Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Communist Circus Comes To Town

      I had arrived late to the meeting. The Banx Room at the Worcester Public Library held roughly two dozen twenty-something "comrades" (their words). They were all starry eyed and hopped up on talk of revolution. The topic was about victims of Capitalism. I always find the 'victim' moniker very misleading. I know we live in the age of victimization and the broadcasting to the world there-of but I have never felt victimized by my employer. I always negotiated good pay, was able to dictate my own schedule, invested in my benefactors and thoroughly enjoyed my vacation pay. The only time I ever felt victimized is when I was laid off due to the shitty economy that seems to be the norm in 21'st century America. And that had nothing to do with the company. It was always due to government dictated economic policy, er..Socialism.
    Evil capitalist Dunkin Donuts was being served. A twenty something sipped merrily, hanging on every word from the speaker as she text-ed on her I-phone. Sorry, her evil capitalist I-phone.

    The organization is called Socialist Alternative to Worcester. Here is the link:

    It is important to know that these guys are affiliated with the Committee for a Workers International... Yeah, these guys are pure Communists. Supposedly the CWI operates in several countries that are models of human endeavor.... I refilled my coffee. This was going to be interesting.
    They weren't a bad bunch of kids, actually. All of them were totally unshaven yet very polite. They truly believed in what they were lied to about. They reminded me of a deer caught in the headlights of a Ford Truck somewhere in Maine..We all know how that ends. Much like how Socialism ends.
    The conversation with one of it's Commandants was very amicable. However I was soon surrounded as my questions reeled off. It wasn't until I was finished and left that I realized I had my Worcester Tea Party button firmly affixed to my backpack.. And they noticed!

    It seems that this "new" Socialist Movement rejects the the failed policies of 1917 Bolshevism. I was relieved cause I had a bus to catch and God forbid it was late, the driver may have been executed. There was one "comrade" who spent time on the 38th Parallel  in the US Army and he claimed to know and see the failures of the past..Phew!!..Dodged a bullet there. Just not quite not sure from whom.
    Their consensus is squarely fixed on Unions, Feminism, Immigration, Environment, Rights,... ahhh, pensions (wait, let me check my notes..).. Republicans, Global Warming. ...You get my drift.
    This had me confused for a moment. I have been doing this whole Meat And Potatoes thing for the past five years and I have yet to find any evidence of how women, blacks and immigrants are some how discriminated against in the workplace. I could have sworn we solved all this shit back in the 60's and 70's.. Was that not the job of the "Counter Culture" (ie Socialists)..??
    Soooo...Why is this still a problem?... Ooooh... cause it was a failure? ON THEIR PART?
    And what the hell is so wrong with  a Constitutional Republic? Seems it allows the Socailists to gather and debate.. As is evident from where I was last Saturday.

    It was solved not only (despite of) Government regulation....It just, plain and simply happened.
    Quick question!.. Any one reading this (black, female, gay, alien from another planet).. Are you discriminated against?.. I thought so... And so didn't you! NO ONE CARES ANYMORE!!! Equality is here. Just look around at your work place tomorrow. If you have one (thanks Socialism).

    We have reached parity. So why the Socialist Movement? Well, if you still have an axe to grind, these guys are your new BFF. Cause it is all about you.. Well, not really 'you', rather, "the collective".

    One of the first tenets of social and political change is to create a crisis. Hitler burned down the Chancellery ( blamed on Communist). Mussolini blamed it on the former government and rampant unemployment (take note America). Castro had an American imposed Fiat, then Bay of Pigs. Che was just a crazy motherfucker. Today we have massive unemployment and orbital deficits (all manufactured) and a soap opera of Congressional/ Administration arguments over crisis after crisis. And NO I am not entertaining the whole 9/11 conspiracy thing.. Smoke another one on me.
    Allow me to shed some light on this Phenom...

    From Prf. John Feeny, "Congress Shall Make No Law Abridging Freedom Of Speech" 2009.

   "Cloward /Piven Crisis Strategy-- Strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologist Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.. (Obama went to this school and studied this political idea). "... seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.."

    Well...Isn't that special? Is it any wonder we have crisis after crisis after crisis? Thus we usher in... Socialism. I wrote in an earlier blog what Cong. Ron Paul said about how government creates the crisis then delites in how they solve it.
    Is it any wonder (also) why Dr. Carson, who gave the impromptu speech at the broadcast with the Anointed One held captive (you could see him squirming) said what he said to put a drop of sanity into a political regime that knows only insanity?

    Socialism demands more from the government. Unfortunately Margarette Thacher was correct in her statement, "..eventually you run out of other people's money". I asked this question to the Socialists I met with. It turned into a  litany of how Bill Gates did not create  something but rather it was his workers who created the wealth of Bill Gates..Yeah, it went no where.. Bill Gates did create something and he allowed his hired help to expand and he let loose the innovation of American ingenuity to expand upon his idea.
    Hell, I created an idea, but I would be nothing without the help of all who have assisted me. Does not mean I did not create The Meat And Potatoes Show. I was just intelligent enough to allow others who could help me expand upon my idea... It is called  Business, It is called ideas and the ability to let those ideas grow and create an industry. Does that mean I am a cruel Capitalist?

    The conversation at the meeting steered towards statistics of peole who have been left behind due to the lack of National Healthcare. This was a bald faced lie. There are dozens of State and Federal programs that could help the most indigent of Americans. All they have to do is sign up. These programs exist at churches, advocacy groups (Obama's favorite) and social services offices. All of these are Socialist programs. I wonder if their chief complaint is that: the very programs they profess fall short of the expectations of the core belief's these Socialist groups aspire to.

    Well, even the Soviet Union had death panels. Look how well that system worked out. In fact, how's that "hope and change you can believe in" working out for you?

....And That Is The Diatribe....


  1. wow - that was actually embarrassing to read

  2. The banner says all about you,
    you should have joined the The American Nazi Party , they know about all that is wrong with socialism and communism, perhaps this author can extend his knowledge about the evils of communism a bit further.

  3. so this is "parity" eh?

    if you don't see any racism out there, then you're really not looking very hard

    personally, I'm not a communist because I object on principal to the govt running the entire economy. But i have to admit it does get results. where is the proof that communism is a failure? do you know cuba has higher literacy rates & lower infant mortality than the neighboring capitalist islands? didn't you notice that china is sitting on a mountain of IOUs from our govt? if our system is so superior, wouldn't we be the ones with the cash reserve lending to them? if capitalist market forces produce such wonderful innovation, how come cuban doctors just discovered 4 new cancer drugs. honestly, this country could stand to inject a little more socialism into the mix. maybe we could collect a few more dollars of rich people money and fund some cancer research of our own? maybe we could put some rich people money into the public universities and lower the tuition to the point where you can actually work summers and pay for it without borrowing?

    as for "now speak english", thats just collossally stupid too. a significant portion of this country has spanish names (el paso, san diego, los angeles, etc) because it used to spanish territory. of course a significant portion of this country's residents speak spanish. unless you are actually a native american indian, you really should probably keep your idiot mouth closed before you embarass yourself any further