Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"This Town Needs an Enema!"

    Fiscal cliff! Everyone got a moving buddy? Be sure your tray tables and seat backs are in the proper position and please keep your hands in the vehicle at all times. Hang on, sorry folks the ride is experiencing technical difficulties, thanks for paying so much attention when you all knew we would just F this thing up anyway.
    Then Congress votes themselves a pay raise during this whole debacle. I want to know how many of the so called "Tea Party" had there hands  in on that midnight madness sale? Maybe it was slipped into the Sandy Relief Bill somewhere at the bottom of page 1,387. God knows they never read these things anyway.
    I have pretty much had it with these clowns. I have heard that Scott Brown voted for this fiscal package (here's your package right here Scott) and is ready to affix his doomed next campaign to the Feinstein gun bill. I think it is time for a 2013 version of Bastille Day, the sooner the better.

    We cannot say that our government isn't transparent. Disagree? Allow me to point out a glaring truth.
    For it is alarmingly (trans) apparent that these tools do whatever they want to do right in front of our faces. We see it. We complain about it. Nothing is done about it. Then, we re-elect them to do the same shit all over again... See? Total Transparency.
    Benghazi? Nothing will be done (oops! There goes Hillary onto the floor).
    Fast and Furious? Executive priveledge. Can't testify. Why can't Holder have an accident also? One that involves a safe falling from the sky.
    Obamacare? We were all warned, it was voted on anyways, now companies are scrambling to move to China and close their doors in the wake of crushing nuclear economic winter.
    Illegals stealing ID's, pouring across the border? Amnesty.
    We can all see how wonderful a job the EU is doing running Europe, hell that place is just a bastion of economic growth and personal liberties! Now, America is emulating it in every way possible.
    Total Transparency!

    Now, there is one bright spot, one shining beacon of hope.
    They're coming for our guns!
    I was talking to a cab driver in the city. This guy ran with gangs years ago. I told him point blank; " You think the gangs in the cities are going to turn the guns over that easy?" He chuckled and agreed with me. I continued; " I am going to sit on my front porch with a cooler full of beer and watch the Humvees roll past as they head to 'The Hood' and wait for the staccato of open gunfire and urban warfare. Hell, I'll even turn my living room into a makeshift hospital for you guys. The gangs will hand the cops and the military their hats when that day comes."
    I was serious! We should consider some negotiating with these guys in preparation. We're gonna need 'em! Think about for a second, they have lots of heavy ordinance, they know the neighborhood and can call up hundreds of able bodied volunteers with one text message. Maybe give some of the leaders a cabinet position or something after the smoke clears. Couldn't be any worse than the criminals who run this outfit now could it?
    At least these guys have some honor. They show respect when respect is given and won't cross you once a deal is made, their life depends on it if they renege
    They could also be of use in the post revolutionary security situation. God knows the cops cannot be trusted (as a group only, individuals will defect to our side). Just make it clear that medical and fire personnel are to be left alone and given help if needed. Keep an eye on the sky too because you know the Feds will be flying in drones to Hellfire Missile the friggen place.

    I sure hope our military leaders tell the Feds to screw when the order is given to round up the American people and the guns. I wonder if the Oligarchs on Pennsylvania Ave have considered this scenario. It sure would toss a monkey wrench into the works if a battery of Patriot Missiles and Abrams Tanks are positioned on various Worcester hills to DEFEND the city instead of invading it. We should paint a giant middle finger on the Holy Cross football field so it can be seen from the air.
    For this is MY city. I may get down on it but I live here and I love it here. My kids are here and I will be damned if the Feds think they can roll in and take it over. This town is insane, totally F-ing insane, I know, I live here and they have no idea what they are up against.

    To arms America! A call to Arms! We all knew this day would come. Are you ready?..... Are they ready?

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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