Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Political Football Game Halftime Show

    Karen Hughes is wrong. Her assessment of the current state of the Republican party is way off the mark. She is just regurgitating the same standard lines HER boss is telling her to say. Jesus H. F-ing Christ! I should have run for the chairmanship!
    Here is what we really need to do.
    We need a candidate with star power. We need a candidate who is so conservative he/she scares the bee-jeezus out of other Conservatives. We should never apologize and never step back from our positions. God knows the Liberals never do. We have nothing to lose.... Oh, you mean we would lose the election? Of course we will. We would have anyway no matter who we toss onto a soapbox. The Democrat Machine is well oiled and well financed here is BizarroWorld.
    The point is that this whole hand wringing over Scott Brown has got to stop. He is out, party over, everyone go home. It is ten to one that Gail asked him not to run again. That campaign treadmill is a killer on a marriage. I do not blame her one single bit. Besides give Scott some credit here. Any man worth his salt knows that when the wife says no the answer is no. The second coming of Christ will not dislodge a woman's resolve.
    The GOP pushing Tagg Romney makes us look foolish and desperate. Tossing any warm body onto the stage will end in disaster. Let Markey win, he will anyway. The People's Republic of Massachusetts has this thing all sewn up that's why Markey was chosen. Lynch is just there for good press. He knows he will lose and he doesn't care. He still gets his raise, his new car and a remodelled office.

    Hunker down GOP. Let us marshall the forces of grassroots politics and creep our way into every facet of the local political scene we can find. Be the water under that dry sponge of entrenched Liberal Democrat control and seep our way right up to the top. Let the Democrats dig that hole deeper, let them take the whole state down along with them. Meanwhile we Conservatives will have been working behind the scenes shaking hands, building relationships and creating the next wave of  Conservative Republican Government. The Democrats are in their heady days of Oligarchist Socialism right now. They have the hubris to think they can get away with anything and they can because they do. As the situation deteriorates society will be desperate for a way out. This will coincide with the next big election cycles of 2014 and 2016. If Conservatives play their cards right and stick to the plan between now and then we could pull off a decisive win.... Maybe.
    The problem is it is idiots like Karen Hughes, Michael Steele and the rest of the  Republican bobble-heads in charge who consistently drop the ball just inches from the end zone. In 2010 I interviewed Commander Kirk Lippold of the USS Cole. He was running for Congress out in his district in Nevada. Just 48 hours before I was to go on air I get an e-mail from his campaign manager cancelling the interview. Turns out the Nevada state GOP ended up picking some other guy as their man and demanded Lippold cancel all press and not talk of his campaign. I quickly scrambled together another interview and managed to get the Commander onto the show anyways.
    Guess what we ended up talking about?..The campaign and all the shenanigans behind the scene.
    You see, the Commander had that star power I spoke of earlier. He was the right man for the right job, perfectly placed at the perfect time. God himself couldn't have done better. But the GOP dropped the ball and went with some nobody and lost big. They felt that the other guy was more likable, more happy faced and almost just like a Democrat.

    The state has the Democratic Machine running 24/7/365. We need to be determined to accept nothing but our Conservative values and nothing less than absolute , unconditional victory based on those values. If we compromise to be more 'like Democrats' then we will not only lose elections we will lose our souls as Conservatives.
    Every time the San Francisco 49'ers went to the Superbowl they won. It was already in the bag that they would win this one as well. But a determined opponent with only victory on their minds who slogged their way to the top was to face them this time around. In the end it was the Ravens who picked apart an entrenched dynasty and took victory away.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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