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A More Horrible Monster Under The Bed.. Part I

    "You probably already agree... our political system is in trouble--- but you do not know the half of it... From voter fraud to election chicanery of all kinds, America teeters on the edge of scandal every November... sooner or later we're headed for more disasters as bad or worse than what we saw in Florida in 2000.."  Dr. Larry Sabato. Director of the Center for Politics at The University of Virginia.

    In John Fund's book "Stealing Elections" he opens chapter one with some chilling numbers from a Zogby Poll on how Americans feel about voting. Fully, over 40% of Americans feel that there is significant voter fraud at every election. It isn't surprising. I have experienced voting shenanigans at my own local polling station here in Worcester Mass. Last election year in 2012 the machine broke down and all the ballots were being collected by some woman instead of being loaded into the machine.. God only knows what happened to all the Romney ballots. In fact, one element of evidence to voter fraud is the slim margins that have occurred over the last decade since the debacle in Florida in 2000. Voting is an act of decisiveness. Either a majority is on board or not. It is rare in political history that elections end on a 51-49 percentile. True elections range between 7-10 % of number fluctuations. However, since Florida 2000, many of this nation's elections are falling within that narrow 1-2%. The potential for fraud is quite real.
    In some local elections the numbers are in the single digits. Al Franken's election is a prime example of proven voter fraud. His numbers were within a few hundred in a district of millions of registered voters.
     This from an article in The DC Clothesline by Steven Ahle: 9/13

     "After election night, Norm Coleman led Al Franken by 725 votes, but by time the democrats quit counting, he lost by 312 votes.  How could this happen?  Voter fraud.  If you would merely toss out the 393 convicted felons who voted, Coleman would have won by 81 votes.  Actually, there were 1099 questionable votes by felons, but the confirmed cases added up to 393.
Of course, as always democrats were able to count on the dead, who cast a total of 2812 votes for FrankenMinnesota Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie is a partisan who has extremely close ties to ACORN , was supposed to have purged the dead from the rolls monthly, but didn’t and ACORN turned in 43,000 voter registrations.  (I didn’t know Daffy Duck and Catherine the Great lived in Minnesota)  That brings the fraudulent vote count to 3,205."

    What is equally disturbing is that, since we know, and have proof of voter fraud Al Franken still holds his seat. At no point in time has any one been convicted, election commissions indicted nor has Franken stepped down until the issue is decided.. The fraud candidate gets into office on fraud voting.. Is it any wonder the legislation they support is also equally fraudulent?
    In 1997 the House voted to prosecute the activist group Hermandad Mexicana Nacional for registering hundreds of illegals but the Immigration Service dropped the investigation over 'privacy' issues. Janet Reno put the ki-bosh on a Louisiana Senate election probe that same year after Democrats walked off the committee. Jan claimed the panel was no longer bi-partisan and disbanded the whole investigation.. Again the fraud candidate gets to keep his fraud seat.
    And where are the election officials who check the voter registration cards? No one checks the cards. I was working a part time job last year at a local mini-mart and a woman walked in with a clip board of voter registration cards. She asked me if I was registered so I lied and said no... I love screwing with people..
    She then removed a card and checked the Democrat box for me and told me to fill in the info. I told her I was not a Democrat.. Her head exploded. Which pissed me of because I just mopped the floor..
    "I'm only registering Democrats." She said to me. I asked her if she is working for the election commission and she told me she was. I informed her that what she is doing is fraud but it didn't seem to matter to her. Apparently a convenience store clerk is not intelligent enough to warrant concern from an election official.

    John Fund explains in his book, "Stealing Elections":
    " Those with an unconstrained vision think that if we want a society where people are enlightened. prosperous and equal, we must develop programs to accomplish those goals and work to implement them.."
    Good God in Heaven! John this woman took a page from your own book! But John goes on further to explain:
    " Those with a constrained vision... believe that the goal of reason should be not to remodel society, but rather to identify 'natural laws' and work within them..."
    But this means nothing to an activist group hell bent on doing exactly what Fund warns us about. Progressives do want to 're-model' society in their own image.
    Enter NOI. The New Organizing Institute.

    One of the many socket wrenches in this organization's tool box is VIP. The Voting Information Project. Funded by Google, ATT, Microsoft, Facebook and sponsored by the PEW Charitable Trust, VIP hosted a 'hack-a-thon' in New York City to help Bill De-Blasio get elected. There was even an award prize given for the computer nerd who came up with the most ingenious way to register voters.
    According to VIP there seems to be a large majority of Americans who do not know how to vote, where to vote or when to vote. Never mind who is on the ballot. I guess their target audience are people who do not own televisions or read newspapers or live in caves..

    "VIP uses an open format to make data available and accessible, bringing 21st century technology to our elections and ensuring that all Americans have the opportunity to cast an informed vote."

     An informed vote? If these people are so dis-connected, how can they cast and informed vote?

    "In 2008, an estimated 1.9 million voters did not cast a ballot for one simple and solvable reason: they did not know where to go. As organizers, we know how frustrating it can be when people want to engage and want to vote, but don't know how. And when we don't have the resources easily available to give them the information they need, we miss opportunities."

    NOI and VIP intend to electronically register voters. No ID required. This is the next Gen of The Motor Voter Law. Since most states do not require people prove they are citizens in order to get a driver's license, registering them to vote is just as easy. Even the language in the Affordable Care Act does not require you to be a citizen... Unless you, actually are one, then you must prove it..
     I know...

    Interestingly, NOI has all sorts of seminars extolling the horrors of voter ID. 25 states now require it and one of the speakers is not happy about that. Lee Rowland spoke last year at a seminar about this very issue. She claims that 40% of American women do not have a birth certificate. I guess that explains why women cannot get jobs or drive a car. She also claims that 78% of black men in Wisconsin have no ID what so ever. How is this possible? How is it that a person cannot, or, does not attain some form of identification? Do we not all have an SSI number? Not only are these numbers made up it begs a question. Why does a person not get their personal affairs in order? Do we want these people voting any ways? And, if they are voting, who is telling them which way to vote?
    An informed voter makes a decision based on knowledge, Knowledge comes from research. Research is based on an understanding that information must be derived and consumed in order to understand what the hell you are doing. If the intent of NOI is to register as many stupid people as possible to skew an election we must question the motives of this group and look to see who is running this side show.
    Enter the staff of NOI.

    This is a venerable whose-who of Progressives. Almost all of them have taken up rent in the DC area and many are (were) active Obama supporters or poll workers. Take this lady for instance..

    Katie Parrish works as NOI’s Climate Organizer -- training, developing, and managing the Climate Leadership Corp.
Before joining NOI, Katie worked as the National Organizer on Oceana’s Climate & Energy campaign where she recruited and trained thousands of activists to form grassroots teams to stop the expansion of offshore oil drilling after the Deepwater Horizon disaster. In this role, Katie also supported state and federal legislation to provide tax credits that have incentivized offshore wind development along the US East Coast.

    She worked on Oceana's Climate and Energy campaign? Isn't Oceana a made up nation from a George Orwell novel?  I forget the title.. You guys look it up, I'm a busy man!!

    Then there is this fruitcake:

   Donny Bridges, Election Administration Research Director      

    Donny is the Election Administration Research Director at NOI. In 2012, Donny led the Ballot Information Project, which helped over 25 million people find online information about who and what would be on their November ballots. He previously served as Deputy Director for NOI's Candidate Project, helping to recruit and support progressives running for local office....
   Great!! He supports progressives...

    The list goes on;

Sarah Grant..State Training Program Logistics Coordinator      
Sarah is a Florida native who came to DC just in time for Snowpocalypse 2009. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Georgetown University, where she learned about the four seasons. In college, she was Co-president of the United Feminists Club and Senior Representative for GU Pride -- the undergraduate student LGBT club. Since graduating, she has interned at the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute and developed an attachment to Vietnamese cuisine. 

    Here is the link to the staff page. I suggest you read it because I have. I also suggest a stiff drink as you read.. I know I needed one..

    This is what we are up against. I understand that we need to get more young people involved in the electoral process. I am just wondering who is in the lead in recruiting these young people? Apparently NOI is!
    I have always said that we, as Conservatives, must adopt this same process. We must recruit people the same way Progressives do. These people are organized and have large corporations behind them as funding. Which I find ironic since Progressives always decries the influence of Big Business in elections.. But, then again Progressivism is always a fluid political ideology. They hold a wet finger to the air to see which way the political wind blows in their favor.
    We must lie, cheat and steal as they do in order to win.

    But, here-in lies the rub..

    Once we win we turn the tables and institute Constitutional Policy. We return our country back to the rule of  natural law,  jurist- prudence, Congressional Accountability, and the dismantle-ing of our bloated agencies.
    We must be a far more horrible monster under the bed.

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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