Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Niether Conservative, Nor Liberal; Rather, a Partisan'

    Watching Romney and Perry go at it is like riding shotgun with a drunk driver. You bridle at every weave across the political center/double line and brace yourself for the near miss of a disastrous collision. The questions just continue to be juvenile: Purposely igniting fiery banter. There is no attempt to be serious in trying to find the one true leader in this Campbell's Soup of candidates. No Chicken and Stars here America, just boring Cream of Mushroom!

    The rise and fall of poll numbers are nothing more than a tidal wave that ebbs and flows leaving the current "frontrunner' like a flopping fish on the sand trying to explain away his/ her latest gaffs. We need to toss out the baby with the bath water here folks and forget the push button issues. Start demanding that there be substance from Anderson Cooper's questions and some hairy big ones from these morons who claim they want the mantle. That goes for you too Michelle! I could care less about Herman Cain's stand on abortion (or, his non stand..whatever!). Could care less about Romney and his Masscare/Obamacare. Could care less about Perry and the death penalty or Ron Paul and his anti-Semitism. Just give me a leader who will speak to the issues at hand. I want a candidate who is going to bring America back to it's senses and get industry out of the dust pail. I want a candidate who will tell China to go F themselves and that we don't need their cheap shitty crap anymore!

    This insistence upon defining how Conservative you are is anachronistic with such a diverse American population. The square peg will never fit into that round hole so stop the hammering! We must recognize that the simplicity of our American Constitutional foundation is the core of the apple of Liberty for all Americans. To create supposed tactics to define ones position tilts the political pendulum to an artificial political position and simply does not work anymore. The worn out arguments of pro-life/pro-choice are as old as Roe v Wade itself and I am getting too old and too tired to care anymore. I have heard this crap for years and years..Let it go already!!

    The Liberals are just enjoying this football game. Every fumble is being recorded and (I, for one) cannot wait to see the adds this coming season. But the Libs too will trot out the standard dog and pony show of  the black vote, immigration, the women's vote, civil rights, blah, blah, blah, blah..Again, I getting too old and too tired of this crap. I have heard it for years and years..Let it go already!!
    It gets us no where, has nothing to do with terrorism, nothing to do with the economy and nothing to do with ME!! Selfish? You bet ch-ya! All politics is local after all and nothing is more local than oneself and one's family.

    Now, while some readers may decide at this point to proclaim Conservative or Liberal (though I doubt many Libs read my blog). Think about what that entails. We must ask ourselves how that stalwart position will limit us and our ability to compromise and think and accept and grow as a nation. As a race of beings. We must come to some sort of common solution to complex problems that benefit us all. The Tree of Liberty must be able to bend against a storm of absolutism.

    It is absolutism that has lead this world through some of history's darkest times. This is what a Partisan' is. I use the asterisk at the end of the word to invoke the French pronunciation. It implies a form of absolutism to one belief system or another (not to negate the brave men and women who fought during WWII in France). This is the horrible affect of being raised Liberal then finding one's Conservative values later in life..Parents? Don't do this to your kids, please..

    My problem is, is that I have the ability to see and think four dimensionally. Every time some idiot says something I have twenty reasons to question what they said and then forty more to destroy their position. We must be open to a wider and more open society while still holding firm to the foundation of that document that gave birth to this nation. It is all 'talking points" now..Who gives a shit??. I have heard it for years and I am growing too old and too tired... Let it go already!!

    Let go of the partisanship, let go of the bi-partisanship and start speaking in terms on commonality and Union...

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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