Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shitty People and Other Stupid Ideas

   Ya' Know? I have finally reached that point in life where I can relate to the infamous words of Capt. Jean Luc Picard of The Enterprise when he said, "I have more years behind me than ahead of me." At 50, It is a sure  bet. I just hope to live long enough to be a pain in my children's asses. I think about the plusses of being older. For instance, I can ogle a young woman and get away with it. Even my wife does not care. I mean, think about it? Like, that 20 something with the bubble butt is going to jump up and run away with the likes of a guy like me! I can call out things as I see them and most people will dismiss me as being 'just old'... Dumb-asses..
    I have also come to discover (and arrive at) a few epiphanies. The first  is that I have met (primarily) alot of shitty people out there in my lifetime. I have met 'freaks and scaries, dikes and fairies' ( Alvin Lee). 99 % of every problem I have ever faced in my life was either the direct result of, or the indirect result of the shitty people who have crossed my path. I reject the axiom of "You should have known better!" Should have known better?  How could I have known better when I had no clue in the first place? Aren't we taught as children to always look for the good in people?
 Screw that!

    I have taught my kids to always be wary of the other person and as a result my boys have made good choices in friends and relationships because they have a set the bar extremely high for themselves. In fact, I would venture to say that the people I have met of character and caliber are the one's I have met in The Liberty Movement. Possibly because they might feel the same as I do about shitty people. I certainly can count several friends along the way who have helped and influenced my life along the way. We have all departed company for the pursuit of our own lives and that is as it should be. I have also made enough of my own mistakes to know that I would enjoy a chance to make some amends to some people. I must also make clear that my own family are probably the only really good friends I will ever have who will see me right to the end.
    I must say, though, the shittiest people I have met have all been associated with law enforcement and or government. I cannot , for the life of me, remember any good encounter with any one from the field of 'government (a-choo!) service' except for two Northborough cops who I will not name. They were good men at the time and I pray they have remained so. Every Judge I ever had to face was a complete dick! Having raised three children I have had the unfortunate experience of a few visits from Social Services. Every one of them should be put on a leaking boat just prior to a typhoon.
    That includes most of the teachers in my life except three. I had one teacher call me stupid as well as telling my mother I was stupid... The town named a school after him... Figures.. I had another teacher who was a dead ringer for the teacher in the Pink Floyd Movie 'The Wall'. My sons lucked out better except for a few turds I couldn't flush. Their Principal, on the other hand, was a complete Leftist stooge and caused me no end of grief. My daughter is experiencing that now at her school and I have already written that blog post three times.
    Where is the random act of violence when you need one?

    There are a few criteria to remain vigilant of in assessing the level of shitty-ness in a person. Oddly enough the things I list will only apply to the shitty people. I am sure we have all met people with the same  descriptions who were perfectly fine people which makes understanding this conundrum ever more difficult.

Money: Most people with money are shitty people. The difference is that nice people with money all earned it the hard way and tend to help others. The shitty people most likely inherited it or were lucky and fell into it. Celebrities tend to fall into this catagory. Legislators who scam the system also fall under this column.

 The Self Righteous: These people really take the cake. They always feel it is their 'responsibility' to get involved in some one else's life and fuck it all up. Religious zealots are prime candidates. 'Concerned Citizen' groups and voting rights activists also win a prize. Virtually any advocate who will look at you and determine you unworthy of being left alone and who will entangle you in every accusation for not following the rules. I am quickly running out of space in my back yard to hide all of those bodies.

Retail: Now, I must be careful here because my wife works retail and I have a long work history there as well. The difference is she and I always do the best we can to provide a service and stand by what we sell and what we provide. But, have you ever noticed the level of customer service today? Does any one actually know HOW to do their job any more? Have you also noticed how everything today is a fight? You have to fight to get the order correct, fight to get something replaced, fight to get re-imbursed. And every one of these shit bags has a rule. You cannot do this or that, you cannot just get your money back, you get a store credit so you are forced to buy more of their shitty products. Warranties are total BS, there is always a catch. Warranties only apply if the perfect lab conditions exist and then the product fails. God forbid we should actually expect something to perform as advertised.  They always tell you to act now and get 20% off today's purchase. Don't worry. Come back next week and they will have an equally shitty promotion to act upon.
    I do understand that we live in a litigious society today and most of the problems have been caused by shitty people sueing over the stupidest things (remember what I said about 99% of all your problems?).

Liars: People get paid to lie. Did you know that? Entire systems are created that prevent you from lying and will result in stiff fines or prison if you do. However, those same systems actually depend on the lies from those in the system in order for the system to exist. Most prosecutors get first place with law enforcement following a very close second. Fellow employees and employers also get a ribbon for runner up. What few nice people I have met in the work force have all been screwed over by the dicks they work with or the dicks who hired them. Any time the shit hits the fan the person pointing the finger at you will lie like a Muslim prayer rug. There have only been a couple times in my life where some A-hole employer got what was coming to them later on.
 I am proud to have played a part.

    Unions, City Workers, DMV, Inspection Officials, Slum Landlords and Bank Executives all get special commendations as well. Feel free to add at will. But by far, Liberals in general are the most insidious offenders because they can be found in every facet of society screwing the whole gear works up.

    Then there is the level of general stupidity. This, I can say, is at an all time high. We usually give bad grades to failing examples. However, I can safely say this example is at an all time historical high and shows strong signs of future growth in the industry. Few adults today posses the level of intelligence and deciphering as a fifth grader did in the early 1800's. Cognitive reasoning is nonexistent in most young people and an alarming number of adults. No one knows where they are going unless they have a GPS. No one under age 30 can read a map. Kids cannot spell worth a damn but can text like no tomorrow.. Have you ever read a 15 year old's text? Can you read it? Most of it is script and other forms of bad spelling.
    Illegals are the worst. Think about it for a second. If you are an immigrant, you most likely have an education or ran a business or were employed at a position of prestige. You filed paperwork, saved money in a bank, planned for the actual act of emmigating, got your affairs in order and made that long arduous journey to citizenship. You are more than likely a person of some intellectual semblence. If you are an Illegal though you more than likely posses none of the criteria I just alluded to. You are possibly one of the dumbest people on Earth to actually think paying some guy $5000 to be stuffed in a van with 30 other idiots and driven to the middle of no where given a back pack full of weed and told to run North was a good idea. I have met these people, worked with them. They operate on the most basic of limbic activity.
    And the people who think these idiots are just here for a better life are equally as idiotic. You don't see them itching to have the same experience do you?

    Because I live in the inner city I have a daily front row seat to the level of intellihencia displayed before me. The loud phone talker on the bus. Yes, I just dying to hear about your latest fight with your baby daddy. The home-boy rapping out loud at the library who is then offended when the librarian asks (or, should I say 'axes') them to be quiet. And what the hell is the obsession with black people and hair extensions? Then, there is the completely  disconnected ditz who blithely tosses their trash out their car window while sporting an Obama 2008 bumpersticker.
    Reality television celebrities and the hordes of the American braindead who follow them are a phenomenon that will keep neurologists confused for decades to come. Only in America could the average dunce know more about Kim Kardashian than they do about how to boil water. Ask a teenager to cook dinner for the family and the three things they will look for is a box from the store and a microwave or the phone to call Dominoes.

   Ahhh... Maybe it is just my age. Maybe I am lamenting the same lament lamented by elders since old men have begun lamenting. I know there are many who work very hard to improve their lives and watch over each other. After all, we are all just trying to get to Friday and survive the week. I think about families with sick children and who would give their souls to watch their dying children grow up to be silly and stupid. I am blessed in that I have intelligent kids who will just get more intelligent as they get older themselves.. God willing.
    What worries me is that they have a life ahead of them where the potential for meeting shitty people and encountering stupid ideas is a fore gone conclusion. They will have to learn to navigate those rough waters with few charts. Maybe this is the departure I have made from what my mother taught me (and it is sad) because she always taught me to look for the good in people and I have taught my children to be wary of people. My mother did what she did with the best of intentions and hope. I do what I do with those same intentions. I just pray I am not remembered as a shitty person with stupid ideas...

.... And That Is The Diatribe....

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