Friday, October 18, 2013

"History, will teach us nothing.."

    What have we learned from these past two weeks?

    Apparently nothing.

    As he solidified power Adolph Hitler managed to demonize large segments of the German population. Already the Jewish communities were experiencing open discrimination. Store fronts were painted with the Star of David or the word "Juden".. That was the least of the Jewish people's problems. Many were accosted in the streets, beaten to death while bystanders cheered on. Homes and stores were invaded, looted, and the mob mentality's favorite act of aggression; rape.
    Gypsys suffered, legal immigrants who planted roots and families suffered. Even everyday citizens remained silent for fear of  that dreaded knock on the door from leather coat clad men in fedoras. Interestingly, Hitler wasn't even the progenitor of all of this. He was just the cream that seemed to have risen to the top of the sour milk that had become 1930's Germany.
    No, the move towards this sad element of history began before the turn of the 20th century. Scientists were already publishing entire volumes on Eugenics, collecting data, sterilizing women, castrating men and actively pushing an all white, all Aryan fertility program that was producing results (slanted albeit, but producing results none the less).
    Just one thing was missing though.

    On February 27th 1933 at 11:25 pm an alarm was sounded to a local fire department. A few hours later the Reichstag had burned to the ground.
    Tea Party... Errrr... Communists were blamed for this. In the rubble was found the body of Marinus van der Lubbe.. How they were able to know who he was from his badly burned body is one of those questions of history we may never be able to answer. With civil liberties suspended, the government instituted mass arrests of Communists, including all of the Communist parliamentary delegates.
    In order for Hitler to take complete control of the government he needed to further demonize his political enemies as extremists. The media went into overdrive targeting Communists, Jews, and immigrants with sensationalized headlines and political cartoons. Any and all civil unrest would be met with  brutal force and a swinging baton.
    Soon, Germany would find their economy centrally planned and their healthcare system centrally planned. Communications were monitored. Political groups were spied on and several of their leaders disappeared in the dead of night. Police would wield power to arrest and detain indefinitely without counsel or trial.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    Several weeks ago I was with our local Tea Party group on a trip to Capitol Hill where over 3000 of us from across America protested the funding language of the ACA in the upcoming CR vote in Congress. Over the next few weeks we would win that partial victory with a government shutdown.
    But  "a funny thing happened on the way to the forum" (as the saying goes). The Tea Party began to shoulder the blame for the whole thing. LSM went into overdrive with sensationalized broadcasts. Some Congress people openly called for martial law in The United States. An entire nation took their complete lack of understanding of how the government works and how the Constitution is the supreme blueprint of our Republic and followed like sheep behind the Democratic party. Not one national poll stood behind the Republican party. Soon Republicans would be blamed for parks being closed instead of being praised for challenging the President on a boondoggle of a health plan and the crippling taxation that would fund it.
    "We get the government we deserve." Said Don Henley. And it is ever thus. Eventually Republicans capitulated and our debt ceiling has risen again until we do this whole dance again in January.
    Are you beginning to see the cage you have been born into?
    Has nobody noticed that we go through this gyration every three to six months now? Has nobody noticed that the nation immediately polarizes each and every time? Is it a function of our 'dependency' mentality that we immediately blame the bearers of bad news?
    And who are these extremists? Point them out to me! Is it the old men who just want to see their old war buddies one last time in our nation's capitol? Is it the elected officials who come out in support and speak on their behalf? Is it extremism when average citizens tear down barriers (erected by government) to public sites owned by the American people?

    In a twist of irony. Illegals (demanding free stuff) were allowed full reign on the mall with absolutely no police presence. Yet riot police beat back tax paying American citizens at the White House gates.

    Compromise after compromise was submitted to the Administration and the Democrat controlled Senate. Every time those compromises were rejected. So, as veterans could not access benefits, parks closed, welfare and WIC suspended, disability payments held up the Republicans became the pariahs of this whole controversy. What no one noticed was how the only things that directly affected Americans on a personal level were the subsidies. It struck me just how sickeningly many Americans are addicted to government hand outs. The concept of aid was never intended to be a way of life. But it is.
    As the European countries erupted into violent protests over the bankruptcy of the governments we were told over and over again that this will soon happen here. We learned just how deep the dependency addiction is in Europe. It is trans-generational. Entire families from grandparents to grand children live on the dole. The break down of independence and self reliance simply doesn't exist anymore in most European countries. Is it any wonder why store shelves were emptied at a Wal-Mart when the EBT system went offline?

    I have posted on my FB page and on my Youtube page hundreds of examples of tyranny exposed, practiced openly, defended by administrators in Federal, State and local levels. Video clips of Americans being arrested for no reason, police beating citizens for no reason and town meetings ejection citizens who dare to ask a question. I have internet friends from across America who send me more and more every single day. There was a time when I would dismiss most of this as an isolated incident. I then began to form a new way of thinking by trying to white wash it all by saying that it doesn't reflect the majority of America.
    I now realize I must see the cage that I have been born into because ,today, it is America. These things happen in every state, in almost every county and in almost every city and town day after day after day after day after day.. History, will teach us nothing..

....And That Is The Diatribe....


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