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The Personification Of Evil- Part III, Crimes, Criminals and Crazies

    "... Should the cupidity or the madness of the majority in Congress push them on to impose one unconstitutional burden after another... if the same causes exist in our Government which have overturned other Governments. What right have we to expect an exemption from the fatality of other nations?" Senator William Smith, South Carolina 1830

    "... But in a community so enlightened and patriotic as the people of The United States argument will soon make them sensible of their errors, and when convinced they will be ready to repair them... in time these characteristics must have an effect on their Representatives." Senator Edward Livingston, Louisiana 1830

    People who hold any position where they exert control over other people do not like to be challenged in that control. Citizens are routinely treated inhumanely by social workers, state hospital staff, regular hospital staff, school teachers and administrators, town clerks the list goes on and on. As I stated before the caring person IS the exception.
    It is possible that people are more jaded these days and expect to have to deal with unruly mobs as they work these positions. Certainly we can all agree some people are complete straight up dick heads but it doesn't excuse being treated like crap when you seek the services of some official. Where this becomes a problem is the fact that none of these people get suspended or fired. If you work for a private firm and treat a customer badly they show you the door. Even if some one commits a crime in government service they still end up with their pension.
    Questioning their ethics, challenging their policy is the surest way to get you arrested. What you will experience first is the strategic pre-positioning of law enforcement around you. This is a warning to you to leave the building immediately. Because they could care less about your complaint and will use the clubs on you without a second thought. This is policy.
    After sitting at U-Mass Med center for six hours waiting to be seen I finally got up to leave and asked to see a Supervisor ( I know, what was I thinking?) No one cared, One lady told me "This is an emergency room, other people have needs too, ya know!"
    " Do they have to wait six hours as well?" I pointed to 'the greeter' and said, ".. and you have seen me here all day waiting, I asked you twice to see  if I could be seen and you wandered off and filtered back to your desk and said nothing to me.."
    Security and police took up the stance of authority to my six, two and nine o'clock.
    "Have a nice day ,Sir!".. "Have a nice day!"

    I am currently working my way through a case in Worcester Court. I am constantly challenging findings and filing petitions and they don't like that. I constantly argue points with the state and demand to see documents. I am constantly gumming up their ability to levy a charge and they are all furious at me. Every time I appear I get to stand next to two bailiffs who constantly have one hand on the pepper spray can.
    My strategy must be working, The last two court hearings Judge Leary (literally) told my counsel to file for another date. In Leary's own words he told them, "I haven't got time for this one.."
    I am also working as a Republican Poll worker this September and will attend training sessions next month. I sat in on last week's RTC meeting and was entertained by the incredible stories of Democratic Candidates and Democratis poll workers blatantly violating election laws and getting away with it. Christopher Pinto who is a poll warden and producer of the cable show "Activate Worcester" told of how Democratic Candidates were walking around the halls Belmont Towers on election day 2012 knocking on doors and rounding up voters to register that day and vote downstairs in the lobby . This was a clear violation of the 150' of the building rule. When confronted the candidates began their standard tirade of racism. Police had to be called in and the incident was re-worked to claim bias and racism of Tea Party Activists...
    The rule is clear.. No candidates can interfere with the process of voting nor be within 150' of 'THE BUILDING' where polling takes place.
    This is all pure muscle flexing.  In not one of these examples did any of the individuals involved (except Pinto and myself) exercise restraint and thoughtfulness. They immediately positioned themselves into confrontation mode in order to exert power.
    This is mentally unstable behavior.
    In the documentary " A Case for Israel" Alan Dershowitz is confronted by an unruly mob outside a lecture hall demanding Palestinian rights. He engages one protestor in a thoughtful debate and seems to be making headway. Unfortunately because the rest of the protestors are Liberal plants they begin to get in Alan's face and shout slogans and chants. It becomes clear Dershowitz cannot continue talking and he leaves to go inside under a hail of insults and chants.
    This is mentally unstable behavior.
    Conservatives are regularly shouted down and even assaulted at colleges by mobs bussed in by Leftist groups. All of the protestors claim they are exercising FREE SPEECH!... Just not for the Conservative speaker.  These events become violent. The Occupy Movement was rife with violence. Every G20 meeting is met with anarchy and damage to local shops is in the billions of dollars every time.
    Again, this is mentally unstable behavior.
    This is the Personification of Evil.

    The mental instability is also found at our highest levels of government. As the Cornell U study points out; 1 in 10 people who seek positions of power are clinically insane. I have gathered together a photo album of some seriously scary pictures of our elected officials. If the eyes are the window to the soul we have some seriously crazy people as our representatives.


    Actually just type into 'Pictures of (insert any name)' As you look over their faces it becomes clear.

    Lois Lerner is a perfect example of the criminal element in our government. As Trey Gowdy gets his investigation underway it is becoming clear that many Democratic Senators and Congress people were also involved in targeting Tea Party groups. It would stand to reason. Since 2010 almost every seat across the Union is being challenged by a Tea Party candidate. This season, masterminds of the Left and Karl Rove on the Right have openly confessed to orchestrating a campaign to cut the Tea Party candidates out of the process.
    In Oregon candidate Mark Callahan always finds himself and other grass roots candidates left off the guest list at every debate venue. Despite his growing numbers and media sensation over the Wiiliamette Weekly scenario Mark has to fight tooth and nail every time a debate is scheduled. In Texas Col. Reid Reasor was pushed out by a Republican plant inserted into the campaign at zero hour to take votes away from the field of Tea Party candidates. This ensured John Cornyn as the preferred Republican nominee. Here in Massachusetts candidate for Governor Mark Fisher had to practically sue the Mass GOP in order to be on the ballot. The GOP has had to back pedal and spin like hell in order to save face in the media over that one.
    Who would want this? Who would orchestrate it? Why would they orchestrate it? Because it is a challenge to business as usual. Retaining power and that iron fist grip is all that matters. Holding up the tax status of Tea Party groups past the 2012 elections was strategic. It ensured a Democratic victory. Media plays a huge part in this as well. If it wasn't for internet shows like mine and others like mine, no one would have even heard of Mark Callahan or Reid Reasor or Jason Ravnsborg. I am sure it is only a matter of time before a concerted effort is made to squash internet radio and bloggers such as myself..
    ... Oh wait, there already is...
    Here is her testimony;

     This is The Personification of Evil.
    It is an evil that is concerted. It is an evil that is planned. It is an evil that goes through a committee, gets decided upon and gets implemented. Where are the individuals on that committee who speak up and say, ".. Are you sure you want to do this?"
    More than likely they are vetted out long before they get to even submit a resume'. Scarier still are the American people who nod approvingly and say to themselves; "... Well, something has to be done about this.."

    Then we have these idiots! This just opened a whole new vein in my investigation and research for this expose'.. Christ!.. It never ends!!

    This proves that mental disorder has permeated every facet of our ruling elite. If you read that link, this guy actually is convinced he has spoken to the Devil.
    This is the Personification of Evil

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