Friday, July 26, 2013

"You Can't Fix Stupid.."

    So, we all know the world has gone off of it's rails. There isn't one moment of the day something new comes across the tv screen that makes us all horrified. We know about war atrocities, we all know Islam is on the march as the West tries to placate. Why we do that when one tenet of Islam is to further destroy those who attempt a peace with Islam... Is..Strange. Secrets are no longer secrets because we have an entire industry designed to expose them to the public while our government gathers our own personal secrets for blackmail later on... Trust me, that is why they want our secrets.
    This world is full of stupid fucks.. I cannot put it any more succinctly. Lets look at Private Manning. He is a twink homosexual.. You know what a twink homosexual is don't you? Manning was involved in a Dom/sub relationship with another man. I will let you decide what "role" Manning played. That man broke up with him, so, just like a jilted woman empowered with feminist rhetoric he decided to create havoc instead of just moving on with his life.. It is all about diversity and equality. This is one of those stranger than fiction context's that you will never hear from the press. Well, I am sure he will find many 'daddy' types serving in Federal Prison.. How did that hope and change work for ya Manning?

    This world is full of stupid fucks..  The driver of the high speed train in Spain has an entire FB page where he posted pics of the speedometer exceeding the limits on sections of track. Now over 70 people are dead because he was a stupid fuck.  I cannot wait to see how this one unfolds.

    This world is full of stupid fucks. Anthony Weiner posts dick pics on the web. He flirts and chats with some 20- something woman.. Yeah, like she is all into.. Anthony Weiner! She knew exactly who she had in her web (pun intended) and was chomping at the bit to have her 15 minutes in the public media. She said all the right things, probably posted tit and clit pics of herself...... No one will ever see those because it would be seen as "exploiting the victim...".. Give me a break! The Monika's of the world unite!
    What takes this moment of extreme stupidity to another level is now Weiner is running for mayor. He decided to expose himself (pun, also intended) and his wife to further public humiliation. And it has happened. What I am waiting to see is how many more stupid fucks in NYC actually vote for this guy! Because we all know they are out there.

    I do not apologize for the content of this piece. This is The Meat And Potatoes Show and any one who knows me and my writing knows I never hold back. I am the crowbar upside your head waking you the hell up.

    The world is full of stupid fucks. Mike Dice is an internet sensation. He films himself asking people on the street to sign the most outrageous  petitions. He has gotten hundreds of signatures to remove the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment  and to imprison anyone against Obama's policies. He has a new one where he gets people to sign a petition to get Obama a third term. He now has another one where he has idiots sign a petition to legalize abortion after the baby has been born. The crazy thing is all the stupid fucks who actually sign these petitions without a second guess. I love that guy!

    The world is full of stupid fucks. NE Patriots football player Hernandez, arrested for murder because some guy gave him a rash of shit... So he killed him. That other moron who held dog fighting contests, went to jail.. And was hired back to play more football!!! Who are the stupid fucks on that one? But Tebow who prays and is not afraid of who he is as an American and is grateful for all he has is... Yesterday's news. Nothing to see there. Cannot get a new contract.
    News anchors say the dumbest things live on air and still get to show up the next day. Our VP is as vacant in the skull as a Detroit neighborhood. Octo-mom is the poster child for what is wrong with welfare but gets a television contract worth millions. She still gets welfare. Michelle Obama is fully comfortable telling us what we can and cannot eat while she maws down cheeseburgers and vintage wine bottles on her million dollar vacations. What is worse are all the Lib-tards who think she is an inspiration to all mothers.. Isn't she just wonderful?

    The world is full of stupid fucks. Law enforcement across this nation have no problem tromping on all of our rights. If we resist and defend ourselves then we are arrested for...well... Whatever they make up off the tops of their heads.. No, seriously. That is what they do! My M&P2012 FB page is full of clips under the title of "isolated incidents". Because this is what leftist media want us to believe.

    Our soldiers cannot pray anymore because of the athiests who are offended. Yet we must make all accomodations for the Islamic prisoners because it is the right thing to do and we must respect their religion.
    Athiests remind me of Vegans... OK, you want to eat vegan? Be my guest. Destroy your body with a lack of animal protein that humans have been designed over millions of years that which helped us to evolve. Deny you soul with the belief that there is something bigger than yourself.  But do not tell me (or worse) denigrate me and get your local legislator to outlaw me, my right to eat beef.. It IS what's for dinner!! The same applies to athiests. You have every right not to believe... But I do. So shut the fuck up and leave me alone!!

    In the old Worcester Mass. Courthouse there stood a fantastic carved marble statue of Moses holding the Ten Commandments. When the new courthouse was built on Main St. they actually moved the statue into the new building. It sits high and out of the way on the top floor. You have to purposely seek it out in order to find it. In the old courthouse it was in the lobby of the front door.... At least it is still there even if, on,  a hidden top floor.

    Movie stars marry, have affairs, divorce..Then make block buster movies and get paid millions. Actors and Actresses say the dumbest things about politics and the Lib-tards nob in agreement. Millions of Americans hang on every word from Jon Stewart who isn't even a journalist. Barbara Steisand is a known vocal advocate for the environment. You cannot build that house. You cannot build that pool, You cannot pave that driveway. The spotted, flying, three toed cricket will be endangered. Yet Babs has managed to pay off local officials for her multi million dollar mansion in Malibu to ever thus expand.
    Movie stars and Rock musicians have the best of the world in the palm of their hands yet decide to kill themselves because they are 'depressed', have a 'sex addiction', or cannot see that there is too much cocaine on the mirror. I would sell my soul for one tenth of what they have. I played rock and roll. I tried to break into the big leagues and could not.. What I could have done given half of the chances these people have every single day.
    Then, there is Bret Micheals from the band Poison. This guy has had more crap happen to him than he can shake his guitar at. Heart attack, stroke, Type 1 Diabetes. He continues to work. He serves with veterans, gives to charity, has a new album out with some of America's great rock icons... He gets no press. He just does this himself. I think of Ted Nugent who has done more to awaken America on their Constitution than any other artists... These people are NOT stupid fucks.. It is the lack of media coverage of these two great Patriots that is the stupid fucked -upid-ness of our society today.

    Now, Zimmerman. I promise to keep this short.
    He has been found not guilty by a jury of his peers... Our system... DONE!!!

....And That Is The Diatribe....





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