Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Agenda Driven Policies of Tolerance and Understanding -- Part I

    "... we have accepted the Russian idea of the purpose of.. government policy and not justice. By clothing policy in the forms of legal procedure we may disregard the whole idea of justice for... years to come... We cannot teach... government by suppressing Liberty and justice.... the English speaking peoples have one great responsibility: That is to restore to the minds of men a devotion to equal justice under the law."
    " Liberalism implies particularly freedom of thought, freedom from orthodox dogma, the right of others to think differently from one's self. It implies a free mind, open to new ideas and willing to give attentive consideration."
    " When I say Liberty, I mean Liberty of the individual to think his own thoughts and live his own life as he desires to think and live..."

    The late Republican Senator Robert A. Taft, son of President William Howard Taft.

    " This is Home... This is Mean Street.. Turns you from hunted into hunter.. Gonna hunt somebody down.. "

    Van Halen

    Freedom is a dangerous thing. It is suppose to be. It neither judges, denies, accepts, grants, forgives or  accuses. It is almost like an element on the Periodic Table. It just is. As Senator Taft has said, it demands great responsibility from all of us. It requires a level of tolerance as well for we (as free people) must recognize other's interpretation of their freedoms.
    Government policy and groupthink dogma are counter intuitive to our Western idea of freedom. Liberalism seems to be the main driver of such dogmas post Taft. Liberalism today is nothing more than an instituted policy of control. It disguises itself in the forms of safety, awareness, re-education and demands compliance to it's own ideology. Failure to do so can result in fines and/or imprisonment.
    This is hardly the 'Liberalism' Taft was referring to.

    What results from such a demand is a form of institutionalized intolerance. Not 'racism' in the invented sense of the word but intolerance. Intolerance of anything counter to the  "orthodox dogma" that Taft spoke of.. It becomes perfectly fine to deny and denigrate a religion, political ideology, way of life and culture in order to advance a set wrote of ideologies, ways of life and religion completely made up by policy makers.
    These 'policy makers' can be bureaucracies, political parties, civil rights groups, unions, schools and a laundry list of advocacies. In fact, they can be anyone or anything that pushes to enforce any type of self righteous agenda. Many times these things begin simply because some one doesn't 'like something' other people are doing. Language becomes specifically tailored to promote that agenda. Words are carefully chosen to generalize the agenda while never really explaining the purpose of the agenda for if we were to understand the purpose of the agenda no one would sign up for it in the first place.
    Where agenda driven policies become irrational is when the line is crossed to include inanimate objects as examples. The recent Confederate Flag insanity is a perfect analogy. It becomes perfectly fine to hold up the Confederate Flag as an example of intolerance and completely disregard a private citizen's right to fly that flag. In fact, agenda driven policy outlaws it.. Defacto 'intolerance'.. Institutionalized intolerance. Legally binding intolerance.
    It becomes perfectly fine to educate our children on the joys of Islam but any discussion of Christianity in public schools is strictly forbidden under legal statutes. Use of the word 'nigger' is abhorred in our society yet gansta-rap is rife with it and it makes billions in revenue. The use of the word has become a euphemism for fellow gang members in the inner city.
    It is what I call , Selective Outrage.
    Instead of in tolerating ALL forms of intolerance these 'groups' have managed to compart-mentalize who, how and when it is ok. In other words, control.

    This allows the elbow room to pick and choose one's position on an issue and adjust accordingly as the political winds shift. It also allows various groups pushing their agendas to create the dogma necessary to implement their agenda through legislation.
    And it doesn't stop at legislation alone. The will of the majority of people can be completely disregarded through the Supreme Court. The use of 'end runs' around Congress are a common tactic. The referendums on Gay marriage in Massachusetts and California (two uber-Leftist states) were overwhelmingly voted down by a huge majority of voters yet the LGBT Alliance took their agenda directly to the Supreme Courts of those states.
    Oddly enough, Leftists completely deny that we are A Constitutional Republic where the rights of the individual are sacrosanct. They insist we are a Democracy where majority rule is the rule of law.
.... Well, only when it suits their purpose. Agenda driven policy makers are always picking and choosing, always compart-mentalizing, always selecting their outrage.

    Upon becoming law these agenda driven policies never stop there. It is never about equality. It is never about parity. It is about power. There is always 'the next step'.
    A good analogy would be what happened in Texas to a pig farmer upon realizing an Islamic group bought the property next to his and erected a Mosque and Islamic Center. Never mind that the pig farmer was there first, never mind that the farm was handed down to him by his father. The onerous was immediately put upon the pig farmer to 'tolerate' Islam and shut down his farm.. He refused. It became the farmer's fault. He was intolerant, he was racist.
    Soon, the Islamic Center grew regardless. The man's farm has been vandalized, his family threatened. All of this from a religion that purports itself to be 'tolerant' and 'peaceful'. All, also, from the very government that is tasked with protecting the farmer's rights, especially his 'property rights'.
    In many states Christian bakers and caterers have been purposely targeted by Gay and Lesbian groups. States have now enacted laws that punish these establishments. Legally binding intolerance.
    The concept never once occurs to these groups (nor the politicians) that these groups go elsewhere to conduct their business. I am sure there are plenty of LGBT owned bakeries all over America. I am sure Texas is big enough that Muslims can find plenty of open space to build another Islamburg or Dearbornistan. But, that never becomes the discussion.
    Intolerance gets turned on it's head.
     No one is forcing Islamic bakeries to bake Gay wedding cakes; that would be intolerant and disrespectful of their religion.
    These groups specifically target these establishments and people. Bill Maher has even labeled this "The Gay Mafia". And they have politicians in their pockets, the courts purposely mis-interpreting the Constitution and the protection of individual rights. They are using intolerance and misunderstanding for their own agenda driven policy of tolerance and understanding.

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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