Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gordo And His Commie Crew At Kelly Square


    I had the opportunity to be present at Gordon Davis' annual protest to Kelly Square. I say annual because it looks as if he is going to repeat this in celebration to the arrests made last year when his illustrious band blocked traffic. I guess expecting traffic to flow through one of the countries most dangerous intersections is racist.

    "Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! These racist cops have got to go!" Even Bernie Sanders said in the debate last week that cops should look like the community they police. That's a tall order. This town has a lot of ethnicities. Might as well just call in the UN.
    But, I think Petty, Economou, Riveira and Lukes have that covered. We could station all the police who think that their oath to office 'has no bearing' around the City Hall area. My only beef with the Worcester Police is that they don't show up when you call them. Well, they do, an hour later.

    What astounds me is that a group of Ultra-Left avowed Communists get as much attention in the local Press as they do. Mass Live was there. Diane Williamson from T+G was there.  I think two photographers from Worcester Mag were there as well. Interestingly so was Sonja Connor. She was the woman last year at the forums for Bias and Race who spoke to the audience about not including the Press so that they could create a 'safe space'. Seems she ate all the coverage up this time around.
    Ahhh Liberals, always picking and choosing the rules that apply, when they apply, how they apply.

    I attended this protest with a member of our local Worcester Tea Party. We had hoped to pass out some flyers to our next event but Gordon would have none of that. His conviction that 'we' are the problem is a tough nut to crack.
    Gordon is a funny guy.. See, he has NEVER attended a Tea Party rally, event or a simple meeting yet assured myself and my collegue he knows what we are all about. Whereas we have attended more than a few of his rallies and we can clearly SEE what his group is all about. I even have it on film!
    What makes Gordon even funnier is that (since we have been to his rallies) he still can't remember who the hell we are! My collegue introduced himself, I introduced myself ( both of us reminding him of the few times we met before). Gordon stared at us like  like we had six heads.
     Maybe you  should keep it down to a couple of joints while hanging at the Mosaic Center there Gordo.. Just a thought bro..

    Speaking of Mosaic. I ran into another collegue of mine last week who has been down there. I asked him what that place was all about. He told me all they do is hang out and get high. There is no cultural center, as was the front. It is a hang out where they get stoned and plan the Communist overthrow of Worcester. Now, I can't confirm this but when the City refuses to have the place audited, claims that Mike Gaffney is racist because he suggested it be audited and an eye witness tells me what ACTUALLY goes on in there. It definitely makes one scratch their head.

    More Oxymorons of Gordo and Crew include these gems; My collegue wanted to pass out some flyers and try to get some of these people to attend our Jan 28th event with Political Scientist  Professor Cunningham of UMass Boston. Gordo did not want us passing out flyers. Fair enough until we reached Kelly Square and Sonja Connor got hold of the megaphone and decried the acts of the Worcester Police who arrested a man at Quinsig. College for.... Passing out flyers..
    I know! You really CAN'T wrap your head around it can you.

    They were very proud to invoke the name of Dr. King and how he would have wanted them to speak out about injustice. True, but I doubt Dr. King would uphold their tenets of Socialism because, you see, Dr. King was neither a Socialist, Republican or Democrat but I didn't have the heart to burst their little Commie balloon on such a happy occasion.

    Among the speeches were the usual rants of tearing down businesses while at the same time demanding $15.00/ hr. Where these businesses are going to come from that pay this after they tear them all down is any one's guess. They also want to tax these businesses at the Bernie rate of 90%.
    I know...
    Among the chants as they headed back to their rally point was that if they don't get what they want they will shut it down.
    So, like petulant children they will have temper tantrums if mommy doesn't buy them that shiny new toy.

    And who is going to supply all these gifts if everything is shut down?
    The government will because all this amounts to is a total take over by government of everything.   Strangley enough none of them is able to answer the big question. Once these people attain what they desire what happens to all those who disagree with them and want to form a group and protest?
    We have history and countless mass grave sites to give us that answer.

....And That Is The Diatribe....


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