but! It is an Agenda Driven Policy.
    Leftists are more obliged to allow a statue of Molech than to allow one piece of Judaeo-Christian Law to remain on any state House lawn.

    In a piece I wrote some time ago 'The Personification of Evil' I spelled out how all of this is intentional. It follows a plan. It IS an Agenda Driven Policy. If I may depart from this dialogue to introduce a similar point..
   The current Iran Deal.
    At the various Congressional and Senatorial Hearings neither of the idiots who signed this deal can explain the deal. None of them have read it. But, that does not matter; as long as you foment and promote the policies of changing this country fundamentally and forever. It no longer matters to Liberals what the language is, as.long as it falls within the parameters of the driven policy.
    No longer do we negotiate from a position of strength. We negotiate for negotiating's sake. We desire to become more like every one else. In the process we lose our sovereignty and we lose our muscle. If we cannot stand up to The Personifications of Evil in the world? Why bother here at home?
    From this point forward we will look away at the atrocities and Black Shirts. Quietly we will "tisk-tisk" and hope that knock does not come to OUR door.

    But, it will.. It always does.

....And That Is The Diatribe...

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  1. Very well written. I would add that the Agenda is more like a religion. It has tenets that are blindly accepted. That is why it is never questioned from within. We all knew Jim Bakker was a charlatan, but we were on the outside. Those on the inside did not question the Pastor because they thought they were fighting the good fight and people from the outside "didn't understand" them or their leader. We are not smart enough to understand Barack Obama or the NWO. We don't see the nuance and the benefits. We look at how the sausage is being made and we are shouting, trying to be heard above the strains of Jimmy Kimmel and Jon Stewart but our shouts are just noise to them. We are like spoiled smart alecks who have questions that are ignored. Jesse Waters went to San Francisco to ask the Chinese government there why they don't seem to mind that aliens are allowed to kill without any consideration of policy or the victim's humanity. The mindset is generations in lockstep now. It's so entrenched and mollified that you would need an earthquake of California proportions to shake it loose. I've been using the term group think, but it's gone beyond a clinical definition. It's more like world think. Think like us, don't ponder, and it will all work out fine. Good enough has become the new American Exceptionalism. And the masses are happy with good enough. Don't rock the boat. Don't even ask questions. And have a defense ready if someone does. Fox news isn't REAL news. Real news would never dare ask these questions. Real news would help further our goals and spread the good news to the masses. See how this goes back to the Jim Bakker analogy? The gospel according to the NWO is being preached louder and more effectively than any opposing views. There really should be a separation from the religion of the state and not the religion that used to define the state's role. But the only people who can stop this are people who have been convinced by the state that they are vastly outnumbered and that their views belong in a museum, or better still, erased altogether.