Monday, January 14, 2013

40th Anniversary of Roe-v-Wade: 50 Million Dead Babies And Counting

    Syndicated writer Gail Collins penned a phenomenal piece in last Sunday's (1/13/13) Telegram and Gazette paper. It was so well written, so well phrased that... I threw up.
    True to her standard Liberal form she lauded over the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade and how the SJC made this a cornerstone of women's rights in America. Never mind the fact that a woman's right to an abortion existed long before the decision was handed down, oh no, no, no the SJC had to legislate from the bench and women have been pawns of the Margarette Sanger ideology ever since.
    To date there has been well over 50 million babies murdered since that fateful day in the hallowed halls of the SJC. Hitler would have been proud. That's 50 million chances to have cured AIDS, 50 million chances for a President who isn't Obama, 50 million chances for the next Neil Armstrong, 50 million chances for...oh forget it.
    According to Gail Collins Planned Parenthood has an image problem. Ahh, ya think? So the talking heads who run the coat hanger club (in usual Orwellian Progressivism) are thinking about changing the name to be more user friendly. GOOD! Considering the fact that the moniker 'Planned Parenthood' has absolutely nothing to do with planning for parenthood. And no, they do not provide other health services to women. Just call them up and ask them if you don't believe me.
    Collins laments how various states are imposing regulations of abortion services. Some states are utilizing what Liberals have asked for in gun registration. A sort of, cooling off period to reconsider your choice. Collins claims innocent women are caught in a tangled web of regulations. Too bad. It is called the Tenth Amendment and states have the right to regulate whatever they want within their own borders. Not to worry Gail, it is not like the Constitution has gotten in the way of the Liberal Agenda before so why start now?
    She continues with a great line: " ...women do not like labels." Now there's a shocka! "... feminism, a word with a glorious history." That is unless you are a man who has lost everything in a divorce including visitation rights thanks to the language orchestrated by the National Organization of Women in our divorce laws. Is it that same glorious history that gave women immunity in The Violence Against Women Act from perjury charges when it is proven they lied about domestic violence? Is it the same glorious history that created a family court system that routinely awards custody to women over 85% of the time regardless of mental instability, marital infidelity and drug/alcohol abuse?
    I often think of my departed mother everytime I hear a Progtard moonbat bloviate about women's rights. My mother spent most of her life as a wife and mother until my parents divorced in the 70's. Suddenly she had to become a 'Liberated Woman'. She never wanted to be one because she ended up losing all her power as a wife and mother in the process. She ruled her world. No one said 'boo' in our house without her say-so. Afterward she had a difficult time finding her identity as this modern Liberated Woman. In fact, my mother never experienced sexism in the workplace from her male co-workers and bosses. Quite the opposite, they loved her, looked out for and up to her. Her female co-workers? Now that's another story.
    So when I hear some mal-informed activist blather about women's rights I want to choke a puppy. These moonbats wouldn't know sexism if it ran them over with a tractor.
    Collins continues with great quotes. Betty Thompson, former Mississippi director of the scrape-job industry quips: "....we're just doing business as usual." Business must be good. The abortions performed yearly are in the tens of thousands.
    For Liberals, harming the innocent goes way back in our history. Progressive SCJ Oliver Wendell Holmes has a history of court decisions surrounding his support for sterilization of the "feeble-minded" A young German prisoner wrote to the President of the American Eugenics Society and asked for a copy of his paper "A Case for Sterilization". After that German prisoner became German Chancellor and had over 50,000 sterilizations under his belt he sent the President of the AES a thank-you note. One of the AES members is quoted as saying, " The Germans are beating us at our own game!"
    But Collins saves the best for last:
    "Every time the anti-abortion movement pushes too far, it reminds us that it is because no matter how filled with moral fervor, it is basically about imposing one particular theology (nice touch there Gail) on the rest of the country. Over the long run... the public won't let it happen."

    Isn't being a Liberal wonderful. You are always right, always looking out for the women and the children and if anyone disagrees with you, has a religious conviction or just plain could give a rat's ass about what you think; they are extremists and wrong and the 'public won't let it happen.'
    Hitler would have been so proud.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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