Monday, July 8, 2013

Fear And Loathing In Ameristan

    I fear that I will see events unfold in my lifetime that will render me persecuted, prosecuted and possibly killed. The level of apathy in our nation has found us at a crossroads where I could, quite literally, see the death of the United States as I know it today. I am not talking about the corrupt government we voted ourselves into. That is complete and must now run it's course. I am talking about the infiltration of our country by others who do not share our traditional Patriotic values and who wish to impose their lifestyle under the banner of 'Democracy'. Groups of people with an agenda who claim their rights at the expense and insult of other people's rights. These impositions resulting in violence, control of media, mob style tactics and the use of political correctness to gain a favorable standing.
    What is equally distressing is how many in the general public accept this standard or who are uninformed, mal-informed or who simply do not care. They silently whistle past the graveyard hoping it doesn't affect them. Yet it does. As if a mass sense of denial has descended upon the American psychology. I almost wish that there be an alien invasion from outer space. At least that way the playing field will level out. Because then we would all be dead.
    It is possible that war could break out within our nation. As I have written before it will pit Patriotic Americans against.. Well, everyone. Socialists will join with Islamic fundamentalists, Leftists, Anarchists, Anonymous, pro-abortion, government agencies, homosexuals, atheists, hell take your pick. People like me will be vastly outnumbered, politically hobbled and woefully under armed and the world will not care. Interestingly, I can only laugh as I know, historically, what happens after such 'purges' are finished. Those behind the rounding up are soon rounded up themselves.

    A recent post appeared on my Facebook page from Dearborn Michigan. It was a frightening clip of Christians being harassed, assaulted and threatened by a huge Muslim crowd. Children joined in and threw crates, rocks and concrete at the quiet gathering of a Christian group. Police did nothing to intervene. In fact the leaders of the Christian group were told to leave by the police. They were told that the police could not supply enough people for security. Ironically, about twelve armed officers showed up suddenly for the removal of the Christians, not the Islamics who were openly violent.

    I do not think people understand a simple concept behind Islam. It calls for the death, persecution, rape, enslavement and confiscation of property from any one who is not Islamic. Even if people convert they must pay a tax to the Imam for all those years not a Muslim. I laugh at how all these people professing gay rights have absolutely no idea that they will be instantly murdered under an Islamic Caliphate. The pro-abortion people? Murdered. Women?.. Don't get me started.
    Religious tolerance is a cornerstone of our founding. What we have today is religious preference. By destroying our Judeo-Christian heritage we allow a vacuum to be created. Nature abhors a vacuum and demands something fill that void. While we tolerate the practice of one type of faith must we accept that faith's tenet of the destruction of any one and everything not practicing that faith? Apparently we must or fear being targeted as 'intolerant' or 'racist'. Possibly attacked violently.

    Whenever I engage some one in conversation about unfolding events the usual response is one of isolation. In other words they constantly fall back on the old adage of " isolated incident.." However being 50 years old and spending the last five years openly tracking these events has led me to believe that none of these are isolated events but a growing trend. Trends tend to become part of the culture. What applies to clothing styles applies to social behavior as well. It is the same psychology that fuels both.

    Watching the fabric of this nation unravel is heartbreaking. Our instantaneousness effectively shuts out critical thinking. Individual analysis based on facts and conclusions drawn on evidence no longer apply. Listening to people talk of the racism behind the Zimmerman trial is one example. As I watch the trial I am stunned at how the prosecution continues to shoot itself in the foot yet the public at large is convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that this was a racially motivated act. At no point in time, in any of the media outlets are comparisons made, conclusions drawn or consideration given to the overwhelming crime committed by blacks against their own race and whites.

    No one attaches race to scenes such as the one posted above. The Al Sharptons of the world will deflect the conversation away towards the scripted catch phrases we have all come to know too well.
I often weep at how ashamed Martin Luther King Jr. must be at the level of divisiveness and lack of vision his followers have. He must cringe as they invoke his name while committing heinous crimes against their brethren.
    And where is this supposed 'racism' that I hear so much about? Where is the employer denying some one a job because they are black? Can some one give me a definitive example? I know I have been threatened because of my race. I have been robbed and called a 'cracka'. I have to tolerate the obnoxiously loud bass beat from a car that drives by my home spouting vulgar lyrics about banging white chicks in the ass, slapping some 'ho' and killing 'whitey'. I have to tolerate the lowest common denominator of intelligence that permeates the city I live in.
    I have been denied benefits while unemployed because of my race. I was denied help as a single father of an infant because of my gender, nor was there any help from the State in securing my child support. But bet your bottom dollar, when it came my turn to pay? And, because of my political beliefs, I am now discriminated against as a potential terrorist. I have to think twice of wearing my Tea Party shirt, or my BDU's from my time in the Coast Guard because it may offend somebody yet I have to be respectful at some kid with his pants around his ankles or a twelve year old girl wearing a tank top that says 'slut' on the front.
    I am not allowed to know if my daughter gets an abortion or condoms at school. However, if she does engage in that activity Social Services will charge me with parental neglect.

    Do not be confused about revolution either. We only need to look at the Middle East to understand how swimmingly that all went. Even the fall of the Berlin Wall opened up a hornet's nest of bloodshed.

    Our national OCD  with trying to be tolerant of others has turned into a spoiled brats global temper tantrum. Tolerance doesn't seem to be in abundance elsewhere in the world. Open warfare and horrific violence against citizens is rampant in the majority of the world's countries and it is coming here. It is simple mental illness to continue along the mindset that all of this is 'an isolated incident'. We must see the farm we are enslaved upon. We need to see the enemy for who they are. And if you think that the Socialists allowing other interests to edge out American principles, values and our religious tradition under the guise of tolerance just to show how friendly Socialists are? Then, let me remind you. Once we are all rounded up there will be no one left to defend you when they come after you..

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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