Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Ebb And Flow Of The Liberal Tide

    Liberalism is a mental illness that is ever changing, and is always fluid. It can change at a moment's notice without warning at any time for any reason. It is a disorder of such severity that a schizophrenic wouldn't dare venture into it even with their other personalities.
    It's waters crash upon the shores of Conservatism constantly. Although the shore remains it is always forced to comply with the relentless surf and at times is violently altered forever. There is an old Chinese proverb that states, " be soft like water.." Even when water is not visible it is always present and affecting our surroundings. So, too, goes Liberalism. Always present and always affecting our environment. Changing at any time, for any reason and without notice.
    You can usually spot a Liberal by one simple test. All you need to do is feel the person's finger. If it is wet, that usually means they have licked it and held it up to the political wind to determine which position to take at that particular moment... Again, always subject to change without notice.
    The tide is always ebbing and flowing.

    In the 1980's women's groups banded together to protest the Reagan policy of 'Pro-Life' and traditional marriage, family and motherhood. These groups grew in numbers and influence once GB Sr. took office. However, once William Jefferson Clinton took office many of these groups disbanded declaring a de-facto/political victory for women. The passage of The Violence Against Women Act was the trophy on their mantel. Men would be held accountable. The largest theft of property from one sex to another would ensue. Even if it was the women who committed the violence, adultery and divorce proceedings. California adopted the 50/50 rule.. Ladies, marry a guy in California, then divorce him and you instantly get 50% of everything he owns even if he earned it years ago, long before he met you.
    Never mind the fact that Billy C. was a rapist and a misogynist. Never mind that Monika's dress sold for millions at auction (with the stain.. eewwww). Never mind that photos of The President on the golf course smoking the famous 'Monika cigar' were everywhere. He stood for equality, gay rights, women's issues, all the banner accolades. He was given a pass from the Liberals because of the , "..vast right wing conspiracy..."

     The attempt of Hillary Clinton to introduce sweeping Health Care reform was soon shot down. Even many Democrats rejected it.
    One of Hillary's long time mentors was Saul Alinsky. She was even asked at one time to teach under him. She declined for more aspirational goals. But she did take one of his tenets into the White House. Her plan for universal healthcare. It was bound to fail. In fact, she knew this. It was purposely planned to unfold accordingly.
    Her plan was for sweeping change. She pushed the envelope. Once rejected she took on a more conciliatory approach. For, the political tactic of Alinsky is to ask for the most extreme and (upon losing) you demand 'compromise' from your opposition. This pits the opposition against moderates and the 'undecided'.. Eventually we ended up with the HIPPA laws of the 1990's which set the stage for our present nightmare under the Obama Regime.
    The waters, dragging more sand away from the shore...

    I remember when Political Correctness first came on the scene in the 90's. I remember how we all laughed at the idea of calling a 'man-hole-cover' a 'person-hole-cover'. A Stewardess became a Flight Attendant. The road sign 'Men At Work' disappeared along with the band of the same namesake.
    I thought to myself then, "Well, this isn't going to end well."
    And, it hasn't.
    We have eclipsed fully with poor Phil Robertson being fired from the A&E Channel because he dared to voice his opinion on a subject. Currently his lawyers are filing a lawsuit based on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Touche' Liberals.
     It took a good week to fire Martin Bashir. The LSM consistently tailors it's message to satisfy the mal-informed voter. The Tea Party is equated with the KKK. It is as oxymoronic and useless as comparing a potato peeler with Genghis Khan.

    In the late fall of 2000 a vitriolic debate was underway over the election of George Bush. It was to be pivotal in the discussion of election reform. Liberals would have nothing of this. GB Jr. stole the election and that was that.
    Al Gore and his lawyers demanded another re-count ( I can support that).
    He asked the Florida State Election Commission to only recount those votes in primarily Democrat controlled districts... mmmmm..
    The Florida State Sect. said no. The Florida State Supreme Court said no. They all concurred that if a recount was to take place, then all counties, all districts would be re-counted.
    Liberals (always demanding equality) cried foul! Florida is a Republican controlled State!! It is voter fraud!!
    No evidence has ever surfaced that this took place on the part of Republicans. Although many court cases since then have resulted in many DNC Election officials/voters being fined, jailed and chastised by the Florida State Supreme Court. Eventually the Florida Sect. of State suspended the recount after it kept coming back in favor of George Bush. The Supreme Court issued their decision accordingly.
    In fact, virtually all voter fraud cases across America always result in the criminal indictment of Democrats. Republican guilty cases are less than 1/10th of 1% of all voter fraud cases. Counties routinely report numbers that make no sense. Numbers like 158% of voter turnout. Counties with  over 600,000 votes.. All of them Democrat.. This is statistically impossible! Towns with 60-70 thousand registered voters but (somehow) turning in over 100, 000 votes.. Most of them Democrat.
    I personally know poll watchers who see people come by two, three times to vote with a different name yet are powerless to intervene because some one might cry about discrimination. Usually those voters are black or Hispanic. It is, literally, allowed.
    Massachusetts is a huge Democrat controlled State. Our legislators have openly said they will not tolerate debate from Republicans on Bills, nor allow the public, or press to attend meetings anymore..
    Our Statehouse is now closed to the open and public discourse that is a cornerstone of our Republic... And no one has said a word... Especially the Liberals. The State that started The Revolution has rolled over to tyranny.
    The water washes up and more sand flows away..

    But George Bush was not to be let off the hook.
    On Sept, 11th 2001 our nation was at war.
    I watched on TV from a hotel I worked at. I watched the second plane fly in. Our company just received a brand new flag from an American manufacturer. I and another employee (veteran) took down the old flag and raised this new one. Less than 15 minutes later we watched the highway behind us go silent as cars pulled over. In another fifteen minutes two F-15's flew over us from Hanscome Air Base. The sky was silent of all commercial planes except from those jets that flew wide air cover.
    Then... I watched the towers fall.. Every guest in that hotel was stunned. We fed them. We served coffee, food, help. We opened our phones for free and internet as well. Every hour we would hear the roar of many more F-15's. The phones went dead at times as well as internet .We all banded together.
    We watched both Houses of Congress and Senate sing and recite the Pledge of Allegiance on the steps of The Capitol. President Bush ordered his plane and military and Secret Service that he would return to The White House..
    If ever there was... If ever there was a time we should all be Americans, this was that time.
    It would not last.
    Because Liberals never let a crisis go to waste... ".. It allows you to do things you would not be able to do otherwise..." Rahm Emanuel.
    The House and Senate overwhelmingly passed The Patriot Act. It would become a major political football in 2004 and 2008. So much for that 'cum-bauyya' moment. Let it be said that Liberals will exploit and use any event for their own purpose and at any moment will turn that event around and shove it right where the sun never shines.
    The proverbial wet finger in the wind. Or, in this case, the stinky finger in the wind.

    In the spring of 2003 'Shock And Awe' erupted over Bagdad. It would become an "illegal" war.
    Ten miles wide and over two miles deep, the 'Wave of Steel' rolled across the Iraqi desert.
    Months of UN negotiations. 17 UN resolutions. Inspectors coming, going, coming again.. Going again. Sect. of State General Colin Powell displayed satellite photographs (as Adlai Stevenson once did in 1962) of Chemical weapons being loaded onto trucks and trains for removal. Still, the UN and our (now) Democrat controlled Congress. diddled. Waited.
    The President did not present a credible case.... Really?
    17 nations signed up to help us. Hans Blix told the UN he was personally assaulted and thrown out of Iraq. The French refused to sign on.. (later)... many weapons systems were found to be "Made in France"... mmmm...
    President Bush decided to act.
    ..... If I may, here. 
    His only mistake was not  his invasion. It was his trust in the "World Community", to make the 'right' decision... It is (after all) dominated by Liberals. Bush is a Republican. Remember that bumper sticker in 2008 about Sarah Palin?.. ' .. She is not a woman, she is a Republican......" Never mind who you are, it is, 'what' you are... Except if your gay.. Liberals , always ever fluid.. except Dick Cheney's daughter.. she is Republican.. But.. Wait.....
     See my point? A schizophrenic wouldn't even go there.. Even I am confused and I have researched this!!! Well, sometimes the current changes course. At anytime without warning.

    Back to Iraq..
     The weapons were gone. Moved to Syria (hello 2013!)
    " Bush lied. people died..."
    Welcome to 2006. Congressional elections and the end of GWB Jr. A young Senator (always voting 'absent') becomes the "Chosen One".. George Soros and Morgan Stanley cannot masturbate enough. Hillary will once again tie herself to another man who has a history of mistresses in order to secure her position (cough..ahemmm) to take over the helm.
    It is never about who you are is about what you are.
    Liberals have been behind most of the world's worst atrocities. Liberals argued against air war in Bosnia as well as supplying weapons to them. Over 200,000 were raped, shot and decimated. Liberals demanded Wilson stay out of WW I so they could foment Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and here in the US. Carter allowed the  fall of the Shah (as despotic as he was) to usher in mass genocide of Iranian freedom fighters. Obama stood by as our dictatorial allies in the Middle East fell to Islamic Jihad. The 2006 Democrat/Liberal Congress voted to defund our war in both Iraq and Afghanistan and many speakers said the war was a lost cause. Political Correctness (across the globe) has paralyzed society to stand up for justice and equal rights all in the (Liberal name of) justice and equal rights.... Well, according to them.. Remember, always ever changing and ever fluid.
    The 'Surge' was a lie. Hillary had to 'suspend dis belief'.  20 million Iraqi's voting was a farce. Carter showed up to make sure the vote was fair., but dis agrees with voter ID.. But ' what does it matter' , in Benghazi?
    Always the wet finger in the wind.

    George Orwell could not conceive of this novel.. He would throw his notes away and get a stiff drink.. Then, sit by the shore as the water washed up and the sand slipped away.

    Now we are going to war. As of this date 9/4/2013. Our Senate has decided to go to war in Syria.
    It must be nice to be a Liberal. Always secure in your ever changing decisions and opinions. When I was young I could adopt that premise. Now, since we have an ADHD society always hopped up on drugs, I can see this.
    I am old. I have learned. I have calmed down. I like watching my garden grow slowly. I like looking up at the sky and watching MOM Earth turn and churn as SHE will. I am aware of the lie. I am aware of the lunacy that has imprisoned our planet.. Time to go..

....... Time to go..... My grandmother always said... "I am glad I am on my way out and not on my way in...."

..... It was once so.... See you soon Grandmother... On that ever ebbing and flowing shore...

.... And That Is The Diatribe....


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