Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Meat And Potatoes Show Makes No Apologies

    I was recently blocked from Facebook for over a week ending today Saturday the 22nd of February. I was blocked for an allegedly offensive statement I made on one of the group pages I belong to. The statement was racially charged but was in no way racist. Racism is a made up word anyways and I do not subscribe to political fantasy intended to pigeon hole an individual based solely on some one else's interpretation of what they find offensive.
    I have always maintained that I will always call out situations, people, ethnicities, religions and events as they really are, as they really happen. I will not placate with an imagined sensability foistered upon me by media or society in general. I do not care what any one thinks when they imagine in their empty heads that some how what I am saying is racist. If I see evil vile behavior perpetrated by evil vile people I am going to call what it is; evil and vile and I will associate the same words with the people involved as with the actions displayed by such people. Their actions remove any and all rights to be spoken of 'nicely'. However, to assume I think this way of all people from any walk of life is rediculous.
    I also reject, as patently absurd, the notion that my statements made on pages where I have been invited to speak on are some how associated with the guests who appear on my internet show.  To equate a guest on the MeatAndPotatoes2012 Youtube page with my association with groups I choose to be affiliated with is narrow minded and is symptomatic of the general devolvement of our national level of intelligence. My interviews are conducted in a professional manner and are outside my personal feelings. Especially feelings concerning events unrelated to the guest or the interview of that guest.
    The Meat And Potatoes Show has a strict 'no apologies' policy in regards such as this. We do not 'retract' statements because some one's feelings were hurt. That is their problem not mine. If I make a mistake or I am factually incorrect I will make the appropriate adjustment. I also heavily police my sites for any one who is openly anti Liberty, anti-Semetic, anti-gay or openly calling for violence against ethnicities simply because of the ethnicity.
    Well over 80 people have left my page as a result of this controversy. Good. They can go. M&P2012 has always skirted the edge and will continue to do so. I have not witheld any of this information from my members or my guests. I have the highest regards for those who continue to support my work and will continue to provide the content worthy of their inclusion.
    We are not a politically correct media outlet and we are a 'no apologies' media outlet. Thank you for reading this.

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