Friday, November 16, 2012

An Indivisible Destiny?

    American spiritualism is alive and well. Religion is alive and well. The current numbers hover just under 100 million of people who consider themselves "religious" in The United States. I will not include Islam in this number, I am not talking about that. The percentage is under 3% anyhow. What is disconcerting is the attempts by the minority religions and the minority secularists to remove the importance of (Christian) religion in America. It has been a long standing acceptance that America needs to become more politically tolerant of other points of view. I have never seen this "intolerance" myself anywhere in my forty-nine years. I see America always bending over backwards (to her own expense) to placate some one some where. The only intolerance I find is towards those who are Christian.
    In Alexandra Pelosi's documentary "Friends of God" she travels America to see what the hype is about concerning the rise of Evangelicals. You cannot miss the tone of her narrative. What she fails to come to terms with is the strength of these people's convictions. Liberalism was never about standing up for something and having a belief system anyways. She cannot reconcile her narrow mindedness to something as Constitutionally fundamental as the Liberty of practicing faith and finding solace within that simple truth. She, literally makes fun of these people thinking she is speaking to a larger American audience. She just makes herself look like the fool.
    The removal of religious symbols in the public arena is an attempt to socialize the nation. We have no problem stating that a country is of this faith, or that faith. We do this all the time with The Middle East. However, pose the argument that The United States is Judeo-Christian nation and all hell breaks loose. The idea strikes terror in the hearts of Liberals convinced that the Moral Majority will take over the nation. That is and always has been an absurd position and is catagorically inaccurate. The never ending attempts to remove any vestige of faith from every facet of our Republic is more than just an attack on Christianity in America. It is an attack on our very freedom, a central pillar to our Constitution.
    Our ability to worship freely, openly and (yes) publicly is not just a religious act it is a civil act. If it is curtailed and/or opposed then, denied, we are no longer a free society. The Founders were very secular, yet keenly aware of a nation devoid of Providence and His guidance. Christians and Catholics learned the hard way by resisting each other for centuries. They even tried to sanction each other here in the colonies. What they could not have envisioned is a secularist movement in the 20th century that would put the two adversaries square in the sites of Socialism.
    Virtually, the entire fabric of our nation is spun on the idea of freedom of religion and it's influence in our daily lives. It matters more than the guns and the press for without our ability to openly proclaim our faith, we cannot have the others. Faith is freedom. It is the proclaimation of the individual of his/ her relationship to God. The State is summarily cut out at the soul level.
    That freedom translates into our economy, our foriegn policy, our environmental policy, every policy. Without religion, we are no longer free, without freedom, free economics is not possible, an awareness of the importance of helping each other, fending off the enemy, none of it..Possible. In the book "Indivisible" by Jay W. Richards and James Robison economic value is described as something a person is freely willing to give up to obtain something. The power of the purse. Socialist and Communist societies do not function this way. The people are coerced or, forced to accept something substandard. Even policy is forced upon them. Many policies are now forced upon us here in America. It was while reading this book I came to an epiphany.
    We keep seeing attacks on our Republic as various rots that we (as Conservatives) can combat and curtail. I think we are missing the larger picture here. We must come to the defense of religion and openly return it to our daily lives. I am not talking about a Reformation of sorts, nor am I calling for us all to go back to church but if we loose the ability to be who we want in our religion, we loose the whole she-bang.
    Perhaps the other attacks are just distractions, even some Liberal Christians think keeping to oneself religiously is a good idea, maybe some forms of secularism is just "the right thing to do". Hitler marched the informers into the ovens first my friends. Look at how far we have come in the last decade alone. There is no mention of God allowed at all in any public meeting. No prayer, no Pastor overseeing the congregation of delegates. Probably explains why so many city meetings are rife with bully politics. Could be why we had Obamacare so easily shoved down our throats. There was no one there to remind the Legislators they have to answer to a higher authority in the end and to cast their votes wisely.
    By proclaiming your individuality with your relationship to God the State can never have control over you at all. This is utterly unacceptable to Progressives. It completely changes your outlook on your place and role in society. Issues are no longer pro and con, but entirely re-thought out.

    There is a frightening idea floating around that we should pass anti-defimation laws on behalf of religion. Mostly it is Islamics and the Progressives calling for this. Be careful with this one. The baby crying the loudest gets the bottle first. The laws are mostly to insulate Islam from every form of questioning. Great Britain and large parts of France are under intense pressure to adopt laws creating enclaves of Islam within their borders with Sharia (not Democratic) laws. Meanwhile, it is Western Religion that gets the hammer, Western Religion (already) recieves the majority of persecution and you barely hear a word from the Christians or Catholics. Perhaps that will change.
     It is interesting to note here that the years of open and purposeful disrespct for Christianity has not produced one iota of terrorism in retaliation during my entire lifetime. I will not get into the same when it comes to Islam, we have to only view recent history to see how that one worked out. I grew up wacthing terrorism from Islam, so did you!
    The difference is that Christians are comfortable with who they are as Christians and do not feel the need to retaliate. I would surmise this is not true of Islam. Perhaps the reason they flip out every time a Koran gets wrinkled is because they are NOT comfortable with who they are as Muslims. Mapplethorpe put a crucifix in piss and people flocked to his exhibit. No one blew the place up. Hell, the Muslims I know are so damn serious and hard to deal with. I always feel like I should be careful, lest I offend them somehow. All the Christians I know are happy (personally), a little too intense with how happy they are.
    Conversely, it has always puzzled me when people talk about the years of abuse suffered by Muslims at the hands of Americans and Ron Paul's  "blowback". Are we talking about the time we abused Muslims during that peackeeping mission to stop the fighting in Lebanon and our Marines were murdered by a terrorist? Or, are we talking about the time we terrorized a Muslim country called Kuwait from another crazy Muslim, then fed two warring factions in Iraq and protected them for the next decade from that same crazy Muslim? Didn't he set the desert on fire or something?
    I know, it was that time we were so heartless to the starving nation of Somalia that was being starved by other (you guessed it) Muslims. Eighteen Marines were killed trying to arrest the leader of that circus act. One was dragged through the streets. Maybe it was the time we bombed Serbia in our attempt to stop the genocide of....Muslims..
    Wow, America really does suck doesn't it? What a selfish thing to do to free over 50 million people between 2001 and today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I was walking the streets of Boston one night after the Rush concert last October. I could not but help notice the amount of homeless sleeping in the streets. The inability of "faith based" charities to be seen as a viable solution to large government entitlement programs is a failure on our part of insisting upon the rights we have as Christians. We have allowed government to take over our job and they suck at it! Poverty grows yearly despite decades of entitlements. The problem stems from the idea that a large entity thousands of miles away can handle a problem better than a local organization within a neighborhood, on the front lines. This is Statism at its most basic. Catholic Charities has been forced out of the charity business due to rulings concerning the abortion funding and adoption rules that run counter to their beliefs.
     Here is where it gets nuts.
    If any other religious group (Islamic) put up resistance the Left would bend over backwards to respect "multi-culturalism" and backtrack should they offend. But the resistance of Catholics was seen only as bigotry, sexism and homophobia. This brings me back to the basic premise I made about Western religion being at the core of the Left's attack. If they can undermine it and relegate it to the margins they can replace it with the State. The whole purpose of using another religion as a hedge is that Islam is the enemy of Christianity. Socialists will give Islam only enough rope to hang itself.

    We must understand that our Religious Liberty goes hand in hand with our Constitutional Liberty. The first few words in the Constitution are "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". The Left's penchant with abortion rights runs counter to that openning phrase. If the Left is so eager to sanctify taking the life of an unborn child (53 million since the law was upheld) how can we expect them to uphold the remainder of that phrase. The answer is simple, they won't. With the passage of Roe they set their sights on Liberty. Thus began the systematic removal of every reference to anything Judeo-Christian within our culture. It followed with gun laws, taxation, prohibition, drug laws. As this winds down we now see the removal of "the pursuit of Happiness" in the form of redistribution of wealth. Those who have pursued goals, businesses, enterprises are now the targets of the Left who feel that the wealthy have some how deprived the rest of the world of something. Basic economic freedom is pure and grows a larger pie. The Left is consumed with the one size pie theory. They use it all the time to justify their re-distributive theories. What Christianity calls for is the opportunity to grow a larger pie that lifts all of us out of poverty.
    Economic freedom does not come from how much is left in the world to exploit it comes from the ideas of man. In 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union Pope John Paul II wrote " man's principle resource is man himself". The idea that one person can have an idea that changes the world is basically true.
    Are you crazy? No wonder the Left wants all forms of Western Religion removed from our nation. The idea of one person in charge of his/her own destiny? Some call Social Services!

    We are constantly told a new definition of American Values every election. The idea is recycled to fit whatever political cause is the flavor of the year. Multi -Culturalism is one of those flavors. It is another attempt to fit a square peg into a round hole. We would not demand Multi-Culturalism on say, China. That nation is inherently Chinese. The same applies to Islamic nations, African nations even some South American nations. Why then this desire to do so in The United States?
    Let me pose a question. If you were to emmigrate to another nation, would you just up and move or, would you do some research in order to learn about where you are going to live? I know when I moved to Worcester I set out to learn all about the city. I had been here many times before, just never knew that much about it. This doesn't exist in a Multi-Cultural Society. The whole enphasis is on your ethnicity rather than your country of residency. This is why we have entire segments of our population unable to speak, read or write English despite being here for a number of years. There is no incentive to do otherwise because of the forced multi-lingual laws imposed on Americans. People who speak other languages treat me with contempt if I do not understand what they are saying. It would be suicide if I demanded they speak English. I would be accused of racism.
    My 90 year old mother offend told the story of the Polish neighbors she grew up with. The children were all expected to learn English for one simple reason.... They were in America.
    It had nothing to do with forgetting where they came from or, who they are or, their religion and customs. It was the simple idea of a chance to make a new life in this great nation. To do so meant you learned the language. Studies have concluded unanymously that immigrants who learn the language gain economically better than those who do not. Many of these immigrants are not immigrants at all but illegals. This creates a whole new set of circumstances. Why learn about a nation or, its language when you are so carefree about breaking one of it's most fundamental laws (legal residency). We now have another entire segment of the population completely ignorant of the history of this nation and what it means to be an American. Oh sure, they will say how much they want to be an American (if it wasn't for those pesky border patrol agents). Many of them from countries whose own governments are pure Socialism and or Marxist or worse. The sad thing is that the truly educated, affluent ones who emmigrate do so legally and are few. The majority of illegals are not so well off in that department and so we tend to have an influx of a lower common denominator from other societies. You don't believe me? Just look around you.

    Every Liberal trots out the Constitution when it suits their purpose. The rest of the time they are hell bent of subverting it. Another of the catch phrases is "bi-partisanship" or "consensus".  This has devistated the checks and balances system of our government.  Authors James Robison and Jay Richards spoke about the Left's desire to supplant  God and The Constitution with the State in their book "Indivisible". They wrote: "We must support policies and candidates committed to restoring constitutional wisdom to our political institutions." They even go so far as to call for the removal of unsustainable government programs. It was never the intent of our Constitution to provide these programs but the Progressives of the early 20th Century were very good at tugging at our heartstrings and getting these programs rammed through Congress.
    Well, now we find ourselves mired in the swamp of government programs that are on the verge of collapse. We can already see what the Larouche Democrats spoke of during my interviews with them on my radio show in 2010: Austerity. What the government giveth, the government can taketh away. Spain is experiencing a terrible by product of austerity. In a recent NY Times article Madrid has hundreds of thousands of homeless people who have been forced from their homes due to cutbacks in subsidies and a coma of an economy. This would not be half as bad if the country had the private services that the United States has to help these people. They do not. There are no private or, faith based organizations there. Socialism has done away with them all.
    Bi-partisanship means nothing more than the controlling party telling the minority party what the score is and to play ball or be left in the dugout. In my interviews with the 2010 Independent candidate Patrick Barron he spoke of  how bi-partisanship is a euphemism designed for the public's digestion. It (simply) means nothing. If bi-partisanship was a workable thing then we would have no need for political parties trying to push an agenda. Everyone would just agree what was best for the country..(laugh) Fat chance!
    Here-in lies the conundrum. We have to allow the Socialist to speak and gather and promote. It is in the Constitution. The problem is..They won, now we have a problem. It is the same thing as when we all applauded the Arab Spring and the voting in Palistine only to wake up the next day and find out they all voted for Shariah and terrorism. It was all carefully orchestrated and the public swallowed it hook, line and sinker. The same thing happened here in 2008 and now again in 2012.
    What is equally disturbing is the idea that telling the truth about the conditions we face is tantamount to slitting ones own political throat. Gov. Bobby Jindal shoots back at Romney for telling us all what we already know? Obama did play the race card. He did promise the sun and moon to minorities. Look at that leaked video of him cutting a deal with Medvedev, why is this such a hard thing to comprehend?

    The last thing I want to discuss is this idea that the Republican Party must come more to the middle to connect with the Latino and Black voters. Really? Come more to the middle? If the Republicans come more to the middle we might as well just all be Liberals. What we need to do is define the party for what it "used" to be. The party of THE REPUBLIC. We must use the weapon that is most valuable to ourselves and the future of this nation. The truth, the facts and evidence that supports them both. We cannot get hung up on what the media does to pigeonhole a comment, a statement or an action. What we say and do must be based on hard evidence and demand that the media fact check. Then, we toss it back to them as they attempt to discredit our good name with more facts. Many writers and pundents are asking what went wrong, unfortunately they are concluding the wrong answer. It is not to become more like the other party, that is nothing more than surrender. We must use the tactics they use. If they want to trot out the race card, then so be it. We destroy them with facts. They want to say we are the party of big business, so be it. We point out how they are beholden to the Unions and Communists. We carefully look at every policy that went bad and disassociate ourselves with it. Anti gay? We point out our belief in the rights of the individual. Anti environment? We point out the complicity of the Democrats in selling out our mineral rights to foreigners.
    In short, we hit the books America, we reconnect with our faith, our freedom and our destiny as the last great place on Earth where the power of man, who was endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, to create the most amazing experiment ever in the history of the world.

....And That Is The Diatribe....


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