Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Tragedy That Never Ends

    The tragedy of Newtown Connecticutt is a milestone in the history of gun violence in America. The entire argument has changed where the right to bear arms is concerned. Regardless of what side you are on or what ideology you possess it will not matter. This is a monumental event and nothing will ever be the same again.

    Whoever the PR person was who convinced NRA president Wayne Lapierre to make a public statement so soon should be fired. It is apparent this person knows nothing about public relations. Where were his media people? What the hell was that guy talking about anyway? I am never disappointed when (supposedly) educated people in positions of power and importance say and do the stupidest things.
    Possibly the only partially sane thing that came from that press experience was the idea of retirees guarding our schools. This idea was tossed out along with the rest of Lapierre's bathwater rhetoric.
    It may warrant a second look.
    I mean, God forbid individuals from individual communities come up with THEIR own plan for THEIR own neighborhood school!...After all, what would the government have left to do?
    Service people serve for a basic reason. It is a calling to defend your country and serve your community. Now, we are not talking about hiring crippled old codgers to hobble around the schools with revolvers but this is the image that the LSM will have you believe.
    Considering the average age of retirement for police and fire is around 45-50 (thank you Unions!). It is entirely possible to have perfectly physically able bodied people to perform this task. I would suggest we make it a requirement for their pensions since they will last another 20-30-40 years. But, since when do people think these things through in situations like this?

    The scary thing is how the general public is actually considering rounding up all the guns as the government knee jerks it's way around this crisis management. Fascism is like a thief in the night. It creeps up on you and you do not realize it until it is too late. If we take all the guns away we will not be able to defend ourselves against either the thief of the fascists.
    Jean Jacques Rouseau summed it up best how government capitalizes on a crisis.
    "For the rulers well know that the general will is always on the side which is most favorable to the public interest."
    Jonah Goldberg defines the quote made famous by Rahm Emmanuel "never let a crisis go to waste."
    "The utility of terror...its chief benefits was its tendency to maintain a permanent sense of crisis. Crisis is identified as a core mechanism of short circuits debate and democratic deliberations. Hence all fascistic movements commit considerable energy to prolonging a heightened state of emergency."
    The Newtown shooting will be one of many catalysts that propel the growing second American Revolution. The first casualty will be the truth. It will pit gun rights advocates against weeping mothers. It will not be about the restoration of our Constitutional rights. It will be about the photographs of departed children at a funeral.

    "Crime is not an organizational function, " said Alan Dershowitz, " it is the act of an individual and should be dealt with individually." It is an undeniable fact that guns do not kill people until a gun is in the hands of the wrong person.
    So, how about we start there. How about we start with the individual. Who are these people? Who was that nutty kid and his nutty mother? Why didn't anyone do something about them? Where were the mental health authorities? Where was DSS?
    Who was that NY shooter? How did a parolee with a history of mental disorders, who beat his grandmother to death, get hold of a gun? Where was his parole officer? I also want to know how these people can afford these weapons. If the Newtown mother was single, struggling, etc, etc. How did she afford so many guns? ... Do you know how much a Bushmaster costs?
    The Mafia does not commit crimes. It is the Capo who orders the hit and the Soldier who carries out the order. This is another function of fascism; to target the group and label it dangerous, racist or seditious. The state can easily round up 'groups' of people but is utterly, mechanically unable to deal with anything upon an individual basis.
    No matter how this debate unfolds guns are not going away anytime soon. Senator Feinstein can postulate all she wants in front of a table full of weapons. The only thing that will succeed from all this new legislation will be the higher costs to consumers. It will mean more fees and more taxes. It is what is happening with gasoline prices. Jack them up so high that people are forced to buy the product presented to them by those in charge. This is another function of fascism. The only criminals that that will be caught up in this wide net of legislation will be the innocents. It will be the old man whose permit lapses and the cops kick in his door. It will the two ten year old kids with a BB gun in the woods who will now have a criminal record for life. The truly insane and determined criminal will still be a danger to society no matter what the laws..It'll just cost him more to do so.
    Besides restrictions on gun ownership go hand in hand with virtually every other law we are subjected to. Do you owe back taxes? Can't own a gun. Pass a bad check over $1000? Can't own a gun. Did your ex accuse you of hitting her? Can't own a gun. Arrested for narcotics? Can't own a gun. It is not my intention to belittle these laws (ok,yes it is). I am simply illustrating how the government never lets a crisis go to waste.

    The day after Christmas Mark Stein sat in for Rush Limbaugh on his show. He remarked how the elite, the wealthy, the actors, senators, etc will still be well armed. They will be guarded, protected and be above the fray of legislation, It will be us poor slobs who are left vulnerable and defenseless.
    So do not worry about your guns America. Worry about your Liberty. The government does not need to come after your guns just yet. They are not finished with taking away all our Liberties.
    Once that job is complete, rounding up the guns will be a piece of cake..

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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