Sunday, March 2, 2014

Absolute Power, Part I

    As is the tradition of M&P2012. I have spent some weeks reading, researching, and asking people about the subject I am about to post here. It is interesting how one must back up facts, cite references and documentation in order to be viewed as credible.. What I am to write to you about is an organization that needs to do nothing of the above, yet, exists and is more powerful and more insidious in our lives than the IRS.
   It is The Department Of Social Services.. This is the work of my life and what I will reveal here covers years...
    Usually I would save the commentaries after I have written the expose': An attempt to bring everything together and wrap it all up sort of say.. I have decided to abandon that precedent here. It is important to draw the reader in. The reader who saw the title and clicked on to read further. This is their story also.
    The Department of Social Services or The Department of Children and Families or, what ever your state calls it (Liberals love changing names to protect the guilty) is not at all interested in your children or your family. It cares little about fathers, if, at all save a reason to garnish wages while negating any input from that wage earner. God forbid a father ask a question of Family Court. Just sign the child support check!.... No! DCF is designed to break up families and impose a court order where all parties must submit to the rule of the State. DCF makes money from the Feds by artificially inflating 'at risk children' numbers, medicating children, forcing children into foster care and creating a data base of numbers and statistics that ensure the ever increasing budget of the State's Social Services System...
    The State makes money off of producing statistics of the need of child welfare services. Former Social Worker and Author, Mary Pride, in her 1981 book 'The Child Abuse Industry' wrote extensively on this very premise.
    If there isn't a problem? Why fund it?... So.. Let's create the problem... Thus it can be funded..

    The first thing you must understand is when you are engaged in a Family and Probate court case is that you are guilty.. After all, why would the State NOT bring such an action against you?.. Right? Jurist-prudence and Amendments of our Constitution be damned.
    The second thing you must understand is that all the agents are aligned. The school principal, child advocate, female police officer and the DCF worker all know each other. They work hand in hand. You can even see them chatting and laughing it up prior to your appearance before a Judge... Ever stand outside a court room during one of these proceedings?.. I have, many times! Watch, listen, learn.. It is a Cabal. Even the Court Appointed Lawyer for your case is an agent of the State.
    As I stated before; you are guilty. There is no jurist-prudence in Family or Probate Court. The standards are completely made up by the advocates and Judges depending on a particular case. What is fact on your side is nothing more than opinion according to the Court. However, the State (and it's agents) can lie, not produce witnesses for cross examination, yet use them for your prosecution. The Judge can dismiss your request for Motions and all of what I just said will be entered in as official testimony of the Court...
     You are Fucked! And, it is all Mandated under Law!... Great system isn't it?

.... There once was a time in this nation.. This is why a 21st Century civil war is inevitable..

    Everything I have just outlined will be backed up by facts, testimony, interviews and documentation in the episodes to follow. Unlike what I will expose of the DCF, I and the staff of M&P2012 DEMAND facts! This expose' will take weeks to produce, will be backed up and will curl your toe-nails before I am finished..
 Stay tuned..

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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