Monday, March 17, 2014

Absolute Power-- Part IV

 It is difficult for some people to wrap their heads around the concept of the purposeful intention of law enforcement, judges, case workers, prosecutors, even lawyers tasked to protect you of destroying your family for profit. If this was some Asian sex slave trade operating in the states the media would be all over it and you can bet SWAT raids would be in order very quickly. Yet, this does exist and nothing is being done about it. What few cases (and I do mean a very few cases) do get prosecuted come only after years of investigation, bankruptcy of the families, children's lives destroyed and childhood lost. Usually the guilty get a small sentence and (in some cases) end up back on the same job.
    Despite overwhelming evidence that profiting from child abduction under Child Protective Services exists, the rank and file in the department dismiss any allegations as crazy talk. In fact any attempt to expose this conspiracy is used against the family as a means to discredit them as further evidence of their 'unfit parents' status. Federal dollars flow to the state courts and local CPS offices for every child put into the system. Bonuses and extra pay get awarded to case workers for each child forced into foster care and or adoption. Money is paid to foster families for children they accept. In many cases there is a warehousing of children with foster families. CPS is also the largest managing agent for juvenile incarceration of children held in limbo until cases are decided. Alex Jones from Info-Wars has exposed one incarceration unit where rape parties were a common theme. In California CPS Supervisor Laurie Lee has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in kick backs for supplying children to adoption services. In Georgia, the exposure of CPS fraud has resulted in the murder of a State Senator and her husband. In Massachusetts DCF loses children all the time in foster care and has no discernible tracking system for the rest. Already, this year, one child has died prompting an investigation of Mass DCF and the call for director Olga Roche to be fired.

    In Santa Barbara County 'On Second Thought' producer William Wagener chases down Laurie Lee of Vandenberg Village. Lee is a CPS Supervisor. The family in question was brought up on false charges by Lee's office and their infant was taken away from them and given to a Tennessee family for adoption. Their child was never seen or heard from again. In the attached Youtube clip the family tells Wagener of their ordeal.

    Judge Herman presided over the case and would not allow the McIntyre family to tell their side of the story and was not the least bit interested in protecting the Constitutional rights of this family. Judge Herman and CPS ordered this family to undergo psychological evaluation and drug testing even though neither of the two had any prior drug convictions or suspected usage. He also refused to allow the family a jury trial. A direct violation of the sixth Amendment. Judge Herman has also accepted testimony from Lee without being sworn in and all other testimonies sworn under oath have mysteriously been misplaced in Judge Herman's office.
    The accusation stemmed (allegedly) from the mother being medically prescribed an anti-anxiety medication. Ironically, the same medication CPS forces families across the nation to be ordered to give to their children for ADHD. Lee was quoted by the McIntyre family as going off of "feelings. how she feels about a case". The McIntyre's were not allowed to bring up any of the missing sworn testimony, nor any of the unsworn testimony of Laurie Lee, nor to ask questions as to why such testimony is allowed.
    This case is from 2009 and is still unresolved. The where-abouts of their child is unknown.

    Georgia State Senator Nancy Shaefer was a long time advocate for family rights and in 2007, after four years of investigation, published a report titled "The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services". In this report and during many public speaking engagements Sen. Shaefer minced no words in her indictment of CPS. She spoke to Alex Jones about her findings.

    The Senator exposes how many state facilities that house juveniles arrange rape parties. Alex Jones tells how one such case was exposed by the Texas State Police and the investigator who uncovered it lost his job. As a result, the state of Texas applied for more money to 'solve' the problem, which they received. The Senator also claims in her reporting that certain children are targeted because of looks, age, and gender for abduction and adoption. Poor families are especially targeted because the state knows that they cannot afford an attorney. When the state 'appoints' an attorney he/she is usually in on the game. In some states, CPS has a website where photos of children in their custody are
displayed for potential adoptive parents to pick from. As Alex Jones said in the link "... pure evil..".

    On March 26th 2010  Senator Nancy Shaefer and her husband were shot dead. The LSM reported it as a murder-suicide. Not one witness could be found to corroborate that claim. In another report filed by William Wagener on the one year anniversary, Wagener points out that just prior to the murders both Bruce and Nancy had managed to gain private financing for a film documentary of the report she had published.

    Here is The opening speech from the Senator on her report:

    Olga Roche is under investigation by the State House for the death of a child under foster care. For some unknown reason the family that Jeremiah Oliver was placed with was able to slip through the standard CORI check every one goes through even applying for a job in Massachusetts. Child Advocate Gail Garinger told reporters outside a recent hearing that we need to look at CORI on an individual basis.
    I agree.. Just not with her assessment of how to do that.

    For instance, Gail claims that some one with a sexual assault charge may be nothing more than ".. a teenager on the steps of the high school patting another student on the bum...". And, perhaps the state should look at these cases on a more individual level to determine if an actual crime had been committed.. Some one shoot me now, please!
    Try this on for size Gail.. How about we just don't charge some one with sexual assault (in the first place) where a sexual assault does not exist? That poor teenager you speak of may want to serve his/her nation someday and will have some stupid case hanging over their heads forever

    DCF also missed months of scheduled follow up visits to check on the Oliver case.  Jeremiah Oliver is feared dead. Worc. County DA Joe Early says the investigation is on going. Candidate for Governor Charlie Baker as well as State Republicans are demanding her resignation.

     We can no longer apply the axiom of these examples being 'isolated incidents', or that ' it doesn't represent the larger majority of hard working, caring social workers'. If this were the case we would not have Youtube flooded with stories from across the nation of injustice from judges, case workers and police. Organizations that hide children from CPS would not exist. Fathers Against Divorce Discrimination would not be overwhelmed with hits on it's website, nor would homeschooling be one of the fastest growing trends in America next to the Tea Party. In addition, if you click the Youtube links and look to the right of the page you will see dozens of other links where CPS is exposed by many prominent attorneys and family rights organizations. The amount of material is staggering!

    No, in fact the opposite is very real in every state.
    The hard working, caring social workers are the isolated incident and do not represent the larger majority.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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