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Agenda Driven Policies of Tolerance and Understanding -- Part II, Neurotica.

    " If a majority can exclude the whole or a part of the minority because it deems the political views entertained by them hurtful, then free government is at an end.."

    Charles Evans Hughes, Sect of State, Chief Justice 1920

    " Ah! Men of faction! Friends of anarchy! Enemies and willful perverters of the Federal Government! How noisy in clamor and abuse, how weak in reason and judgment, appear all your arguments.."

    Kentucky Senator Humphrey Marshall 1795

    " No man's ambition has a right to stand in the way of performing a simple act of justice.."

    Illinois Governor John Peter Altgeld 1886

    Wherever there is an act of injustice anywhere in America it affects all of us as a free people. Not just the act itself but the ramifications of such an act. It is never enough to correct the mistake, make amends and mind never to repeat it ever again. No, this nation morphs into a neurotic catharsis and fires up the  'ban everything' bus for a coast to coast tour. Like the Taliban who have destroyed ancient artifacts because of a delusional imagined sense of outrage so too are we as we remove artifacts and symbols of our past. Facts play no part in these determinations.
    People will believe anything you tell them if there is some officiousness draped over it.
    South Carolina's Legislature and Governor boarded the bus and removed a piece of Southern heritage based on false and invented information. They licked their fingers and held them up to measure the current direction of the political winds. Sure, the shooter was a racist. He was also mentally ill and had been on SSRI drugs for years.
    Did any one mention that?
    Ill wait while you look for it..

    It is a form of neurosis. But it is purposeful. Never let a crisis go to waste.

    I have had the opportunity to attend and film some of the Dialogues on Bias and Race here in Worcester Mass. I did this for a number of reasons, but primarily, I was interested in seeing how this multi-week seminar would be handled and I wanted to experience what real bias looked like.
    I was NOT disappointed.
    To summate the entire expose'.. Everything is the fault of white males and white male privilege.

    As I wrote in the blog post 'Better Government'  it seemed that no one from any level of media was welcomed.

    That was not the half of it. The 'groups' people were assigned to were as much unwelcoming to Press or a difference of opinion. I decided to put my neck out there and challenge the perception of bias as described in those dreaded 'handouts'.
    Two times, in two groups over two occasions I was disregarded and spoken harshly to about my opinion and temerity to challenge the prescribed paradigm. It had occurred to me that tolerance is not always tolerant.
    When Obama spoke about a certain segment ".. clinging to their guns and religion.." he was being bigoted. Obama is a bigot. He had no problem what so ever sending guns to The Muslim Brotherhood but sees 2nd Amendment supporters (and Christians) as intolerant. You see, it all has to fit a narrative. We are not talking about racism as a national dilemma we are talking about individuals. Progressives can never erase racism from the mind of the individual unless they take control of the future individual. If history is erased or revised based upon an agenda driven policy then the driven policy becomes the norm for future generations.
    In an evolutionary sense Western Civilization adapts and assimilates all races over time. Barriers dissolve away as we become a more enlightened society.However, there are two caveats that toss this idea into the bin.
    The first is; does that race want to be assimilated? One of the great American success stories is how immigrants came here (with all the racism) assimilated into becoming Americans. Our culture is full of multi-ethnic traditions that have become part of our national lexicon. The term 'melting pot' has real teeth and it makes America what it is today.
    The second is institutionalized equality. Forced acceptance via legislation. People are forced under penalty of law to accept something (some one) they might not agree with. Multi-Culturalism is an off-shoot of this concept. The Civil Rights Movement (while historical) only forced Southern states to comply with Federal Law. It still took decades for the barriers to dissolve away, decades before the lynching stopped, job equality, integration. What few historians are willing to speak about is that the trend was already underway since the 1950's organically.

    However today, we have been revisited by the same forced legislation only now it imposes a form of discrimination to individual opinion and thought. I could write an entire blog on the dissolution of States Rights but suffice to say, since that trend, it matters not what the Federal Government does today with the help of agenda drivers. As I said before, cities, counties and whole states are boarding the 'ban everything' bus as well.
     It truly is neurotic.

    So what will we gain from all of this? Will we be a more homogeneous society? Quite the opposite. We will be a divided society of enclaves. Enclave social stratas exude racism towards the other enclave; a form of 21st Century Tribalism. Just look at any ethnic cleansing since the break up of the Soviet Union. Multi -Culturalism is the polar opposite of assimilation.
    In fact, Multi-Culturalism is designed to root away natural assimilation. Assimilation breeds individualism. A black man in the ghetto chooses to get out and make a better life for himself. An Islamic girl chooses to remove her hijab while out with her American friends. A person chooses to be gay. By keeping society divided it becomes easier to control. And after all, isn't control the main pillar of Liberalism?
   Control now extends to (formally) public events and public hearings. Town meetings are routinely closed to the public, cameras are banned, reporters banned and those few venues that are still open to the public won't waste a New York minute tossing your ass out if you dare to question any of the Council people. The behavior of the San Francisco Council during an impromptu FOX interview illustrates the level of petulance we are talking about.
    It is as if the use of hatred and intolerance is perfectly acceptable in combating hatred and intolerance. It is not. It is not acceptable at all and we have little oversight to curb the abuses. This vacancy of oversight allows agenda drivers to run rampant. The Worcester City Council shrugged off a  request to overturn the NDAA rules within the city last year. Despite protests and attempts to bring it back into session the City then ordered itself to ban any and all discussion of the issue because it does not pertain to a certain rule covering city business. No one is allowed to bring it to the floor, no one is allowed to introduce it from the audience.

 Several months later they were practically falling over themselves as they announced an official Armenian Day. The City Council cited the past abuses of the Turks and an intolerance of the world's collective governments in halting a genocide.
    What the hell does an event from 100+ years ago half a world away have to do with city business? Wouldn't the arrest and detaining of the city's citizens without trial be more salient to the city? Not if you are driving an agenda.

    In John Kennedy's Profiles in Courage he states in the last chapter, "... For Democracy means more than popular government and majority rule, much more than a system of political techniques to flatter or deceive powerful blocks of voters. A Democracy that has no.. monuments of individual conscience in a sea of popular rule- is not worthy to bear the name.."

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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