Monday, November 26, 2012

The Traveler's Guide To BizarroWorld: Conclusion or, How To Get Home

Leaving BizarroWorld

    .....You can't. You live in it. It is all around you. It is beamed into your livingrooms on a 24/7 basis. It is in the mindless comments you hear your stupid co-workers make. It is in the customer who cannot formulate a sentence in English or provide proper ID to prove who they are when they hand you a stolen credit card. It is in your neighbor who constantly complains about your yard, your stereo, your dog. It is in the stupid cops who keep showing up to answer the complaint instead of telling your neighbor to stop calling them about stupid crap.
    You cannot leave because once you drop out of warp back into your own universe you are hit with a shocking realization that this place is no different than the one you just left. And you are correct. Truth in BizarroWorld is like truth here. It has no bearing on anything whatsoever and you will be chastised for speaking it. No one likes truth. It tends to reveal ugly things. The Eagles' song Hotel California sums it all up appropriately; " can check out anytime you like but you can never leave..."
    BizarroWorld is run by corruption, big money from every corner of life, and fear. It is populated more and more by the lowest common denominator. The electorate has more knowledge on how to buy a refrigerator than they do electing someone. Placating to some one's fear wins every time. The more outrageous the more convincing.

    Laws are passed daily preventing the population from functioning in any way that may benefit them yet the leaders can break every law and there is no retribution from justice. Leaders lie to our face and when we call them on it they grin and admit it then, lie again. Then we elect them again. Christianity is called dangerous and Islam is called friendly. Guns are taken away from law abiding citizens while law enforcement is armed to the teeth. Jobs no longer exist like they used to in this country. The ones that are available are low pay, short hours and degrading.
    More young people are encouraged to get on State Aid of some sort, get pregnant and place your government sponsored offspring into government managed day-care so they can raise the next generation of government dependencies. Failed citizenship is the largest gross national product. It produces in the millions per year and shows little sign of being affected by the constant cycle of recession.
    These laws are specifically written to keep the elected class immune. They cannot be held accountable for any of the same crimes you and I would be imprisoned for. The legislation is purposely written this way and the elected make money from the inside information they obtain while writing said legislation. Principled government has been dead for decades.

The OObi

    I want to be sure to make a mention of a strange phenomenon that has gripped the American sector of BizarroWorld. The American sector is headed up by a cult of personality figure named Barack Hussien Obama. He is a Muslim, but has managed to fool the nation into thinking he is Christian. He wasn't born in the United States but that didn't mean anything because as the Globalist he professes to be, the American Constitution and it's rules are mere obstacles to be brushed aside.
    His tactic for success was to pander to race, class, culture and his sense of Globalism (ie: environment, the UN, etc). He is, in fact, racist himself but, he has managed to convince the very race he offends that he is their saviour. In reality he has done absolutely nothing.
    Oddly enough race in the American sector is a non issue. The Liberals who rule there have a track record of constantly digging up the race issue and making the racial classes believe they are still tragically oppressed. What is even stranger is that despite reality to the contrary, the racial classes absorb this idea as truth... Well, it is BizarroWorld.
    There are several other elitists who use the race issue to their advantage. The sad thing is that they are black and/or hispanic. Some are elected officials, some have media outlets at their disposal, some are self proclaimed "Reverands". Here is where another example of BizarroWorld comes into light.
    All white male Conservatives who are outspoken are racists. Any female white Conservative is a racist, Any black/hispanic male/female Conservative is a traitor and will be treated worse than the fornerly listed by these elitists. These are important elements to remember when travelling in BizarroWorld. It is imperative that you remain silent and keep your opinions to yourself.

.... But then again, this is part of the plan. This is why you can check out anytime you like but, you can never leave.

    I hope you have an enjoyable trip.

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