Monday, August 8, 2011

The Reality of the Inevitable

    The penchant of politicians to blame every one, everything except their own misguided policies is a as rampant as can be in Washington. The rhetoric of blame and denial in the face of a financial credit downgrade is another symptom of a psychological malady known as politics where the politics make good policy as aopposed to good policy making good politics. The blame game is simply just a symptom of the modern Liberalism that has slowly infected every facet of our lives to date. A perfect example was John Kerry invoking blame on the Tea Party; "this is the downgrade of the Tea Party..."..What? Remember how Columbine was the fault of America owning too many guns, didn't some fat guy make a movie about that once? I guess our $14 trillion debt is the Tea Party's fault.  Holy crap, did I drink 'that much' at the last rally?
    I cannot understand why the President has remained silent on this recent S&P report. He usually has something to say about everything: Joe the Plumber, Cambridge police, that guy with ten kids who needs a large SUV, I have been trawling the internet and have not heard word one about this from the Chosen One. The trump card they always pull out (Bush's fault) goes unoticed by anyone any more. The stupified Liberals Pavlovianly wag their tails all the time anyway so who cares anymore? John Chambers of S&P gets down to brass tacks when he said that given our ratio of debt to growth, given that growth looks dismal, what choice did they have? These are facts, they are stubborn things and that is soooo imbarassing to this Administration!
    I do not want to see Geithner resign from the Treasury. He is doing a fine job of reasurring an Obama defeat in 2012. Leave him right where he is! Leave Jeffery Imult as Jobs Czar. Hell, you think Bush and Haliburton were in bed together? These two probably have  secret love tape hidden somewhere. As least bush and Haliburton provided jobs to AMERICAN CONTRACTORS! GE has just shipped 50,000 jobs to Mexico to make the old fashion incandescent light bulbs while simultaneously helping to pass legislation that outlaws them here in the US in favor of "green bulbs" made in China..By GE..
    I want to hear more of Nanny McPhee Moochelle's consternations on America's growing waist line while the media prints pictures of her stuffing a cheeseburger in her maw during every vacation. I want to hear more of Harry Reid lies while his brother continues to get financial kickbacks thanks to the Senator. Let it continue, someday Reid will be out of office and an Attorney General who really understands the law will put those two in jail. Speaking of AG's, I want the terrorists tried in Civilian Courts so half of them can sue us, return home, come back and blow something else up. Why?
    Because facts are stubborn things and Americans have forgotten the one fact that we are nation born from facts. We are Exceptional on everything we do and represent but have forgotten it. We have medicated ourselves with political correctness, whined about our mommies and daddies and our Bi-polar condition, sucked a check every month because we have vertigo, or, OCD, we have grown up under Liberal Agendas and Bi partisan bullshit for so long that we truly do need a tire iron swung at our skulls to wake us the hell up again! So let us go bankrupt, let the well run dry. The only thing that will happen then is more blame, some rioting but eventually, eventually the hard truth will come shining through and we will be forced to get off the couch, or wheelchair, or off the Adavan..whatever.

    The reality is that this Administration is run by radicals. Radicals who have been educated in the "I hate America" axiom. None of them understand business, none of them have a business education from what I can gather. Most of them have an education in Social Awareness (Lefties).  It is all well and good to say how you would like to teach the world to sing but what do you do when you realize it is not in perfect harmony with the tenor section determined to kill all of us?
    The only hope for this country is the continued growth of the Tea Party as a national popular political movement. To galvanize the nation in the face of abhorrent obstacles is the hope of the Tea Party itself. Seeing the problems become more gargantuan is the only way for us to face the truth of our situation. So let it all happen because talking about it has yeilded nothing..

...Oh, and Mr President, stop invoking the words of Ronald Reagan. I remember Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was my President. You Mr. President are no Ronald Reagan..

....And That Is The Diatribe...

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