Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hostage Nation

    Ever since I was a child this nation has had no discernable Energy Policy. There was once the belief that one day we would run out of crude and that economic disaster and global upheaval would ensue. Science and technology has disproven that once golden mantle of the 60's generation. However, the political ramifications of this hold out are with us today and have created a mentality within the Government that are evident in our distorted environmental policies.

    In a recent Congressional Hearing Energy Sect. Steven Chu admitted that the current rise in gasoline prices is part of the President's plan to force Americans off of oil. His open admission to create a price level equal to Europe is evidence of the extreme Leftist position that this Administration shows no sign of vacating. That, they are beholding to the Environmental Lobbyists can be tantamount to holding a nation hostage and should be considered criminal. It hits the poor the most, the working poor second, the Middle class third and business overall. Reaganonics in reverse: Bad policy makes for a bad economy.

    The arguments are always the same. We cannot drill our way out (yes we can). The environment will suffer (no, it won't). It will take years to see the results (well, if we started years ago, we would have the results today). Finally, that America only has 2% of the world's reserves.
    Lets take that last bit into context:

    2% of the "world's reserves": What does that mean exactly? We only have 2% and that we do not have enough to supply ourselves, or, is that number 2% of the total world output thus far? If the total world output is in the hundreds of billions of barrels a year and we have 2% of that in production now, that still puts us well in supply for at least a generation. Given the current trend towards conservation, mandated mileage for cars, nuclear, gas and other sources. America has all it needs.
    Currently the output from the North Slope goes to Japan and the leases held in the Gulf of Mexico are held primarily by foreign entities. We cannot drill because the environmentalists say it is dangerous, but China and BP is more than welcome.
    This is insanity. Between Canada, The Gulf, Alaska, and Mexico itself, there is plenty to go around for a long time to come. Literally, if we enclose the total North American production for North American consumption alone we solve the problem of Middle East entanglements and sticker shock all in one fell swoop. To hell with the environmentalists.

    The environmentalists are holding up all sorts of energy production in America, never mind oil. There is a joke here in Massachusetts about Cape Wind. That they are always one more environmental law suit away from...the next environmental lawsuit. Nevada has huge solar farms ready to produce and lay idle because of environmental lawsuits over the placement of the transmission lines. The first nuclear power plant in over thirty years has been given the green light by the Obama Administration only to be hit with a court order to stop pending (thats right) lawsuits over spent fuel disposal.

    Note: The nation's disposal site in Yucca Mt. has been shut down by Obama, so there ya' go folks!

    The insanity will never stop with these people. Leadership is only a word now and has nothing to do with reality and/or human expansion of thought, industry and the future. Based solely on rigged science over Global Warming our nation is held hostage at the pump. Laws over internet, freedom of speech and the public's right to bear arms ensure no reprisal from the masses. With no ability for relief at the pump families, businesses and any one who drives will stop. Perhaps this is part of the plan of a Socialist ideology. Keep the masses at home, just drive to work, keep tabs on everyone's activities, be sure to tell on some one if you see something.

    Now that they control us at the gas tank, the next move is to control us at the grocery store..

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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