Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lonesome Joe And His Uncle Huey

    What the hell is Joe Kennedy going to do now? Well, no need to fret Joe the world is full of plenty of third world despots just lining up with their zippers down. Time to break out the knee pads again.
    Joe Kennedy touted Fat-Ass as a "soldier of the little man" (really, he supported dwarfs?) all the while declaring himself President for life. Joe and his wife both raked in over one million dollars a year giving away Uncle Huey's free oil to old ladies and welfare moms. Happy, smiley faced Fascism.
    Before the make up was even dry at the funeral home Amherst and The People's Republic of Cambridge lowered their flags to half staff. This was, initially problematic for the  Communist enclave of Amherst. They voted a few years ago not to fly American flags anywhere within city limits so some one had to drive to a Wal-mart to purchase a Chinese made one. You see, this was a special occasion.
    In Caracas a business was closed for the day in solidarity of all the thousands more that were shut down by Uncle Huey's Socialism. The NY Times wrote: ".. Mr. Chavez, 58, changed Venezuela in fundamental ways (sounds familiar), empowering and energizing millions of poor people." There was no mention of jobs or Liberty.
    His VP immediately convened his Cabinet into "crisis" mode because he didn't want it to go to waste. So, they expelled two American diplomats who were accused of recruiting Venezuelan military in "destabilizing projects." VP Maduro even tossed out the idea that it was the US of A that may have caused Uncle Huey's cancer.
    ... I love the smell of a black bag operation in the morning. It smells like... Victory.

    Venezuela's superior Socialized Healthcare system apparently wasn't superior enough so the Presidente Por Vida Todamente was flown to another Socialist country, whose equally superior Socialized Healthcare system gave him VIP treatment while the pleebs were kept outside waiting for basic checkups.
    Professor Javier Corrales of Amherst College (all the important opinions) lent this tid-bit of political expertise: " In regimes that are so person based, the moment the person on which everything hangs is removed, the entire foundation becomes very weak because there was nothing else supporting this other than this figure." Really?
    After I recovered from laughter and changed my pants I wanted to write something but I do not need the Secret Service up my ass. Suffice to say: Insert Barack Hussein Obama.
    Doctor of Psychiatry Edmundo Chiranas who (according to the NYT) "got to know" Chavez as a patient (yep, he had a shrink) said this in a 2001 New Yorker article: ".... a hyper kinetic and imprudent man, unpunctual,.... overreacts to criticism, harbors grudges, is politically astute and manipulative.."
    Insert Barack Hussein Obama.

    His democratic election (wink-wink) in 1998 was cast as a "patriotic uprising" while his political opposition (cause this is a freedom loving country) who tried to overthrow him in 2002 were (his words); "golpistas" and "putschists". I guess it all depends on what side of fascism you lean towards.
    His brand of Socialism was a model for the despotic world to envy. Every single one of Uncle Huey's goals were met. Thousands of investors, scientists, doctors and teachers fled the country in a mass exodus only to be replaced with Iranians, Chinese, Lebanese and North Koreans. The homicide rate soared after he took away every one's guns.
    Liberal scientists are still trying to figure that one out.
    Simply transferring a title to property became a Olympian odyssey as officials grew wealthy from bribes. His manipulation of the media and the bully pulpit became the playbook of the DNC. His Airbus-319 was opulent. Sean Penn spent many hours aboard. Knee pads were supplied courtesy of the proletariat.
     But Chavez worked hard at expanding his diplomatic relations around the world. He and Achmed-Wacka-Job had a travelling show that made a few appearances here at the UN from time to time. He was bosom buddies with Qadaffi and called his murder an "outrage" (overused Lib terminology). He had nothing but good things to say about the technological and humanitarian advancements in Cuba and North Korea. He trully loved his country. He and his mistress, Herma Marksman, would drive around the country with the top down for hours together.
    Man!.. Third world despots always score the babes! Can you imagine the satellite shots from above with her head in his lap?

    What is Joe Kennedy thinking? If JFK was still alive he would bitch slap Joe and tell him to smarten up and Bobby would be holding him down in the process. The usual LSM covered his death all across their front pages.
    But I was not worried.
    Hugo Chavez joins a long list of despots relegated to the dustbin of history and he will be forgotten. At most he will be a T-shirt much like his hero.. Che.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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