Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The More Horrible Monster Under The Bed -Part III

   "Empowerment requires creating structures that allow all members of the team to make this
   campaign his or her own. We must go beyond simply assigning volunteers tasks, to allowing well trained and supported volunteers to have real ownership within the campaign.".. The Obama campaign manual developed by Obama organizers Jeremy Bird, Buffy Wicks and Jon Carson in Chicago. 'Respect, Empower, Include.'

    Massachusetts is a breeding ground of Liberal ideology. Considering this is the state where it all began it is hard to believe that a little over 200 years has produced a totalitarian, one party state. The efforts have been on going for some time (most of my life, at least) and are now culminating into the current legislation worming its way under the golden dome of Beacon Hill.
    Massachusetts is going to join the list of states giving illegals driver's licenses. As I mentioned in the first installment the Motor Voter Law is sure to tag along with this effort resulting in a surge of illegals voting in the polls. No one will check driver's ID's and no one will check voter ID either. The potential for a one party state for generations to come is just around the corner. As I mentioned also in the first installment and produced on my Youtube Channel the Affordable Care Act openly covers illegals. There is even a voter registration card in the booklet in two languages. If you do not have to prove citizenship to get Obamacare then what can we expect when all those fraudulent voter registration cards start pouring in?
    It is even easier than you think!

    During the 2008 Presidential election 34 year old (immigrant-sic) Daniel Ayala managed to sign up hundreds of (cough!!) immigrants to register to vote in Durham North Carolina. There was no vetting process what so ever. Former Governor  Jim Hunt said, " ... it was the best grassroots organization the state has ever seen." Just as the registration deadline approached over 165,000 new Democrats (not voters--- Democrats!) were registered to vote in the primary causing Obama to win the state by 230,000 votes.
    After the North Carolina victory the 'Vote for Change' organization launched a fifty state strategy to get as many warm (and cold) bodies as possible registered to vote. The DNC Pollster Cornell Belcher said at the time, " There was an understanding that we could not win this conventionally.."
    What the hell does that mean?

    Ironically, Mexico and her Central American neighbors have very strict border control as well as strict voter ID laws. Signatures, thumbprints and a photo on a holographic card with a magnetic strip are required. You must present this card and be verified by a thumb scanner in order to vote. This strict control allowed opposition candidate Vincente Fox to be elected in a nation where voter fraud was an every day occurrence..
    Georgia has now adopted tougher ID laws. The Peach State has a long history of voter fraud from both sides dating back to 1947 and Gov. Herman Talmage. In the 2000 Bush-Gore election over 5412 dead people cast a ballot. Another 15,000 dead were actively on the rolls. The Democratic Sect. of State Cathy Cox declared the accusation hogwash when it was discovered one (1) of the listed was a mistake. That was enough for Cathy Cox to certify the election based on the other 5411 dead people who voted.
    In fact, for years you could produce over 16 different types of ID in order to vote in Georgia. Hell, your uncle Bob could just write you a note saying you work for him and that would suffice. But that all changed in 2004 when Republicans finally won a majority (since 1870) in the state legislature. They immediately trimmed down the list to six documents. They included actual ID's like a passport, military, Federal or state employee ID or a driver' license with proof of address. If you were indigent, poor, illiterate the state would provide you a voter ID for free. In fact the states that have toughened up voter laws all provide an ID for free to those too poor to afford one. In one state, if you are homeless, just put down on the application the address of a shelter or bridge you sleep under.
    But this isn't enough for Progressives. Accountability is not a watch word for them. Any attempts at getting a handle on large numbers of illegals, minorities, women, homeless, the dead who suddenly joined the voter list are seen as racist. Even in Georgia where over 6.5 million people hold some form of ID, 4.5 million are registered and 28% of them are black. Georgia is one of a few states required to 'pre-clear' any change in the voting law under the 1965 Voting Rights Act. But the NAACP thinks this does not go far enough and point to the low numbers as discriminatory. They want 100% black registration. Well, sorry about that, there is a reason why certain ethnic groups are called "minorities" because there ain't a whole heck of a lot of them. The 28% black registered voters accounts of over 70% of black residents in Georgia. The black population of Georgia is roughly 35% the total population.
    How can Liberal groups claim such disparity in the face of actual numbers and facts?
    That's a stupid question, they do it all the time!

     In John Fund's book "Stealing Elections": As litigation ensued across Georgia it became clear that the Plaintiffs for Common Cause, League of Women Voters and the NAACP could not find one person who was actually discriminated against by the new voter ID law. The Plaintiffs had filed in their lawsuit that ".. tens of thousands of people didn't have a voter ID and can't get one!!" The one individual, Clara Williams, the Plaintiffs claimed was denied her civil rights turned out to have a Georgia issued Mass Transit ID so she could ride the bus.
    The case was on life support!
    Time to call in the hounds of hell. Danny Levitas of the ACLU sent a mass e-mail across the state calling on any one who is registered but does not have an ID. Despite networking and gobs of money they could only find two (2) people. Bertha Young and Eugene Taylor. Both had been linked to the attorneys arguing the case... Oh, yeah, it gets better..
    Ms. Young was one of the attorneys housekeepers and lived less than one block from the polling station. Her employer (one of the lawyers) would pick her up and drive her to his house so she could clean. Yet the attorneys insisted Ms. Young had no way of getting to the DMV to get a free voter ID card. In fact, thirty years ago her husband died and she had to get a government ID to collect his war benefits.
    Mr. Taylor was recruited by his grandson who was a law student of one of the attorneys. Although Mr. Taylor fit the parameters of the case it was discovered the attorney had driven Mr. Taylor from his home seventy miles away in order to testify. Along the way they passed several DMV locations while enroute. In addition Mr. Taylor admitted his daughter routinely visited him, drove him around on errands and would drop him off at a community farm he liked to volunteer at.
    As Judge Murphy laid down his ruling he cited an Indiana case where the same claim was made and the witnesses' statements caused the Plaintiffs to end up with egg on their faces. Judge Murphy was not amused and ruled against the Plaintiffs.

    As we enter this new election cycle it bears noting that the Left is primed, funded and organized to defeat a potential Republican challenger. They will not do it on the message because they don't have to. They can simply rely on the activists they have recruited to tilt the message their way and rig the polling stations. They are also ready to legally challenge pending legislation to overhaul voting ID in the 19 states considering it. This could tie up the law well past that Tuesday in November.

     It also bears noting that if the Liberal message is so good? If it truly is the panacea to all our problems then why are they so hell bent to inject fraud into the electoral process?

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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