Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Make The Character More Likable

    It has been suggested to me by some associates that I should not be so open about my political opinion on various pages I post upon and hold accounts. One page is considered  'professional' in nature and that I should refrain my obvious Conservative opinion and links to The Lexington Green. ".... you might alienate potential employers " was one critique.
    And who would that alienated employer be? Some one I wouldn't want to work for in the first place was my immediate summation. If some one was to find my writing favorable then my political leanings become rather germain to my eventual goal of of working in Conservative Media. The creator of the FX Channel was in USA Today last week and he spoke of why he started the network. All of his story ideas would come back from the big networks rejected. All of them had attached notes with a recurring theme. The notes read, "can you make the character more likable?"
    Make the character more likable? The character is supposed to be a serial killer, he's supposed to be a drug addict. That is the main point of the story! I am not here to become more likable. I am here to speak to the power of truth, not truth to power. I could please everyone by making my product more palatable. That would be speaking truth to power. Imbue my words to give them meaning, immersing myself in the theme, etc, etc...Oh, shoot me!
    My soul and my convictions won't allow it. Instead I prefer to speak to the power of truth. I prefer to write about the things that will make the reader ponder, question and then act. I produce all my own material and perform all the research. Unlike many print journalists and politicians I have no problem taking full responsibility for my content. If the content offends you here is a quarter. Call some one who cares.

    We see this very same 'cringing' from within our political process from Republicans. They think by being more 'likable' they can win again. They print media and the GOP itself is infected with this bug of being more moderate. It is as if we have a bizarre form of Stockholm Syndrome. We have been captives of the ideologies of the Left for decades to the point where we are actively thinking we might like it. If we become more like our oppressors they might let us go. It is an unalterable, powerful truth that most of the Republican candidates who softened their Conservatism  not only lost the elections anyways but they lost a piece of their souls. They lost their integrity and thus alienated their 'future employers'. The American people.
    Lt. Col. Allen West lost his re-election due in part to becoming a shill for the Republican Campaign Committee. Besides his voting record he was the strong arm for the RCC. His job was to collect the checks from the freshman Congressmen and send them to the RCC offices. What that Marine should have been doing is telling the RCC to go pound sand and speak to the power of truth and expose the entire scandal. Would he have been re-elected? Well, like the narrator of the old Tootsie-Pop commercial said, "..the world may never know." However, I would have loved to have seen that campaign and Col. West would still have his integrity and my respect.
    Scott Brown lost his bid in part to his support for NDAA and Feinstein's obsession with tables full of guns. His rhetoric of being 'independent' is a farce. If he was really independent then he would have exposed the whole lie of NDAA just as he exposed the insider trading scandal of legislators. Now that is independence!
     In the Boston Herald last Sunday (2/11/13) political writer and lawyer Jennifer Braceras tosses out some unsupported quotes  from The Tea Party and Conservative talk show hosts. I would never do that. I would mention the name, the date, the place. The topic of the conversation was in trying to find more principled candidates. I could tell her premise was bogus. I quote: ".. maybe now we can get someone (candidate) who's actually Conservative, they whisper."
    I have no idea who you were talking to from The Tea Party Jen, but as someone who is an active member of the Tea Party, some one who has spoken at rallies, planned events, interviewed and written about the organization I can tell you for certain that The Tea Party at large doesn't endorse any particular candidate to begin with.Our attempts at finding principled leaders isn't  something we 'whisper' about it is one of our foremost, guiding tenets.

     If there is to be a criteria for citizen journalism it should be that the writer passionately be truthful in what he/she writes. In doing so there is no barrier the author cannot overcome. There is no critique that can stick from the opposition. By sticking to the facts the writing becomes impervious to ridicule and becomes powerful. It forces the opposition to spend an inordinate amount of time fact checking. Once it realizes there are no misrepresentations the opposition is reduced to name calling and is thus exposed for the charade it is.
    Anyone, anywhere can toss up a plate full of truth and empower it. What is that saying we hear? For every statistic there is another statistic that contradicts the first. So, which one do we believe? We believe the one that is true not the one we want to believe is true. We must believe what is proven to be true.
    Liberalism is rife with truths that are empowered. Conservatism, on the other hand, is simply powered by the truth.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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