Monday, November 25, 2013

We Are All Criminals

    Today we have the largest assortment of technology to solve crime. I am not talking about Kevlar helmets and vests, MRAPS and M-4's. I am talking about science. Yet, despite this gain in science ask any agent or investigator and they will point to a stack of files in their office of crimes they cannot solve. It is not for lack of trying. They will all tell you honestly, tearfully how they worked all those cases till the paper work was thread bare, as well as their lives, families and careers. Hell, they may have even violated some one's civil liberties just trying to extract information.. But they simply cannot solve those crimes..
     Sometimes we lose.

    I do not come to this story lightly. I am still holding hope that everything I have researched is anecdotal. I believe that our law enforcement is tasked with the most thankless and most dangerous job right next to our armed forces. Both are blamed and held to a higher standard of conduct for any infraction. In a Constitutional Republic we must always bear this vigil to any one in any uniform.
    Something has gone wrong though.

    I have written these words before in this blog, but they still hold weight worth saying once more.
    It happens in every state, every county of those states and in (virtually) every city and town of those states. .. See, I even parse my words at the end of that statement hoping that all of this anecdotal.
    Our law enforcement is now openly adopting a mentality that every single American citizen is a potential threat and should be approached, dealt with and remanded, according to this precept. Any attempt by said citizen to question, film, defend themselves, resist, argue, or fight back against any violation of their implicit and defined Constitutional rights are subject to arrest, potential assault by law enforcement; and in too many tragic cases, death.
    We have all been 'pulled over'. Now, recount that anxiety (ok, take a Xanax first). You immediately run a Windows Security Program in your head! Your mind is on full overdrive. And it is never one officer. It is usually two. One on your driver's side and another one on the right side with a flashlight illegally looking into your car... "Well, we are looking for weapons..".. Didn't you run my plate on your computer?  Did you not see all my colon-esque' information?
    Now, you slowly touch the window button to only allow a few inches.. Please do this slowly. Cops tend to have hands on unlocked, un- holstered weapons at the ready. But you are not allowed that.

    Imagine that anxiety? Now, your confusion, awareness, adrenaline overload becomes a reason for suspicion. Everything becomes a reason to suspect. Nothing is allowed to procure innocence.

   "Why are you so nervous?"
   " Cause I have two armed officers surrounding me??"
   " We are not accusing you of anything."
   " Ah, yes you are or we would not be having this conversation."

    Here it comes..

    "Step out of the car, please.."

    You are immediately hand cuffed for the officer's safety... What about YOUR FUCKING
     SAFETY??? Oddly enough any attempt to say no results in a felony. You are actively avoiding and resisting.. Amazing; escaping tyranny is a felonious crime.. WOW!! What are we, circa 1400 Europe?

    "Think I saw something like this once, but I couldn't understand what the person was saying because the film it was in was written in GERMAN!!".. George Carlin.

    I have over 100 examples of police tyranny on my computer alone gathered just this last year. I have it in Youtube, writing, news feeds.. It has become a daily research for me because of the show I produce. I also have hundreds of examples of cities and towns adopting oppressive warrants giving law enforcement more power to arrest, detain, search, confiscate and are being supplied with more and more military class weaponry.
    It was our own President who insisted military style weapons do not belong on American streets then days after the bombing of the Boston Marathon tanks and uniformed agents of local, state and federal units were patrolling the city of Watertown and ordering people out of their homes for unwarranted searches. The scary thing is that it unfolded live on television right in front of our faces and no body said a damned thing. I heard more than one television pundant utter those infamous words; ".. Well, if you have nothing to hide??"
    The Supreme Court has even ruled five to four that your right to remain silent can be used as evidence against you of your guilt. After all, if you have nothing to hide, right?. In fact prosecutors can now use your nervousness against you as evidence. Swampscott Massachusetts city councilor asked his legal advisors to look into enforcing a completely nonsensical law that demands all legally owned guns be locked away and dismantled. Too many criminals were being shot by prepared citizens during break ins and so Massachusetts had to pass this law to protect criminals. The legal team's recommendations suggested a surprise house to house search of every registered gun owner to check on compliance.
    I mean, if people have nothing to hide right?
    One must stop and wonder what gerbil on a wheel died inside this city councilor's head causing him to even ponder such stupidity. What equal amount of gerbils died in the legal team's heads that they all didn't laugh out loud. Just remember we elect these people. Chew on the bone for awhile.

    The new paradigm is that all citizens are potential criminals. I can perfectly understand an offer's apprehension on approaching a vehicle they just flagged down. You never know what lunatic is behind that driver's side window. But it certainly doesn't help to exacerbate the situation by being a complete dick! Don't these officers remember what their mothers told them? How to be respectful, polite, professional and to never pass judgment on people?
    The best defense against police oppression is to be well informed of local laws, state constitutions as well as our national one. It is well worth the time to get to know Supreme Court decisions regarding past infractions of civil rights and how the court decided. I would go so far as to have printed copies at hand in your glove box.
    Earlier this year I had the most unpleasant encounter with a gang of thugs dressed up like cops. They had police cars, guns and badges and claimed they were cops but I have yet to see any evidence of professional behavior that, at least alludes to them being cops.
    My daughter (13) had a friend of hers sleep over for the weekend. After the weekend was over she went home. Seems innocent enough right? I later found out (during my encounter) that this girl was in foster care and had run away. I didn't know, my daughter didn't know and kids lie like rugs anyways.
    So, one day I am in the basement in my rec-room plinking away on the computer writing my latest round of drivel to The Lexington Green. I can hear a commotion above my head, the dog was going nuts and so I got up to see what was the matter.. I was met in my basement hallway by six very large, very well armed (guns drawn) police officers. I spotted two in the back pounding on another door to my son's room demanding to be let in. I promptly ordered them out of my house. They didn't like that.
 I pointed to their guns and told them we have children in this house and to put away their weapons. I was then informed as to the reason they had broken into my home. I calmly instructed them to please step outside and we will discuss this calmly. They have no cause or warrant to be in my home.
    "What are you, a lawyer?" Cops love to use that line. I think it is in a handbook they carry with them. Law enforcement for dummies.
    Once outside there was a representative from Socialism Services and I was introduced. I told her flat out she and her jack boot friends had just violated article 4, 5 and 6 of the United States Constitution. I also turned to the supervisor and told him the same thing. I then eyeballed all the other officers and told them how a Supreme Court decision made recently could place them all as co-conspirators to the supervisor's orders and subject to a lawsuit.
    "That doesn't apply here." Said the state hack. I informed her that she doesn't apply here and she is lucky I do not sue her for orchestrating a raid on my house based on absolutely nothing. I did file a complaint to the Internal Affairs division but you know nothing will ever come of it. I later called the woman's supervisor at Gestapo Central and read him the riot act. This guy was such a stooge of taxpayer funded hackery that he was mentally incapable of seeing any thread of logic to what he and his accomplices had just done.
    "Well, Mr. Maider, if you have nothing to hide then there is nothing to worry about." He said to me and hung up the phone.

    They could have shot my dog. This happens a lot with adrenaline addled police officers. They assaulted my daughter who went to the door to look out by knocking her to the floor. They almost broke my son's door because he refused to open it. I was almost tased for trying to defend my home.
I was also informed I could have been arrested for (get this) resisting arrest. See, now police can just arrest you for resisting. Resisting what? Don't I have to be arrested for a crime in the first place THEN resist arrest?
    But the expansion of authority is no longer based on prudence, civil rights and protection of the innocent. Authority is now remanded into the hands of any one who wears a civilian uniform. You would never, in a million years, see a professional soldier behave like this. Police do it every day across this nation. They also seem to be inventing charges as they go along. My friend was arrested last year and one of the charges was being in possession of 'burgalarious tools'. He had a screwdriver in his glove box. Is that even a statute? I cannot even find the word 'burgalarious' in Webster's Dictionary and spell check is having a melt down trying to fix it as I write.
    This is also why a person is never charged with crime A, B or C. Today they are charged with half a dozen or more erroneous charges. Possession of this, failure to do that, obstructing this, that and the other thing and , of course, resisting arrest. Like the gang that couldn't shoot straight I guess if they toss out enough baloney something is bound to stick eventually.

    You can be arrested for just about anything. During the Overpasses Protest a protester was assaulted by a police officer who walked across the median from the other side, punched the protester and arrested him for... Protesting. Any one caught filming can be arrested. An elderly man was shot and killed in California while watering his lawn. The police were convinced he was brandishing a deadly hose nozzle. Citizens are no help either. People call the cops for anything and everything now. Cops showed up at my place last year while we were having a cook out. The neighbor said we had a bonfire going. My friend next door likes jazz and tends to throttle it up while he washes his car during the summer. Apparently this is not allowed. He was fined $500. The next day the Africans had a soccer match right across the street and gave a play by play of the game over a huge sound system that boomed across the neighborhood.. That must have been ok because no cops showed up that day. Oh, and Ghana won that day.

    The worst areas are small towns. Cops are literally bored out of their skulls in Jerkwater USA. Do not drive through Northborough after they roll up the sidewalks. You could be Jesus Christ himself and a cop WILL pull you over. I know, I grew up there. Cities tend to be a little better because cops have bigger fish to fry. Except for my house being invaded that one day most of my city experiences have been pretty low key.
     Interestingly enough I go about the city sporting a large hunting knife on my belt. With this knock out game BS I go armed from now on. Besides, I live in Worcester, the gangs are just as well armed. I have not had one officer question me. I take the bus, go into city hall, the library, rallies, events, Wal-Mart, etc. I carry it openly and without concern. So far, so good.

    After all, I have nothing to hide. Right?

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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