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The More Horrible Monster Under The Bed-- Conclusion; Lessons Learned and 2014

    " To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress is to take possesion of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptable of any definition.." Sect. of State Thomas Jefferson, 1790 in a letter to Madison concerning the creation of a central bank (Hamilton) that would exist outside the limits of The US Constitution or Congress.

    If Republicans are lucky enough to win more seats this year they will do so not with the help of a grass roots movement such as the Tea Party. It has been the stated goal of many movers and shakers within the party to marginalize the Tea Party this election cycle if not destroy it all together. I fear the former, I seriously doubt the latter. This Liberty movement has far too many facets and it is that 'loose affiliation' that will keep it alive.. On a side note, I was always one of the members who spoke out about unifying this movement.. I am reconsidering my position on this matter. Let Rove and the RNC go after the Tea Party writ large. All they will destroy is the Political Action Committee side of the movement. The actual grass roots movement will just get larger in time.
    In a fantastic piece written by Thomas Eddlem in the Feb 17th. edition of The New American Magazine he wrote about how Rove has it all wrong in trashing the Tea Party. Eddlem writes;
    (Rove) ".. the most liberal Republic is Justin Amash of Michigan... he is 100% Libertarian... Voting with Nancy Pelosi.."
    Rove is completely out to lunch on this. Amash is head of the new Liberty Caucus in the House now that Bachman's Tea Party Caucus is all but dead. Not only does Amash not vote with Nancy Pelosi he votes against Republican lines every time the Republicrats saddle up to Democrat/Progressive agendas.
.... No, Republicans not associated with the status quo will win because of their relationship to the Tea Party. They will win at local elections. They will win in state elections, hell, we may even see a Tea Party Governor if the movement works hard enough. But, on a national scale? Possibly, a few  seats picked up in the House and Senate. Nothing to write home about though. And, of course, it all boils down to what the Tea Party Reps do once they are seated.
    I have already written that blog post...

    We have, not only, entered this 'boundless field..' We have been in it for quite some time now. It is commonplace today and we judge outcome based on a perversion of interpretation of the original construction of law. As Jefferson stated we are now under no rudder or steering guided by the tenets of our Constitution or the specific rules set forth by the Constitution of our Congress. There is no ' susceptable definition'.
    In John Gibson's (FOX News anchor) book, "Swiftboating America" John sums up the Florida debacle: "...The recount, undertaken at Gore's request, was confined to Democrat counties... This put Bush at an obvious disadvantage... The Constitution of the United States required each state to name it's electors no later than Dec 12th..."
    News footage followed.  TV Helicopters shadowed Brinks trucks carrying ballots. The Florida SJC was in the spotlight but, it was Gore who took the issue to the Florida SJC in the first place and the court initially concurred with Gore and not Bush. That the Republican Sect. of State in Florida sided with Bush is another (and very typical) lie perpetrated by the Liberal Media.
    John Gibson goes on to write: ".. SCOTUS stated that....the Florida SC violated the Fourteenth Amendment, which assures equal protection under the law.."
     It was all well and good Al, for you to only want your districts recounted but you violated the rights of all the other districts to be recounted as well.
    John goes on to write..
    "The court (SCOTUS) said Florida couldn't declare legal a situation in which officials could recount votes one way at one table and across the room at a different table allow the use of different rules.."

    This is what was going on! This is what actually happened! But the LSM went on the media hunt and (as we all know)... Bush stole the election.. Had the Gore campaign not demanded such a narrow interpretation of the recount in Florida it is quite conceivable Gore would have won in 2000. The Supreme Court only decided a halt to the recount due (primarily) to the Democrat's shenanigans. Not because of a Republican majority on that Court. In fact, as we later learned anyways, by all recounts which were tabulated after the order to stop was issued, and later reporting by media (even the NY Times), Bush would have won the recount even if SCOTUS had not called a halt.
    As I said in the first part of this five part expose'.. The Democrats shot themselves in the foot. The Gore campaign bitched such a blue streak that all they did was draw attention to themselves and the shady dealings of the Florida DNC. They exposed the national trend.

    I set up a dummy account with NOI. I have since received an  e-mail notification on their efforts to promote Progressive campaigns. I suggest you browse the site and set up your own dummy account. I will post the web address here again:
    If I, a staunch Right Wing Constitutionalist, on the Obama Watch List, can sign up to NOI with no backround check what is to stop them from signing anybody up at all? Also, who is to say my fake name and address are not being entered into a data base as a registered Democrat.
    And this brings me to my summation. Voter fraud is a national trend perpetrated by Democrats. What far and few attempts by local Republicans to tilt a vote is nothing more than just that.. Far and few.. This also brings me back to my opening statement. The RNC is on it's own course of self destruction. They play defense only and tend to eat their own.. They are just like Liberals... Well, the 'eating their own' part.. Liberals are well armed politically and well on the offensive politically. Republicans choose to be more conciliatory. They keep trying to rebrand themselves with this self deprication and hypochondria of not getting it.  When one's enemy becomes more conciliatory then you know you have them beaten. It is an ancient war philosophy of the Mongol Hordes, a political philosophy of Liberals and a religious philosophy of Islam.... Seeing a trend, are we?

    So... What have we learned? What do we do now with this information in 2014?

    First of all we must become part of the election process on a mass scale. We need to create our own NOI.  The Democrats are doing this already and hide behind the banner of 'equality' while doing everything in thier part to stifle it from any one who is not a Democrat! The Liberals will not blink an eye at baton weilding Black Panthers standing outside a polling station but a poll worker checking ID's is a racist ( and will most likely be asked to leave by a police officer). So, we must also be there to ensure a fair and free election.
     Second, We must also get involved in the process from the beginning. Get onto an election board and point out past mistakes and do not stop pointing them out. Join anything connected with local government. Even if you are asked to leave, keep speaking. Ask a question at your next town meeting (be prepared to be escorted out by a cop). Then, write your local blogs and papers and social networks a complete dossierre on what you have witnessed. Post everything, everywhere!!
    Third, join a Liberty movement in your area. If you cannot donate (time, protesting, money) then plant a campaign sign on your lawn. Challenge your kid's school- because they are now the indocrination centers for the Progressive message to the next generation. Say "NO!" to any government official who knocks on your door to challenge you and back your arguments up with facts and history.. Watch as their heads explode..
    Fourth, We must interject our Constitutionalist ideology upon America.  Strict interpretation to the 'construction' as Jefferson has said. The Left has been doing this in America since Wilson with Progressivism.... Look where we are now?
     It may take us as long.
    And Fifth, never surrender resolve. Even in the face of defeat and threat of Liberty never surrender resolve. There is no negotiation. Liberalism and the model of Alinsky demands negotiation because the Left claims  any opposition is extremism.

    Stop the damned infighting! The enemy is out there!

     Did you know that, in the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge, Washington almost lost his whole army? Some of his Commanders demanded he shoot the diserters. Wasington said 'no'. Did you also know that not one... Not one of, those men, were 'impressed' or 'conscripted'. How could Washington shoot men who stood up on their own accord?.  They all volunteered. So, as they slipped away in the cold of that winter, Washington understood. There were many letters to Martha where our great General wished it for himself.
    Then came Von Schtubing. He claimed to be a military commander. He was not. He claimed to be well heeled in European Society... He was not. Who the hell was this guy? Why the fuck did he show up in the middle of  New Jersey, in the dead of winter and proceed to lie his way into training our militia?.. I wouldn't show up in Jersey for anything!... And neither would you!
    He showed up because he knew about being free. He saw an opportunity and he took it. Everything he ever did, he did himself.  He was almost like a virus. He showed up out of nowhere and began to become part of his host. And so should we. Be Von Schtubing and just show up to offer your service to this Republic. The Liberals have their Von Schtubing in President Obama. He came out of nowhere is now infecting the host known as the Presidency.
    Become yourself that virus in the host, that more horrible monster under the bed.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

    I wish to thank Matt O'Brien who pointed me in the direction of the NOI website and asked me to write about it. Once I started researching I knew this would be more than a quick blog post. I apologize if I have bored any one but I felt this needed to be covered in detail. Who knows, as the election season of 2014 progresses we may need to re-visit this series for clarification and examples.
    I also want to thank authors John Gibson, Ari Berman, John Fund and Dumas Malone whose books were a great help in putting this whole series together..
    Last but no way least, I thank you Mom who taught me a love of reading and a love of history.

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