Thursday, November 7, 2013

Asleep And Comfortable

" More than 9,000 Americans are killed annually by illegal immigrants." Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)

    I spent Monday night and Wednesday night attending two very important seminars where Conservative groups and Tea Party groups met to discuss issues that are not just growing in magnitude but have exploded and now affect every single community and citizen from coast to coast.
They are the demise of our Constitutional sovereignty as a nation and the loss of individual liberty, the (almost complete) removal of our Second Amendment Rights and the rampant plague of Illegals on our soil.

    George and Poppy Carlton are from Norfolk England and are members of a prestigious family. They came to The United States along with a film crew to document their pilgrimage across the country. They came to The Canal Bar on Water Street in Worcester Mass, Monday Nov. 4th to attend a Tea Party meeting. It was standing room only.
    George spoke of how hunting was now banned in England. He spoke of the confiscation of firearms from rural farming communities. Many families in these areas are poor and still depend on hunting as a way of life and sustainability. Hard to believe in an island nation as small as Great Britain still has rural areas where a way of life is supported by wild game hunting, but it does still exist. In the adjacent communities surrounding Norfolk over 300 game hounds had to be put down because the families could no longer support and feed their dogs once hunting was banned.
    Jim Wallace of the Gun Owners Action league ( spoke at length of the labyrinth of gun laws already in existence around the country, especially here in Massachusetts. Many Americans firmly believe that arming our police and Federal agents is the only protection we need against crime. Yet those same Americans know full well the ability of government to abuse it's power and are quick to blame politicians for all the corruption, wars and corporatism. According to Wallace, if you put these two ideas together than Americans are perfectly comfortable giving all their guns to a tyrannical government that has the power and authority to kill you.
    Over 6000 pieces of legislation are filed through the Massachusetts State House each year. Wallace spoke of a meeting with a legislator who wanted him to speak on gun laws in Massachusetts. He responded that he would need at least an eight hour seminar to fully explain all the regulations.
    When the unfortunate death of a 13 year old at a gun range occurred, the state AG was asked by the press if it was legal for that child to be using a gun in the first place. He responded by saying " I can find no law that allows this to take place." Well, apparently our elected officials do not understand the purpose of a law. A law is not written to grant some one a right or even a privilege ( unless they do so for themselves) it is written to negate and/or deny such a right or privilege (which they do all the time).
    In broaching such a question as that reporter did we enter a whole new realm of our concept of the role of government and the making of laws. We no longer want laws that protect people, or promote the common good, or even punish criminals. We are asking our elected officials to pass laws that deny us more of our basic rights. We now find ourselves in an America where there are more restrictions on what we can do than there are restrictions on things that we shouldn't be doing anyways as a civil society. We completely redefine the parameters of Constitutional jurisprudence.

    Catherine White who founded the website gave a stirring account on the actual limitations of government and what the Founders purposely put in place to avoid the mess of big government we have today. The concept amongst many on the Left of wealthy white slave owners writing a flawed document have no idea of the actual history behind The Constitution and the blood spilled to bring about our great Republic.
    When the Declaration of Independence was signed by over fifty people they each signed under the words "..We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor..". Every single one of those men did just as they signed. They lost everything. Yes, they were all wealthy, white and many owned slaves.
    They lost everything.
     They lost their land, they were captured by the British and tortured, they lost their money, wives, children and they lost their lives either in combat or poverty.. But they never lost their honor.
    Nine of the thirteen colonies were slave states and in order to ratify the Constitution they had to compromise and discuss the slave issue later or this whole Republic would never have come to be.

    One of the questions posed by Poppy Carlton was "Do you 'like' President Obama?" This was an interesting insight into how some people think we in The Tea Party feel about the current Administration. Catherine was very astute in her reply. It was not a matter of 'liking' the President. Catherine said what many Americans feel. That he is possibly a good man, a good father and husband but it is his policies that (as Catherine said), ".. border on treason."
    As she spoke about what rights really are she was clear in her delineation from where our rights come from. They are inalienable and are born under the notion of 'property'. Not in what you own per-se' but in the very first thing you own as an individual and that is yourself. These are defined in the words of John Locke himself:

    "Everyman has a property within his own person."

    When people begin to think that the ownership of one's body is negotiable then we will have tyranny and anarchy. The concept of 'choice' in the case of abortion covers only one of the 'bodies' involved, the mother. Roe v Wade does nothing to address the rights of the second body involved, the baby in the womb. Definitions of what constitutes a life in the case of pregnancy is a veiled legal excuse to commit murder.
    Our slow demise into the concept of America as a Democracy has allowed decisions to be made at every level of government based on a majority vote without regards to the protection of liberties to the minority. This is a function of Fascism. A majority vote can take away your property including your life. In a Constitutional Republic that simply is not allowed.
    Where this gets turned on it's head is when you have a small minority of politicians, advocacies, and constituents passing laws and regulations that affect every one while disregarding the overwhelming majority of opposition to such actions. We often hear the axiom of 'What is right isn't always popular and what is popular isn't always right'. Unfortunately deciding what is the 'right ' thing to do is a wholly subjective act. Passing a law based on the right thing to do may have disastrous effects on many others. Yet, we have entire segments of society clamoring for imagined 'rights' based on this notion.
    The gay marriage issue in Massachusetts and California is a prime example. Despite two referendums in both states where over 70% of voters rejected legal gay marriage the LGBT groups lobbied legislators and State Supreme courts in an end run to get the statutes reversed in their favor. It is a well known doctrine of the LGBT Alliance not to just reach equality under this new law but to redefine the whole concept of marriage and to do away with the concept of 'traditional' marriage.
    Forcing Americans to purchase a health policy they do not want and cannot afford paves the way for the government to force Americans what to drive, when to drive, what to eat, when to eat, how to work, where to work and will someday be the sole determining factor into how our lives will be lived. In effect, by passing the ACA we have set upon a course that will take away our most sacred inalienable right. Our own selves.

    On Wednesday night Nov. 6th I attended a seminar in Hudson Mass. hosted by film maker Dennis Michael Lynch. His award winning film "They Come To America Parts I+II" is an awakening on the plague of Illegals that now occupy every single state. This is not a racist film. He has been accused by the Left and La Raza of that very thing.
     Not one of those members has ever sat through his documentaries.
    The caliber of questions at some of his film lectures all center on "why are you a racist?" If the answer he gives does not fit into the narrow mold of political correctness the shouting begins. Those who lobe those bombs end up learning nothing as I have learned from attending his seminar.
    The Left always wants the Right to "talk to a Latino" yet the Left never wants to talk to the ranchers along the Mexican border who have to live in fear, have to sleep armed at the ready, have to count their livestock every day and wonder why they are missing a few, have to chase trespassers away, get shot at and (many times) bury neighbors who are murdered at the hands of drug mules.
    This is not, I say again, this is not a series of isolated incidences that bear the excuse of 'a lack of understanding'. This goes on every day in these people's lives. On too many occasions, as I watched the film, many ranchers reach out to these people only to have their help rewarded with theft, rape, destruction of property and no sign of help from Border Patrol. The Border Patrol is specifically told not to assist American citizens.

    Illegals have no idea what racism is. Just ask any black American over the age of fifty and they will tell you what true racism is (or was). In fact many illegals get exactly what we on the Right have said time and time again. They do get welfare, they do get free medical, they do get housing, they do get social security numbers, visa, work permits, fuel assistance and an EBT card. Even those who are caught get a free check up, a hot meal, a bed and free ride back across the border. All paid for by the tax payers.
    The misguided idea that illegals do the jobs Americans will not do is completely fabricated. With black American unemployment over 25% and many single women, teenagers unable to find the most menial job it is truly racist that we are pushing an agenda to allow illegals to get in front of the line to citizenship ahead of Unemployed Americans. Dennis filmed scores of Americans in unemployment lines, welfare offices, abandoned neighborhoods, black community leaders who completely rejected that whole premise.
    The Department of Labor and Immigration were formed together during the first wave of immigration at the turn of the century to specifically protect American workers from an overwhelming wave of foreign workers. That entire system is now completely broken down.

    "Why is it that Time magazine will put illegals on the cover and yet, I am packing theaters on Tuesday nights and I can't even get an article?" Dennis Michael Lynch.

    Because the 'rule of law' does not sell in America. Polarization does. Thirty second sound bites get the attention, the one guy they find in Arkansas who is a racist gets the spotlight. Politicians pretending to address the issue gets the spot on CNN. A concise discussion with concerned citizens will never see the light of day.

    Along the Rio Grande at the Texas/Mexican border are miles of shanty towns festooned with garbage, debris, abandoned belongings, old cars, mattresses that are dumped into the river on the Mexican side. Small skiffs with armed men are tied up on the Mexican side. They make daily runs across the river to the US transporting people, weapons and drugs. In one part of the film Dennis caught on camera 'scouts' in parked automobiles mile after mile.
    In many areas of the southern desert are way stations with a five gallon Igloo container of water, a first aid kit and a 'panic button' that you can press if you are in distress. Help will arrive. The sign attached to the way station is written in English, Spanish and Chinese. Recent funding is to update those signs to include Arabic.
    Agents find prayer rugs, Korans, abandoned backpacks with letters, photos, hand drawn maps and books all written in Arabic
    Scary, isn't it?

    "The rhetoric is so disconnected from reality." Terry Goddard, former AZ  Attorney General.

    According to Rep. King of NY, Hezbollah and the Mexican drug cartels have entered into a partnership to assist easy access across the border. The few Hezbollah infiltrators who were captured were involved in a plot to detonate bombs in Washington DC.. With an average apprehension rate of under 10% it boggles the mind to think how many more potential terrorists get across the border and have set up shop in the United States.
    Copyright theft is a big problem in American companies. Many Chinese illegals get access to sensitive corporate information and book one way tickets back to The Middle Kingdom. This very thing happened to the Motorola Corporation in 2012. According to Rep. King he is unaware of The President or Janet Napolitano ever reading the ICE report concerning the Chinese problem or the link with Hezbollah.

    "... to often the 'border security first' refrain too often simply serves as an excuse for failing to address the underlying problem... Our borders have never been stronger.. " Janet Napolitano.

    During a photo-op, members of 'The Gang of Eight' went to the border and witnessed a person coming across illegally. Of course they were apprehended and Sen. McCain tweeted the event. What Dennis Lynch told the crowd in Hudson Mass. was that the person caught was either a plant for the photo-op or a decoy. As he explained from his extensive experience on the border people cross with two things. A back pack and a jug of water. The person caught was empty handed. He further explained that agents there told him that while the border patrol is busy detaining this one person another fifty or one hundred are crossing down the road where the agents are no longer present.
    The release of over 2000 hardened, repeat illegal offenders occurred in 2012 just after The President's State of The Union speech. The release was blamed on looming budget cuts. Despite a letter to DHS in April of 2013 from Lynch asking for an explanation the details remain classified.
    Closing the border would cost significantly less than crime prevention perpetrated by illegals in NYC alone according to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

    We have adopted a new lexicon of government knowing best. That lexicon is defined by a small minority. It (again) turns the concept of our Republic on it's head where the protection of minority rights is overthrown into the  minority now determining our national policies. While we decry the influence of lobbies we tend to focus on corporatism and ignore other more sinister advocacy lobbies. As long as we are asleep and comfortable and safe we delude ourselves with the dream of freedom. Meanwhile, outside our slumber is a driving force that we will wake up to; and discover our delusion of freedom has evaporated, like dreams often do, when we finally open our eyes..

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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