Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Baker Campaign Wants No Press At Private Fund Raisers

    The face book event page came across my feed Friday. I promptly added my name to the 'Join' section of the page. I specifically put into the comment section  that 'The Meat And Potatoes Show will be there'. I guess no one looks at their own event page to track who is coming and who is not.
    Here is the event page link and the opening statement to that page.

Please join us for a special year-end celebration with Karyn Polito, CANDIDATE FOR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS. With special guest
Charlie Baker
Saturday, December 28th, 2013*
from 5PM-7:30 PM...
*SNOW date is the Sunday, December 29 t h~ same time.
A night of family, friends , food and support for Karyn at the
Italian American Victory Club, 26 Dewey Road in Shrewsbury, MA 01545
5:15– 6:15 PM Spaghetti & Meatballs, Salad and Dessert
Guest speakers begin at 6:30 PM
$25 per person with $50 Family Cap~ additional donations welcome!
Personal checks payable to The Polito Committee or online at
R.S.V.P. Michael Vallarelli at or
Mindy McKenzie-Hebert at (508) 736-7723
Paid for by the Polito Committee
    So, I tooled on down in a taxi and $20 dollars later I was deposited at the Italian American Victory Club at 26 Dewey Rd. Shrewsbury. I walked in and introduced myself as Christopher Maider from The Meat And Potatoes Show. My name WAS on the list. I filled out the information part including a section that gave the Baker/Polito campaign permission to take my photograph... mmm, Curious.
    I was asked what I was going to donate within 2 minutes of signing.
    "I can't. I am Press."
    "Um, ok, Talk to ......... (name withheld- I'll explain later)"
    I walked on over to the bar, as is my usual homage to Hunter S. Thompson, and waited for this person to arrive. A man walked up to me (name withheld) and introduced himself. I also introduced myself.
    "This is a private fundraiser." He informed me. No shit Sherlock.
    "Yes, I know, where can I set up?"
    "There is no press allowed, this is a private event."
    "Well, it would have been nice to include that on the event page."
    "We did, it said 'private event'. We rented this place."
    "It didn't say anything about no press allowed. Would have been good to include that.".. Please refer to the re-posting above. It says nothing about 'private event' or 'no press.' What this man said next was priceless.
    "This must be your first campaign."
    Deferring to my better judgment, even though, the drink was kicking in I remained silent on my experience covering campaigns.
    I replied instead, " I was at the Fisher event a few weeks back and that was a private event. There were lots of cameras there."
    "Different event, different campaign." Was this fine young minder's retort.
    " Can I take a picture?"
    "No press."
    "Can I take notes or ask questions?"
    " I am sorry, there is no press. You are welcome to stay, if you want. But you cannot set up. This is a private event."

    This is why I am withholding names.. No press was allowed. But they cannot stop me from writing the story which was unfolding before my eyes.
    He departed and I decided to leave. I already had my story. I did not want to cause a scene or lend any denigration to the M&P2012 moniker. And I wish Baker all the luck in the world, but he needs to be in better control of his staff and how he wishes to reach out to the public. Denying coverage of any kind does not lend credibility to his message. I also plan on forwarding this story to the Fisher campaign. Mark Fisher and I are already in negotiations for an interview on The Meat And Potatoes Show and I was hoping to score equal time with Baker. That is only fair and was one of the reasons I decided to attend the event in the first place. I wanted to cover the event, look for a possible interview and add to the discourse that will unfold in 2014. Apparently that will not be the case in this example.
    I ran into Len Mead, from The Tea Party, outside in the parking lot while calling a cab (another $20). I told him the exact same story I wrote here. He could not believe it. I wish to apologize for any fall out from an angry Len Mead.
    The establishment Republican Party does not get it. If it chooses to deny coverage of their events to the Social Network then they will reap what they have poorly sowed. They will loose... Again. The Meat And Potatoes Show may still be local and only 'online' but it is growing and reaches nationwide. Already, my show has picked up many interviews for 2014 from candidates all the way to Oregon. I prove, time and time again, since 2008, that my show IS  nationwide.
    It would behoove the Baker campaign to start thinking outside the box.
    And, no, this is not my first campaign....
....And That Is The Diatribe....

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