Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Bad Political Acid Trip , Man

    I woke up this morning with a new sense of doom. Just as I was getting used to spending for hundred thousand years paying off the national debt, I now have to live another two hundred thousand years. I would go back to college with all that time I now have if the cost of it wasn't so astronomical. Maybe I could evolve into another form of my species over six hundred thousand years, finally grow that third arm. God knows it will come in handy for the five jobs I am going to have to work just to feed myself and my family. How much does the average American have to pony up to meet their fair share?
    It was interesting to listen to the Liberals talk about cutting the debt on the backs of the poor, but lumping more debt on the backs of the children is perfectly fine in their minds. The logic is staggering to fathom. I wonder if there is an alien race watching this madness and just laughing their tiny gray asses off. If they do exist they figured it out a long time ago, thats why they visit M-class planets like ours for amusement. It truly must be entertaining to watch a species go right down the toilet while on the verge of of technological marvels.
    "Oops, they almost made it Quarg-Nak, you owe me twenty, hey what say we tool on over to Orion, I hear a galactic war is about to open up. I am bored here anyway. These idiots still use fossil fuels."
    There is a scientist on that Morgan Freeman show, Through the Wormhole (appropriate title) that claims we will someday technologically become so advanced that we will transcend time and spread our seed to another star system. I don't see any welcoming mats being rolled out on that space faring journey. I cannot get my three dimensional thinking around Achmed Al-Jihadi reaching out in friendship to a race of beings that may have actually met God.
    Half of me was glued to C-SPAN as I watched Maxine Waters read the e-mail Move On. org sent her to read on the chamber floor. It was the usual drivel about the Tea Party. The speech was so canned I am beginning to think it actually exists as a product on the grocery shelves. The other half of me had to steal away so I could check on my hiding place for my money just to be sure it was still there. I had hoped that this situation would end in default. I think we need a huge punch in the face to knock some sense into our blank stare. Ok, so the checks don't come. Do we all just revert to animals and freak out or find a way to pick ourselves up?..Nahh, we just freak out.
    Delusion is the answer. Man, all those drugs in the Sixties really did mess this nation up becuase we have been on a poltical acid trip since day one. Only now its turning wierd and a little scary. The cellophane flowers of yellow and green are about to gobble us up like the Purple People Eaters. Hell, even in my salad days, even I knew I had to shake it all off and get to work the next morning. This overdose of delusion, on the other hand, has no end in sight!
    Just exactly how are we going to get out from under this now? The talk before has always been around what to do in the short term. I want to know how we are going to pay this thing off in the long term? I want to know what the plan from the banks of the Potomac is going to be to tackle this bank note? Is the plan always going to be to qibble over how much to raise it and how much to cut, then argue over the scraps? Because scraps are all thats left. The budget is just going to cease to exist as a funding mechanism for the host of pet projects we all know and love. Everything taken in from now on is debt servicing.
    ...And the Left worried about the checks not going out to Grandma and some poor black child? They aren't going out to anyone ever again! Smooth move there Ex-Lax! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the most brilliant minds of the DNC.
    I am always accused of perceiving these issues too simply. I hope I never stop. Imagine if our elected saw things the same way? Essentially,what has occured here is everything the Tea Party and Glenn Beck warned us about and what the Liberals lied to us about. It is the line in the old Rush song The Trees, about how the maples and the oaks argued over sunlight and who should get how much of it. So, "they passed a noble law, now the trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe and saw.."

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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