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The Personification of Evil- Part V, The Moral Collapse

    " Tolerating a true yet preventable evil renders one either a masochist or a doormat." Columnist Selwyn Duke.

    " It is regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes." Andrew Jackson 1832

    " I remain and always will remain and immoralist!" John Maynard Keynes, British Economist.

    Keynes was amazing! Simply amazing! He cared less about what society thought of him then and even less about what the future would remember him as. He took a half baked and nonsensical idea about economics and sold it to a bunch of bankers in early 20th century Britain. Both he and the bankers who bought it knew the idea was a bunch of horse shit yet here we are in 2014 and the world's entire economy is based on Keynesian economic theory. Almost 100 years after Keynesian theory hit the coal soot covered streets of London we still have rat hole countries struggling for the most basic of resources, food, water, representative government, simple rights to be left alone and some hope for their children's future. Meanwhile a select few are so wealthy from Keynes manipulative ideas that our sun will go supernova before the bastards run out of money.
    This is the Personification of Evil.
    Entire generations have been born, lived, loved, married, birthed children and have died under a complete economic lie. Hundreds of millions have died in wars caused by Keynesian economics and  will continue to do so far into the future. Even Hitler is scratching his head in hell saying... "well done!"
    In the new book "Free Prices Now" author Hunter Lewis said that Keynes not only mistrusted average people from running their own affairs he actually developed policies for governments to
 ".. resort to a bit of seduction and mendacity to achieve necessary ends..". Simple open markets and competitive economics has no place in the real world. Lewis points out that Keynes knew and proposed that price fixing would control the ebb and flow of economic downturns and slow any potential growth that would lead to a rise in standards of living. It also ensured that the chosen few would be the beneficiaries regardless of which way the financial winds blew.
    It allows people like Hiawatha Warren to claim the mantle of fighting for economic justice while lying her way into Harvard and getting paid $300,000 + a year. Then paying off any one she can to get elected to the Senate and continue to sign her name to crony capitalist legislation. Considering the dull witted Massachusetts Democratic voter her political future looks so bright she is investing in the Oakley Sunglasses company. It also allows Senators Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Ben Cardin of Maryland to look right into a camera (completely stone faced serious) and claim that Federal workers need to be paid MORE money.
    Schatz complained that “too often, public servants are disparaged and denigrated,”
    “Hardworking federal employees did not cause our fiscal crises, nor did they contribute to the legislative gridlock, but time and again they have been asked to pay the heaviest price toward a resolution, Senator Cardin said. Cardin said that these “public servants” have been struggling to get by and “deserve recognition and thanks for their hard work and dedication.”
    I agree! Ever try to rent a walk up on K Street? Its brutal, man!

    In 1833 President Andrew Jackson was locked in a knock down drag out fight with the central bank of the time. The problem was only exacerbated when it became obvious that pulling the government deposits from the bank would ruin the economy of a young America. It would also create doubts in the minds of foreign powers as to the stability of the American dollar. Jackson was appalled to see that (already) the dependency of the states to federal loans were inextricably linked. This completely flew in the face of state's rights, state sovereignty and the Constitution itself.  Even in 1787 Jefferson said that a central bank outside the watchful eye of Congress would ".. enter a boundless field where no susceptible definition of the Constitution would apply.."
    In Jackson's America, 50 years later,  our government was already lost in that  ".. boundless field". Jackson wanted to deposit the federal monies into the states thus strengthening the individual states economically. Although Congress held the reigns of spending Jackson argued this on a moral issue based on the contract between the elected and their constituents;
    " Each public officer who takes an oath to support the Constitution swears that he will support it as he understands it, and not as it is understood by others.." In other words you are tasked by the citizens to do what is morally right and not what is politically expedient and beneficial to yourself.
    But morality can be turned on it's head; to be decided by others.
    This is the Personification of Evil.

    A shocking trend winding it's way through the heartland is the growing attack on Christian values and Conservative moral thinking. In California the Supreme Court Advisory Committee, Code of Judicial Ethics just proposed that any one who was a former Boy Scout NOT be allowed on the bench.. Any bench. Catherine Short, legal director of Life Legal Defense Fund claims that the position of the BSA on homosexuality makes it "... an organization whose members must be assumed to be biased and unfit for the bench."
    Well, I am glad we have Cathy to make up our minds for us. For it is not up to US to decide our moral compass but to have OTHERS pointing us in the right direction. Certainly Liberals are not biased? After all, that is why they proposed such an idea, right?
    Oh, but it gets better America. Feel free to pour another drink at this point. You think I write this blog sober? I have to research this crap before writing it!

    In Sweden you can be denied employment if you are a known Conservative and profess Christian values. With the landmark proposal from the legal egg heads in California how long will it be before Americans are denied employment based on certain values and beliefs?
    Too late, already here.
    In 2013 Oregon Christians Aaron and Melissa Klein were forced to shut down their bakery because they refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. That same year in New Mexico Christians Elaine and Jonathan Huguenin, who declined a photography contract to a gay couple, were charged with violating the state's  Human Rights Act. Christian florist Baronelle Stutzman in Washington state was handed a lawsuit for the same refusal. Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was fired for donating $1000 of his own money to a Christian organization and Christian chef Jack Phillips was ordered to sell gay wedding cakes or face stiff fines from the state of Colorado. (Selwyn Duke, The New American, May 19th 2014)
    As I wrote in an earlier section of this expose' these people were purposely sought out, exposed and publicly pilloried by gay activists solely to promote their agenda. God knows there are probably more than enough bakery shops who would have been more than happy to oblige these groups but no. Why seek them out?
    Because it does not directly benefit the narcissistic personality disorder. By destroying some one's livelihood and promoting your agenda only then is a message sent to others to fall in line or face persecution. Leftist HBO hack Bill Maher  has even called this "being whacked by the homosexual mafia."
    This is the Personification of Evil.

    Selwyn Duke goes on to explain how tolerance evolves into acceptance. Once an intolerable thing is accepted it crawls out of the closet and the marketing campaign begins. I already told you how the schools are now gay indoctrination centers. Child Rights Activist Matthew Virgiin warns us of how homosexuality cannot sustain itself evolutionary-wise so it depends on recruitment of young minds. I suggested an air of pederasty in one of my interviews because of this bizarre concentration on teaching young children the joys of a gay lifestyle.
    It is intentional. Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci said that for Marxism to succeed in the West it was important to place like minded thinkers in areas of academia, media, entertainment and culture itself. He called this "The War of Position".
    As we descend down the steps into hell we cannot be comforted in the notion that we did our best to avert such a disaster. History stared us in the face as we turned away. Despite our technological achievements man is and will always be a clumsy and stupid animal easily lead by the forces of coercion and self preservation.
    The moral collapse is upon us. Keeping silent and doing as you are told has it's own special place in hell.
    This is the Personification of Evil.

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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