Thursday, January 14, 2016

Losing The Dooki-Dance (Again) In 2016


Interestingly, many people have both good and bad opinions of every Republican Candidate on the roster for 2016. This is normal and healthy for our Republic. What is disturbing is the fact that who ever makes the final leg will instantly lose about 90% of all the supporters of the guys/gals who didn't make it.. Hey, I want unicorn farts and lollipops too but the reality is that Romney lost because of the very thing I just described and we run the risk of repeating it again in 2016.

     The Primaries are there to sort it all out so, participate. When we reach Convention time just fucking get on board with the nominee and quit yer bitchin!

     I am a Dummett, Trump, Cruz guy.. Still have not made up my mind but I sure as hell AM NOT voting Communist in November because if we elect any of those idiots there WILL NOT be another election. The final Socialist nail is being driven into America's coffin. Lets get our shit together and drive a wedge up in there to stop it regardless of who the Republican Nominee is.. Hell, that boot wearing wizard guy would be better than Hitlery or Col. Sanders any day..

     The establishment is doing it’s damnedest to destroy Donald Trump. From Confederate Flag turncoat Nicki Haley and her op-ed after the SOTU, she is such a shill for the GOP she wreaks of it. I could smell elephant meat through the TV the other night. These are the people we should be worrying about. They will fuck this election up and not think twice. They will go back to their fiefdoms at six figures a year until the next cycle comes around.

    And come around it will in the Congressional/Senatorial races. I have been interviewing candidates since 2008. I see the same old bullshit every cycle. Even now, there is a thread going around Social Media that the Mass GOP has decided to no longer support women’s GOP groups in the state.. Really? These dim bulbs ACTUALLY think this is a good idea! Can you imagine being a fly on the wall at that meeting?

“Bob? Sue? Mark? Are we all on board with this?”
“Yes Mr./Mrs. Chairman. Time to put it to a vote..”.... Yay! Democracy in action!

    I cannot wait to ask my good friends Bonnie Johnson, Carmen Camona, Jackie Kostas who are running and have run for various Republican offices this very question. This kabuki theater is nothing new in GOP Mass politics. The Mark Fisher debacle, the Mass Rep. Assembly debacle, me getting tossed out (twice) from Charlie Baker events even though Meat And Potatoes was invited.. I still get invitations from his team!

    No one is at the helm. And if there is? They need a serious enema and a slap.

    The rise of the Independent Candidate is no longer on the rise.. It is front and center and the only weapon the GOP has is to dismiss and denigrate. Internet and Social Media is winning the ‘awareness war’ at least. People no longer listen to the crap these people spew. Have any of them thought that maybe, just maybe this DOESN’T mean the end of GOP politics as they have grown comfortably numb in? Perhaps (if they get their heads out of their asses) they could find their power rising if they get with the outside candidate. They might even affect real change from their newly found and solidified position.

    Unfortunately, I fear this will not come to pass in 2016. The only ‘solidified’ position they will assume is that of stinking turds left on a city sidewalk and the candidates who selflessly put their necks out to run for something will have to walk this gauntlet. This is why politics stinks. Not because it sucks to go through the process but because you end up with excrement all over you by the time you reach the finish line.
    And there, at the end stands the Establishment with a cold garden hose waiting to hose you off as you enter the next phase of the dooki-dance.. Actually taking office..
.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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