Saturday, July 30, 2011

Never Sign Anything!

Many young Americans simply do not understand their Constitutional rights or the protections granted to them as they go about their everyday lives. A recent court decision on filming police during a bust (or otherwise) has been supported as a protected right. One area that has little attention is the signing of "write-ups" at the work place. These nebulous documents have existed for a long time in America's industries. Essentially, a person accused of some rub of the rules is "written up" by a supervisor and is required to sign it as a testament to their acknowledgment of said offense. In many cases if you do not sign it you are threatened with termination. My advice to all who have, or may, experience this is; never sign anything. If they fire you, get a lawyer!

These documents are nothing more than coersion. They are a way of forcing you to abdicate your 5th Amendment rights. Companies have teams of lawyers telling them it is perfectly lawfull but therin lies the problem. What is lawfull may not be Constitutional. The interpretation of law varies from State to State and the interpretation varies according to which judge upheld that law and his/her interpretation of the Constitutionality of it...I know, I am getting complicated here, bear with me.

As a strict Constitutionalist myself, I always use that great document as a benchmark. If anything you face in life does not meet any of the requirements of any of the clauses or Amendments then what you face is bogus and has no weight. You should throw it back into the face of the accusor and tell them to pound sand. I will part with many of my Conservative coleagues here, but Ron Paul is very correct in his interpretation of the Constitution. Much of what our Government, legal system and businesses do in so far as enforcement, spending, agencies, etc is Un- Constitutional.

I always hear the term "I have a right". No you don't. I remember one time when I was young and broke and had my electricity turned off. I chased the meter man off my lawn. He came back later with the police. I knew he would do this, what floored me was the cop telling me "he has a right to shut off your power"..No he doesn't Mr. Policman..He has the "Authority" to shut off my power and your backing to enforce it. People of all walks mis-interpret authority with rights. Just because a Government body mandates a decision still does not grant a right. Rights do not come from Government, Rights do not come from Laws, Rights do not come in the form of a contract, sentence, agreement or two thirds majority. They are "inalienable". They exist simply because they exist. Reams of books line the shelves of prestigiuos universities of law trying to undo that simple fact.

Roe Vs Wade is a great example, Defense of Marraige Act is another. None of these cases have any merit in law or Constitution because both are nobody's damn business. The laws written against these issues also have no merit. It is none of your business what I do in my private life. I cam marry who I want and I can abort if I need to. That decision is between my family, my doctor and God. The laws in place today preventing or upholding are hold overs from a generation that also mis-interpreted the Constitution. It is bogus on all fronts.

Never sign anything. It is a defacto admission of guilt and the 5th Amendment clearly defines that. The 4th Amendment can be called into play because a coerced signature is a violation of search and seizure. I love to watch these cop shows where the idiot suspect blabs away. You say nothing, you sit down and say nothing. It is not your job to offer anything to the police. It is there job to discover it. The Miranda Ruling is absurd. The right to remain silent should not have to be read to any one. Remaining silent is your duty to your sovereignty. Besides after you have blabbed to the cops, everything you have said will be put into a report wich will be used as evidence against you..This, before, they finally read you your Miranda Rights.

It is difficult for many to get around this concept. We are 200+ years after the Constitution's enacting and we have had a miriad of interpretations that define us as a nation today. The possiblity that we have gotten it all wrong all this time is alarmingly real.

The simplicity of the document is its strength. The millions of pages written in an attempt to undo it are a testament to that strength. Never sign anything..Never admit anything..

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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