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The Personification Of Evil -Part IV, MK Ultra Mind F#*k.

    " An unjust crime not avenged is a sin before Heaven"  The 47 Ronin.

    " whenever the Legislators endeavor to take away, and destroy the Property of the People, or to reduce them to Slavery under Arbitrary Power, they put themselves into a state of War with the People, who are thereupon absolved from any farther Obedience." John Locke.


    The lack of desire to do anything definitive for the betterment of society, but rather impose a standard that promotes your cause and the like minded causes of your peers is a symptom of evil. The power to make life changing decisions that better society and better the lives of fellow citizens is at the disposal of the most powerful in office.  Too many times we see just the opposite.
    Instead of making the correct and compassionate decision on the Justina Pelletier case Governor Deval Patrick just passed off the whole mess to another Governor. Governor Molloy of Connecticut will allow this horrific treatment of an ill American Citizen to languish as well. Both Governors ignore the majority will of the people of their states. They claim to be following the majority will when it benefits donors, activists and the puppeteers who control the strings. They pander to special interests from outside the government as well as from within. Press coverage in the negative means nothing to them because it does not serve the function as explained by Dr. Haberman in the previous sections I have written.
    Doing the right thing is not only un popular it can be downright dangerous. Sometimes the price paid is in lives lost. At the least is a side show of selfishness from those who oppose doing the right thing.  Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin went through the political crucible when he dared to ask Union members to pay a modest 2-3% more towards their own pension and health care to help the state balance the budget. Do you remember the fall out from all of that? The state Capitol building suffered millions of dollars in damage from the bussed in protestors hired by Union officials. Police broke up fights and made arrests and Walker was forced to face a recall election orchestrated by those same Union groups.. Not the majority of Wisconsin residents, but a small group of well connected political hacks hell bent on destroying a state, destroying a Governorship and affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands who might see benefit cuts or termination of state services where they are needed most.
    The larger picture and their fellow man meant nothing to them. Selfishness, greed and an all out war to preserve the status of the elite was all that mattered. What was scarier still were the masses of mal informed people who were perfectly happy to side with the elites and the selfish. It boiled down to this. A Union official would not be able to buy the new boat he/she wanted for retirement, they would have to buy a used one. Cutting food stamps and state aid to inner city schools could solve the budget problem just as easily.
    Or, just raise taxes.. Massachusetts does it all the time.

    The petition drive I am proud to be a part of is centered around a nasty piece of legislation working it's way through Beacon Hill. It called The Automatic Gas Tax. Essentially, it works like this. The raising of the gasoline tax in Massachusetts is tied to The Consumer Price Index (inflation). Every time the price of milk or clothes or a set of tires goes up the gasoline tax will rise automatically with it.
     Only a truly warped mind could come up with this idea.
    It certainly will not affect the politicians who get free parking, free gas, free healthcare and food served to them at the office. It would have a modest if negligible affect on the affluent who fund these politicians. Gasoline gets written off on a tax form for them.
    It would affect the middle class and the working poor especially. Already working poor families budget more of their expenses towards fuel so they can travel to their shitty jobs every day. This means less money to pay for the ever rising cost of food and housing.. Which, in turn, causes the price of gas to go up. It becomes a vicious circle.
    The hidden agenda behind this travesty is that the legislators on Beacon Hill no longer have to vote on this. They no longer are held accountable for a 'yes' or 'no' vote.
    Why did they come up with this plan? To shield themselves from the angry voters come November. After all, would you vote for Representative "so-in-so" if you knew they voted to raise your taxes?
    Now, lets explore another screwy idea floating around on Beacon Hill that is in direct relation to the gasoline tax that no one is talking about. It is the push to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.
    As any economist will tell you raising wages has a direct affect on consumer prices. You pay more for something because the company that makes it has to pay more in wages. Once the prices rise across the board then the gasoline tax will rise as well. This potential time bomb could cause a sharp rise in inflation. In addition, as consumer prices rise the state sales tax takes more of that price. You no longer pay 5-1/4 % on an $8 item. You pay 5-1/4% on a $9 item. The purchasing power of the working poor is dramatically reduced.
    And the icing on this cake is that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 and hour puts the working poor into another tax bracket one level up. Their state income tax just took a bigger bite out of their shitty weekly pay. So, where did my raise go? .These schemes  are specifically designed to take more from those who can least afford it.
    This is intentional. For, if the elite are unwilling to allow the job market to operate freely they create more low income people and more low income workers. The numbers alone will allow lawmakers to rake in just under a billion dollars a year in wage taxes, gas taxes and sales taxes from the multitudes of poor they create for themselves.
    Oh, and if prices drop at all, the gas tax does not.
    This is the Personification of Evil.

    A good Socialist knows that he/she is only working for the preservation of the party. Benefits are rewarded as long as the party coffers are filled each fiscal cycle. Socialism is narcissistic. It benefits the body politic alone at the expense of society and has no interest in anything that does not directly affect party function.
    Unlike civil unrest. That might directly affect party function.
    But elites have a multitude of ways to deal with this pesky problem. Venezuela is a perfect example. Just impose a media black out. It also helps when Lame Stream Media  decides the issue isn't news worthy. If a government can control the flow of information to outside it's borders with the help of mass media showing no interest in seeking that information then the rioting and bloodshed need never see the light of day in a headline in Chicago.
    Controlling the message is the lynch pin here. Once you lose the narrative it spins wildly out of control and exposes the messenger as a fraud. It became quite clear after the Bundy escapade when Harry Reid called America citizens standing up for their rights "domestic terrorists". His demeanor on the Sunday talk shows gave it all away. For a few moments on national television the Personification of Evil came out of it's hiding place. Harry Reid's list of political accusations, gaffes and mental slip ups were all revisited and the emperor was seen to be naked.. And crazy! Bat shit crazy!
    Where evil disseminates into the population is that there is plenty of evidence to prove that the government was WAY out of hand on the Bundy affair. But the stories circulated and people agreed that Bundy was a nut job. That he was a freeloader living off the taxpayer dime. Not one ounce of this was true. The polarization of public opinion is needed to further cloud the mud puddle of misinformation. The grazing rights on public lands date back to the late 1800s.
    In March of 1991 at a conference at the University of Oregon School of Law National Wildlife Federation lawyer Roy Elicker openly proposed the idea of regulating the hell out of ranchers in order to drive them out of business and off  the land. This in turn would allow the Federal government to step in and declare the area as conservation land.
    "You can win a lot more victories by making him pay for what he does out there and by making it so expensive in his operation and making all these changes for him to continue to run the cattle on the public lands, he goes broke.."
    Another tactic is to pin ranchers via the Endangered Species Act. Not only was the desert tortoise ploy a ruse so was the idea that his cattle had wandered onto public lands. The numbers of cattle per tortoise is 1 cow per 300 acres. Not exactly an environmental crisis.

    The simple solution to this vexing problem of losing control of the message is deniability. Just deny it. You can also claim things were 'taken out of context'.. That's always a good come back. Shiela Jackson of Texas used that dusty old excuse to cover her butt when she claimed our Constitution is 400 years old.. She was taking in the whole of American History in a corrective memo to the media. Too bad we have yet to reach 300 years old by that yardstick, let alone 400 years old.
    Calling a person a racist is the breakfast cereal of Leftist propaganda.
    William F. Jasper writes in the latest issue of The New American magazine;
    " When the Left wants to distract America from the central point of a burning issue, they find (or manufacture) a 'gotcha' moment and yell "RACISM!"
    Sheila Jackson's staff told the press that if they point out her obvious historical gaffes that they would be labeled as racists and possible criminal charges would ensue. Any time a black conservative speaks the controlled media targets that person as an Uncle Tom. Starbucks recently made a public statement that they would not tolerate racism or sexism in their stores. They also are selling a line of Oprah Winfrey products on their shelves. Oprah is on record as claiming in an interview that  racism will end when all racist white people die. You can't make this stuff up!
    I guess it all depends on what race you are when you make a racist statement.

    This is all intended. It is intended to keep you confused and keep you afraid. Afraid to say something. Afraid to see something right in front of you and call a spade a spade.. And if you want to point out the racial overtone in that last sentence have at it. It was intentional. The more public rancor the happier the elites are. For it serves the purpose of the narcissist. It polarizes truth. Thus the term, 'speak truth to power'. Create your own truth and empower it for the consumption of the masses. Those who reject it can be marginalized. God forbid any one should have an opinion counter to the state sponsored narrative. It is ok they have a solution for that.
    It is called sensitivity training and drug therapy to re-educate you to the current social norms.
    It is an MK Ultra Mind Fuck!
    It is The Personification of Evil...

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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