Monday, February 25, 2013

Congressman McGovern's Shameless Exploitation

    It was a veritable 'who's who' of anti-gun advocate panelists last Friday night at the Boys and Girls Club on Tainter Street in Worcester Mass. Only about five of the eighty five attendees were staunch Second Amendment supporters. The panel, headed up by Congressman Jim Rubberstamp McGovern, wasted no time in the salacious exploitation of a private citizen's personal pain. Mrs. Marcy Johnson spoke of her thirteen year old son paralyzed by a stray bullet. Earlier, in Westford Mass, the town Selectman held a special town meeting with much the same goal in mind. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out for him as he wanted. More on that later.
    The usual boogieman was the gun industry and gun lobbyists. You see some lobbyists are good and others are bad. The intent of Friday's meeting was to denigrate the 'bad' lobbyists. I will let Rubberstamp Jim explain: "... it requires every one's help of standing up to very powerful, well funded special interests.."
    He was right!
    Sitting alongside of the guy who raided millions for a campaign he had no opponent in were many other powerful, well funded special interests. At the head table were John Rosenthal of the Stop Handgun Violence organization, Worcester Police Chief Gary Bribe Me Gemme, North Hampton Mayor David Narkewitcz. This guy from the U-Mass Lib Land area belongs to a cabal of mayors against illegal guns. Well, at least he is concentrating on "illegal" guns. Strange, since his next door neighbor of Amherst doesn't recognize "illegal aliens" and gives them sanctuary. Hey, it is BizarroWorld don't ask me to explain it. Rounding out the panel was the famous 'acting' Commissioner of the Worcester Health Department Dr. Michael Hirsh. I wrote about him in an earlier blog.
    So, apparently the good Congressman was correct in his statement of  "powerful, well funded special interests."

    But John Rosenthal gets the Golden Foot In The Mouth Award for his blurt to the audience in attendance.
    " Those who oppose gun laws argue that people need to have the same weapons that the military has. That they cannot trust the government or law enforcement ( I'm with you on that JR) and that they need to be armed to the hilt to defend themselves against a renegade government (still with ya' JR) But, the government has nuclear weapons, planes and tanks.."
    Excuse me? Nuclear weapons? Planes and tanks?
    So, even if we keep our high capacity automatic weapons we will still be woefully underarmed against government tyranny. I think that was what he was trying to say but some how I doubt it.
    ... And the award goes to...
    That took the cake for me. I was ready to hand the Golden Foot In The Mouth Award to the Westford Selectman when he realized his town meeting went straight to hell after the room was SRO with gun rights advocates and other citizens who then voted the assault ban down in the town of Westford. He is quoted as saying: ".. wasn't getting the discussion we wanted." The Selectman was later seen sucking his thumb and holding a blanket after the meeting.

    None of these forums ever take into account facts and numbers. Liberals hate facts. They are stubborn things and tend to discredit the impassioned plea of the victims and the intentions of the lawmakers who exploit them. According to a USA Today study published 2/22/13 over the past seven years only three of the 934 mass shootings were in schools. " is a rare event.." says Northeastern U. Criminologist James Allen. Over 40% of those shootings were domestically linked or the perp knew the vic in some way. Gun crime is truly an act of violence against another person. The gun is only a means to an end. The USA report did not break down the other numbers. It didn't matter, I went back to a source for them.
    I had the pleasure of speaking to Reid K. Smith, who is at Wayne State U., on my radio show a couple years back. He is a great advocate of changing the conceal carry laws on campus. He started this movement after the Virginia Tech shooting. He told me on the radio show that less than 1/10th of 1% of all shootings are committed by legal gun owners in the United States.
    He took the rare step of doing some research. Then he spoke publicly about it. Thanks Reid.
    That means (quite literally) that over 99.99% of all shootings are committed by criminals with illegally owned guns. Regardless of how you slice up the pie people who take the ownership of guns seriously are not the target audience for more gun control. We should be looking to round up the nut bags and gangs out there who get them illegally.... I need a sedative.
    Couple that with the statistics that rate cities with the strictest gun laws such as Chicago and Washington DC that ban all guns within city limits have the highest gun violence. Criminals could care less. Lets also not forget what happened to the citizens of Australia after they passed comprehensive gun banning. Crime jumped double digits within weeks

    Again, the correlation between guns and tobacco were raised by one audience member at Friday's meeting. It was the boilerplate use of how Congress acting changed the industry. God forbid any American should accept responsibility for their actions. We'll just let government pass a law.
    All the new laws and regulations have done was create new revenue for the government. Victims be damned. As I wrote in another blog the overwhelming majority of money raised after the tobacco laws were passed went to everything under the sun except health. You think the new gun laws will have anything to do with crime prevention? Does the Healthcare bill have anything to do with Healthcare? This, despite a referendum passed in 1994 from the citizens of Massachusetts that over 40% of all tobacco taxes and fines go to healthcare.
    Essentially the nonsense from the Left is going to ratchet up. This, in the face of a growing Resistance movement spreading across the nation. Over 300 people showed up at the Statehouse in Communist Vermont in support of their Second Amendment rights. To date there have been two protests in two cities here in Massachusetts over as many months.
    ( Author's Note: I must say, I read the T+G article on the 2/23/13 rally on Lincoln Square. The writer was very good at being factual and objective. I was there and the article was well done.)

    It is called 'freak-out politics'. The Libs at the helm know only this. It will take the will and force of the American people who will stand up and demand rights. The shameless exploitation of a mother's anguish carries no weight in this debate but, will be the 'banner yet waved' by the purveyors of freak-out politics.
    I cannot fathom the agony of a lost child to gun violence. I can only pray I never will. Even so, I hope my knowledge and evolved sensibilities will steer me through with logic and not blind emotion. Liberals are all about how someone 'feels' never what someone thinks.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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