Thursday, March 3, 2016

Child Trafficking in Worcester Courts

How many times must we hear these stories? Every family involved with Child Protective Services has them! I have been reporting on this since 2008! How many times before our elected take action and shut down this (codified in Law) child trafficking industry?
    Who are these people? Why is it that 'hear-say' is allowed in Family Court but is summarily rejected in Criminal Court? Are their two standards of Jurist Prudence? Apparently their is.
    On Thursday afternoon March 3rd, there was a stand out in front of Worcester Court on 200 Main St. Two women with nothing left to lose (because they have lost their children) stood out and made people aware of a systematic abduction of children perpetrated by our own Government. A system of money for adoption, Foster-Care passed into Law during the Clinton Administration.
     After all, It Takes A Village, doesn't it? The numbers can be viewed on the Social Security web page  . Anywhere from 5 to 10 Thousand Dollars for children taken from families. Recently fired Melissa Harris Perry from PMSNBC said last year that we need to let go of our collective idea that our children belong to us.
    The media lexicon, and our current Democrat Presidential front runner's own words are now paramount regarding this issue. The State needs to take a primary role in raising our children.
    Who are these people?
    As I have written before in this blog site, Domestic Violence and reported Child Abuse has fallen since 2000 by over 60%. This is good! However, at the same time arrests for such crimes have increased almost as much. How do we account for this? The answer is simple. It is because the level of 'preponderance of evidence' is so low in Family Court and Social Services that you could get up from this article right now and call the 1-800 number and snitch on your BFF. Sounds crazy, right?...
......Happens everyday....

    This brings us to where we are now. The fact that Domestic Violence and Child Abuse has dropped so much is a result of awareness and laws doing what it is supposed to do. But don't let a successful government program get in the way of expanding itself.. Au-Contraire' mon Ami! Don't ever let a crisis go to waste.
    Let's invent the numbers.
    Let's get Doctors involved, Schools involved, YMCA involved.. Make every one a 'Mandated Reporter'. And if that fails?  America, you are FUCKED!  Seriously!!.. It is THAT SIMPLE.. This is the story I hear over and over again on my show when I interview these parents.
    It is always a dumb-ass loser who calls the Hotline. Does CPS take into account that this caller is an idiot? NO! Do they take into account the caller has a criminal record? NO! And, when they place the child, do they take into account any past records?..............
     Follow the money. Look up St. Rep. Nancy Shaefer from Georgia who was about to expose this then (sudendly) wound up dead in an apparent murder/suicide with her husband.
    In the UK, a law was passed to fund Social Workers to every family. It exempted Muslims because... That would be racist and 'profiling'. Sooo... Profiling Natural Born Citizens is NOT 'profiling'?
    Well, what is the monnicker of Child Protective Services?.. "We don't need no stinkin warrant..."


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  2. If we all as Americans do not take a stand against this corrupt system, our children will have no chance in as Americans. The children are the future, the government is making sure to destroy a constitutional America.
    DCF and Family Court is in major need of reform. Stand up and take action America

  3. I would like to correct the record. The story about N Schaffer is unconfirmed. I believe it scares people. Each person must adjudicate against cps. I can write claims templates for us all to file.