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Shock The Monkey!!

    In 1987 at the age of 15 Tawana Brawley accused  six police officers ( one was an Asst. AG) of gang raping her. The event became a media sensation and helped launch the career of one Al Sharpton. Also involved  were Attorney Alton Maddox.  Also involved was Attorney Vernon Mason. Together they accused Asst. AG Steven Pagones of taking part in that rape. Alton Maddox had his liscense suspended in 1990 and Vernon Mason was ordered to pay over $185,000 in civil damages to Pagones. His liscense was suspended in 1995. The entire thing was a hoax and to this date Brawley has not paid her share of the liable money, nor have any of the other characters in this tragic and badly acted play.
    Brawley lives somewhere down south today on the public dole... Figures..

    I am not sure if this case was the start of the current obsession we have over racism and crime. It just seemed like a good place to start. But first, a little history.

    During the Kennedy Administration the 1950's strirrings of Civil Rights were coming to a boil. The Washington Democrats wanted nothing to do with legislation and the southern states (primarily Democrat) were hell bent on keeping 'darkie' under wraps. We all know the history and today the Black Congressional Caucus and NAACP constanly remind us of those failures. What they selectively choose not to remind us of is the pride and family values deeply entrenched in black families during this very difficult time in American history.
    Just open a history book. Talk to elder black Americans and ask them about their families. Ask them what they were expected of from their parents. They will tell you they were expected to be decent. They were expected to be well dressed. They were expected to be polite, helpful, work hard and to honor God and their parents. Open any history book and you will see photographs of well dressed black American citizens quietly marching, quietly doing 'sit-ins'. quietly going to church, going to work, going to school so they may become something better than themselves and better than what racism demanded of them.. It was truly an American success story. We must always remind ourselves that it was not all of white America that demanded they be denied.. It was the Democrats in control of the southern states they lived in who demanded they be denied. The mothers and the hard working fathers demanded something else. They demanded pride from their children. They demanded honor, public service, and an unabiding faith in God. Never bring shame upon your family. These were true Americans.

    My own mother was thrown off a bus and called a 'nigger lover' when she stood up for a black woman and the driver refused that black woman on the bus. She and her husband were stationed at Fort Dix.

    Certainly racism existed. It was open and institutionalized. That was the whole purpose of the Civil Rights Movement! To remove the barriers and to remove the mindset within our own governmental institutions. Business was another story, however. Business had to be forced under legislation. I think of the Woolworth sit in where dozens of blacks occupied a local store demanding to be served. I can think of no more honorable act of Liberty than those brave men and women who showed up that day. They would weep at the mess we have today.

   There was a march across a bridge. There was a peacful demonstration in Burmingham broken up by fire hoses. One old woman dared to sit in the front seat of a bus. These are icons of American Liberty. These are examples of Conservative Americans who believed that the Constitution garanteed that "all men are created equal." They followed in the footsteps of other black Americans who served in the Civil War, who ran away as slaves and became Congressmen. They aspired to be something better than what they were told to be. Where are those icons today?

    Well, let me tell you where they are and what 'selective truths' we are told to believe.

    This was 1992.. Has it gotten' better?
     Now, all I did was look this up under This is what popped up on the computer. How bad is it that we can just type in several words and we get ... This?
    Please remember what I wrote earlier. That the parents (during the 50's and 60's.. most horrible racial disparity) demanded their children behave and act accordingly and to never bring shame upon the family. .... Where is this today?
     Shame. It is now the norm.
    The Trayvon riots have now eclipsed the 2013 year to date black on white violence from 2012.
    Never mind the Watt's riots. What about that truck driver who had a brick thrown into his skull after the Rodney King verdict?  Guess what? He cannot drive a truck still to this day. Who was he? Why was he assaulted?.... Just some guy driving a truck. Feeding his family. Paying his taxes... Now, an invalide. Is this what the mother in 1960...? Fighting racism? Told her child to do?... MLK weeps in heaven.
    No, but it seems to be the message today... Thanks to blacks on that day (who should have been at work).. A guy, who was at work.. Cannot work anymore!!!

   Today we have an new form of 'institutionalized racism'. We have the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons openly fomenting racism. Supported by the militant arm of their ideology are the Black Panthers and supported by the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, Racism is alive and well in 2013. It is policy. It is a lobby-ing effort. It is big money. It makes money, it breeds, it grows and it foments violence. Violence for the sake of political elbow room. It is a modern form of plantation mentality designed (specifically) to keep the black man beholden to the legislation that keeps them all under the yoke of discrimination. Discrimination by legislation under the ruse of institutionalized equality. NOT.... Not, by the merits of the hard work of black Americans. Never by the content of their character, but (exclusively) BY THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN!!!

    The violence we see all the time (but no one wants to talk about it) reminds me of another race of people who want violence, who want hatred and  revenge against America. They are called Muslims.
    Again, a little history.
    During the 1960's many Muslim groups infiltrated the black community. It is no wonder why many blacks are Muslim today.. How is that working for ya? Muslims kill more blacks in Africa today than ever before in history.... Look it up. It was a way to foment more violence in America and nothing more. It had nothing to do with equality. Had nothing to do with tolerance. Had nothing to do with the plight of the 'inner city'.... Had nothing to do with 'black Americans'. It was designed to place a wedge into the race relations and undermine the fabric of American culture. Including blacks and their families.
    Liberalism is as culpable. Maggie Sanger openly proposed the abortion of black children. She got black ministers to preach this idea in the 1920's. Even today the most dangerous place for a black child is in the womb of a black woman!.. Then, once born (if) the second most dangerous place is in an all black inner city hood! At 12 or 13 that child joins a gang or... DIES.

    Remember, in the 50's a black mother would kiss her child, dress him/her nicely and demand they behave. Despite the horrible racism of the day. Today?????
    Today we have  Jeantal who testified at the Zimmerman trial. She is the poster child of what black America is today. She is stupid, uneducated, cannot speak, cannot write, has no clue of the world around her, she is fat, dull eyed and has become the 15 minute celebrity of ... Two weeks ago. Yet she is the pin up girl of black America.
    How well done.. All those years of struggle. From slavery to the 14rh Amendment to Jim Crow to the 1950's, JFK, LBJ and Civil Rights.. Well done.. Well done..
    You have come full circle only to find yourselves back to where you started from. Under the yoke of institutionalized racism..
    What is worse.. Many of you.. Voted for it... So the answer is? To riot.

    You want and vote for equal justice and then riot because equal justice under the law some how does not fit your narrow (and racist) view of equal justice under the law? Where is the equal justice when the overwhelming violence is committed against blacks from blacks? Where is the justice from the link I posted way back in the beginning of this blog? How does a grandmother on a highway getting punched in the face justify the opposition to the Zimmerman verdict?

    It does not. It only exposes the institutinalized racism you (black America) have been enslaved to believe is your right to be  a violent criminal. It is, what I call "Shock the Monkey".... Allow me to explain..

    Three monkeys are put into a cage. In that cage is a ladder with a banana dangling from a rope above.
    One monkey goes up that ladder to get the banana, The other two monkeys get a shock. After some time and repeated bananas and shockings the other two monkeys start to beat the one monkey going up the ladder.. Why? Because they do not want to get shocked!
    Now, take out one of the 'shocked' monkeys and bring in a new one.
    He decides to go up the ladder. Only the original monkey gets shocked and the original one who went up the ladder freaks out. They both beat the new monkey.
    Now take out the other original shocked monkey. Bring in a new monkey... He goes up the ladder.
    Guess what? They both beat the new monkey before he gets two steps onto the ladder.
 The scientists change out the monkeys and continue the experiment.. Soon, neither new monkey knows why they are beating the other new monkey as he attempts the ladder, only that something bad will happen if he does clinmb that ladder. It is the same with racism... No one knows why they are rioting, just that.. Every one else is rioting. No one knows why they hate whitey, just that, every one else hates whitey. They are told whitey is bad so they react accordingly. It is simple psychology and has nothing to do with race.. It is human behavior.. Soooo... Have I come full circle on my own Diatribe?
    I have..

    Race relations in America is on some sort of 'auto pilot'. It just 'is'. We are all shocked monkeys reacting as we are told to without any sense of "why" we should react this way. The riots have no foundation on reason . They exist just... Because.. I started this Diatribe with Al Sharpton because I felt this was a good palce to start. He took a 'shocked monkey' approach to the Tawana Brawley case. He is taking a 'shocked monkey' approach to the Zimmerman case. Black America is acting just as the third, or, fourth monkey brought into the cage.. They have no idea what they are doing.. They are just doing it.
    It is instutionalized racism brought on by those who wish to keep racism alive.. Other blacks.. Blacks who are in control of other blacks.. Uncle Toms.. Uncle Tom made lots of money off the deprivations of his slaves.. And so it is today...

....And That Is The Diatribe....



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