Monday, September 5, 2011

Could Two Icons of the 21st Century Be Correct?

The President that was hated by the Left and was dismissed by the right, the arch enemy who was at the helm of this nation’s worst attack since 1941; George W Bush and Osama Bin Laden. Could two of the World’s icons have predicted and have been correct in both of their assumptions?

President Bush gave an historic speech after 9/11 in which he laid out the plan for America to combat terrorism. The press and future school books will just highlight the famous sentence, ”Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists”, and/or his “Axis of Evil” connotation. It goes much deeper than that. We were no longer to ‘react’ to an act of terrorism but confront it and defeat it before it could happen and to this day that policy has thwarted numerous potential attacks, some, in a nick of time.

Then, we have UBL. His plan was not just to attack America but to change the perception of terror and Islamic Jihad into a global conflict. This guy was wired tight and was hell bent on his ideas. He may have not had complete control over all his minions but they all took his ideas and ran with them. Today we have the ‘Arab Spring’, it is anything but. It is the demise of an already unstable part of the world into total anarchy lead by The Muslim Brotherhood.

It is here where the two come together. One act of a President and another from a devout terrorist has propelled the world into uncharted territory. Both spoke of changing the Middle East and both have opened a Pandora’s Box that will never close. It was inevitable anyways. This part of the world has always been a nightmare to negotiate regardless of your business being there. Blaming one (or the other) is fruitless, this was to be no matter how much we talked in the chambers of the UN.

It is no wonder that despite the rhetoric of Obama in 2008 to close GITMO, and reverse our policies on interrogation, some one in his staff opened up the TOP SECRET book entitled, “This is how fucked up the World is”. Obama had a “Things that make you go, hmmm” moment. This is why we carry those policies to this day. He had to.

In the mean time, the Middle East watched Obama on his ‘Apology’ tour and decided that it was high time to launch some rockets in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and Libya. The first three we did little to help. The last one? Well Moa mar had to go, had to erase that black stain of Lockerbie didn’t we? Plus that tool who got a “get out of jail free” card because he was sick, then hung around for a year..Is he dead yet? Then there is Syria, this place is an American Red Cross supply zone. These guys could just gather up the blood from the streets it is so thick.

There is a reason these nations were run by despots with an iron clad fist and jack boot on the throat. They had to be. Just read Leon Uris’s book The Hag and you get it. These people are nuts, totally out to lunch and they forgot the desert. Everything they wanted is now within their grasp. A total Caliphate from the Mediterranean to the borders of Vietnam! Hell they have foot soldiers in Indonesia for Christ’s sake!

So, the plan to defeat terrorism and the ideal to promote Jihad have gone hand in hand to create a global conflict that will span generations. Makes my head swim, I was just getting comfortable with the Soviets not pointing Nukes down my throat. Well it was nice while it lasted anyways. Now I have to worry about these backwards sand box aliens. Meanwhile we will send our troops and combat them around the globe. And so we should.

At least the Soviets loved their kids and did all they could to prevent war (well, except for a couple of times). These freaks teach their kids to hate and kill, and sometimes, they send them out for martyrdom.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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