Monday, February 6, 2012

When Perception Isn't Reality

Considering the amount of informational outlets (the perceived notion that this is the ‘age of information’) I am constantly amazed at the levels individuals will go to take an ounce of perception, place it on an ideological mantle and just run with it verbatim. Some talking head babbles the talking points and catch phrases and an entire political way of thinking evolves from it. You have to give the old ‘revolutionaries’ credit. At least they had to sit through hours of boring speeches and consecutive rallies in order to be brainwashed. Today, all it takes is a tweet from the DNC.

Last week during a protest rally in Worcester, concerning the NDAA, both Tea Party and Occupy came together to stand against a common idea. However, one Occupy protestor was quoted in the T+G about how the Tea Party may be made up of xenophobes and racists but that “they had some good ideas”.

Yes, it’s that old xenophobia and racism monster rearing its ugly head again. As a Tea Party member myself for the past three years I have yet to ferret out these infiltrators. Between the two black women, the Latinos, a gay man and one token European Jew in our Board I have yet to figure out who the racists are! Even the secret handshakes and black robed rituals have yielded no exposure of the criminal racist element.

Maybe it’s a cover? The diversity of members may be the ultimate in disguise. Like that scene in the Return to the Planet of the Apes where the humans rip off their faces to reveal their inner selves. The Tea Party members all stand around that “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, unveil their various ethnic and gender differences to expose a bunch of white male rednecks with shotguns..

Wait, excuse me, that was racist. No, making fun of white southern males is perfectly PC in this Post Obama America.

The examples are broadcasted by our elected and appointed officials all the time on the Lame Stream Media. Moran from Virginia took Lt. Col. Allen West’s words and labeled them intolerant. Rep. Clyburn twisted Newt Gingrich’s “teenage janitors” idea into racism and child labor abuses. I was a teenage janitor Rep. Clyburn. I made money as a teenage janitor. You Rep. Clyburn have done everything in your power to deny a chance for teenagers to work and make something of themselves by placing welfare above all else. Now that’s racist! My sons work after school and my 12 year old daughter baby-sits for her own money. Bring it on NLRB!!

The concept and perception is alive and well that Americans and America in general is a xenophobic and racist nation. I know my history and I am well aware of the Democrat initiated Jim Crow Laws and the Democrat sponsored KKK, Birmingham and Montgomery (all Democrat controlled at the time). What I cannot fathom is the desire to constantly relive this polarizing time, perpetuate the idea and constantly bring it up in almost every conversation and every media venue. Yes, Eric Holder, you are correct; we are investigating Fast and Furious purely because you and Obama are black..Damn, we almost got away with it..Shucks!

I would love to be a fly on the wall at that job interview where an HR manager actually tells some one they are not hired because they are black or female or gay. Where are these people I hear so much about! Do you know any? I never met any! Every job I have ever had was like a Campbells Soup of ethnic and gender diversity. I swear, one guy I worked with was a real life Extraterrestrial!

It is my belief that laws such as Affirmative Action are (in effect) racist. The idea is simple, you give some one a job BECAUSE they are black. Never mind their skills, experience and education, they get the position because of their skin color.

What is scary (and racist) is the current imposition of laws that deny Americans to speak out against Islamofascism and the adoption of Shariah Law into our Constitutional system. The Council on American/ Islamic Relations (CAIR) is nothing more than a theocratic public relations group whose soul purpose is to litigate any criticism of a form of religious Oligarchy that runs counter to the Constitution of The United States. Journalists, radio hosts, writers and leaders have all fallen prey to the long arm of CAIR. They are blacklisted, fired in an attempt to control the content of the discussion at hand. Political Correctness has turned inside on itself where it is no longer sufficient to be careful what you say, you can’t say anything at all.


Unless the groups you are talking about are white, Republican, Christian, Tea Party or Conservatives in general. The vitriol is thick and runs knee deep in any conversation concerning The Right. The comments pour forth unabated with no checks or balances from the LSM. There is a systematic mud slinging campaign where the lowest common denominator always rises to the top and becomes truth. Anyone who professes to be a Conservative knows to remain silent in certain situations. Violence from the tolerant Liberal Left has erupted in dozens of Conservative speaking events. Some have been shut down completely due to mob unrest. My own radio show is constantly under fire from self proclaimed, open minded Liberals.

It is not xenophobia and racism that exists in this nation, but a very real prejudice towards Conservatives, The Constitution and American Exceptionalism. The Left will be quick to tell you they love America just as much as the next guy. However, they just want to make it a better nation, not what it is. They will define what America is in their own minds and remain blind to the very thing that negates the racism idea completely. It is the history of the diversity and the long struggle of individuals of all races to reach parity despite the efforts of Governmental good intentions. To claim some one is racist simply because they have a different idea or opinion is not only intolerant it is ignorant. It borders on the insane..

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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