Monday, July 20, 2015

Agenda Driven Policies of Tolerance and Understanding- Part III, Demands and Ultimatums

    " I am here at the podium talking. The ceremonial offerings of urban dysfunctional offspring. What's happening? City governments are eternally napping, trapped in greedy covenants, causing urban collapse.."

    Linkin Park Forgotten, Reanimation Album

    " But, today's Progressives have added a second element... a scorched Earth policy towards the accuser accompanied by vicious intolerance. Add a complicit  media and there you have it: A lethal cocktail of venomous Progressivism."

   Former MD Gov. Robert Ehrlich  America Hope for Change 2013

    Cogent statements are racist.
    Historical facts and referencing those facts are racist.
    Any opinion counter to the manufactured and politically sanctioned opinion is racist.
    Gun owners are murdering racist
    I am a racist.
    You reading this are a racist.

    You need to be arrested, tried for hate crimes and imprisoned.

    Once you get a hold of young people you have changed the course of the argument for the next hundred years or more. As I said in Part I assimilation breeds individuality. People choose to break free and set out to find a better life for themselves. Removing individuality and replacing it with a collectivist mentality is the wheel. You cannot indoctrinate an entire nation unless you change the thinking of the youth. Destroying the past is just another cog in that wheel. The Holy Grail, the gearing system is in the youth of a nation, As the video explains above it only takes one generation. Ronald Reagan said we are always one generation away from losing our great Republic.
     We have advanced several generations under Liberal controlled, government controlled education.
    If you take a page from Saul Alinsky we are now in the phase of militancy. We 'enforce' the new dogmas, we order those hold out states to comply, we 'empower' law enforcement to carry out arrests. We turn the other way as vigilante mobs run wild.

    Hitler,  Mussolini and Mao had their vigilante groups who roamed the streets beating any one they deemed not in compliance and so does this new movement. While the vast majority of these attacks seem random (though still racially based) they are fast becoming organized and concerted. They purposely seek out whites
    You can Youtube these videos and the page lights up. However, Youtube any video of white gangs attacking black individuals, or families and Youtube defaults back to 'black gangs attacking whites'. In other words, they don't exist. In fact, one needs to narrow down the search to Aryans, or the KKK. Even still, the results are dated and are mostly documentary type videos. Social Media is chock full of black on white violence and almost every day a new one is posted somewhere from somewhere.
    Oddly enough, what few Liberals understand is that it will only be a matter of time before they come for you as well. Besmenov explains in the first video how even a Jane Fonda will be crushed under the yoke of Communism. It will only be a matter of time before militant blacks come for your black neighbor, your black doctor, your black police chief because they are no longer useful.
    But first they will come for the anti American whites; the college professor who once attended Black Panther meetings, the radical white Occupiers, most, if not all white Democrats. They will no longer serve any purpose. The history of totalitarian regimes runs this inevitable course time and time again.
    It has already started. The first phase is to 'identify' who the troublemakers are.

    It has even happened in our own back yard.
    I have been attending the various Dialogues on Bias and Race. On the final evening of the meetings July 13th at the DCU Center the entire Agenda Driven Policy was exposed. In cahoots with the Mayor's office, the Mass Attorney General's office and the DOJ the evening was spent lambasting and demanding the shuttering of one of Worcester's premier blog sites. In the name of tolerance they have chosen militant intolerance in promoting equality and justice... Well, for them only.
    Apparently a different viewpoint on an issue has no place as we enter the militancy phase of this new Orwellian America.

    The best part was Joyce McNickles and her rant on "white people".. Way to go with that tolerance and understanding Joyce. Much like Sonia Conner at the first event at Quinsig where she gave M&P the hairy eyeball then took to the podium to tell the audience that the Press should not be allowed at these events. After I placed a call to the media director at City Hall and asked him who the hell this broad thinks she is.. Press were more than welcomed. Sonia never appeared at the other venues. A true Drive-by Liberal in the Rush Limbaugh sense.
     Below is my film piece that I loaded up to my Youtube Channel. Joyce McNickles' wonderfully accepted statements can be heard at the 44:30 mark. Unfortunately.. None of these people know how to speak publicly, or 'into' a microphone so the audio is very muted and I apologize for that.

    This entire event was a travesty. If there could be a greatest hits concert of standard talking points on race then you all missed the show.  Don't worry, you didn't miss much. Wite people are racists, Wanda Alvarado whined about Turtleboy's blog and demanded his site be shut down in the name of free speech (hey, only in a Lib-tard's mind does that make sense).

     The demands have been made, the Ultimatums set down in order to Drive The Agenda of Tolerance and Understanding.

.... And That Is The Diatribe....


  1. I would have to say that I agree with everything here. I used to live in Lexington which is the bell of the beast. I grew up with someone by the name of Barbara Drainoni who still lives there. She found me on FB and friended me. I reluctantly accepted the request. This is the week "gay" marriage was legalized. I warned her that I posted a lot of political stuff. She made a really poor argument about "wanting other people to be happy" in reference to the gay stuff. I told her flatly that I disagreed with the premise of destroying an institution that promotes family and stability. He posts were about sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. She was initially very flirty and likely expected me to leave my family and meet up with my former 8 year old sweetheart. Needless to say I did not take the bait. In addition she happens to be a very unattractive woman. I noticed one day she wasn't showing up on my chat screen and voila!...she unfriended me. The hard truths of today's world are lost on a generation of women who feast on Dance Moms and Ellen DeGeneres. I'm not sure there is any hope for the country as we Balkinize by race, sex, gender, ethnicity and culture. There is no 1975 America anymore. Our expiration date was finalized when Obama was elected for the 2nd time. The GOP failed to realize the urgency of our time and mailed in a candidate that was uninspired and flawed. I think states need to get out of the Union and be their own countries. Texas, Florida, Montana just to name a few. The end is near and that ain't no joke.

    1. My great thanks.. Find more related topics and post on the show pages.. Part IV is in rough outline now..