Saturday, January 1, 2011

American Exceptionalism; Radical Approaches Part II, Economic Growth

   How do we begin to return to the starting point where American Exceptionalism was the first thought in every American's mind? How do we turn back the tide of Socialist policy dominating our current Government expenditures to re-create an America under self reliance? Right now, over 1 Trillion dollars are spent, from the start, on Socialist Programs. That translates into over one third of all Americans depending on the Government for a check to come in the mail for a variety of reasons. For every two people who work and pay into Social Security there are ten people who collect a check from those taxes. The numbers grow larger daily. Add to this the expeditures on the Bailouts and all the cash for "whatever" and our Government has become a doting father who just throws money at the spoiled child who always gets himself into trouble.

   This has to end. What fails must fail and let the chips fall as they may. From disaster comes an opportunity for a clean up crew to make some money. It is called capitalism. Even in failure comes growth. The bailout of GM was terrible for a start up company called Tesla. Tesla makes all electric, hand built American made cars. Built for the select few who can afford them, Tesla was poised to capture a niche in the automotive market had GM been allowed to fail. Tesla was ready to buy up portions of GM and their factories and begin to build wholly American Made cars that were cost effective and all electric. It was not to be.

   How do we return from this bizarre-o world we have entered?

   Dependence on our survival as a Capitalist Nation we must first return to the principles of the Free Market. We cannot use the arguments of past to detract us from this idea. The days of the Robber Barons are gone, the Carpet Baggers, even the Oil and Railroad Trusts have been broken and are historical footnotes of a nation that no longer exists. Where history spoke of breaking up monopolies we now face an Administration that is hell bent on bailing them out for their own, mutual self preservation (both the Admin and the Corporation). This is polar opposite of what the Free Market represents. Companies must be allowed to fail to allow other companies to absorb them and create new opportunities for growth and human ingenuity. Even if an industry dies, something always takes it's place. Nature, as Economics abhors a vacuum.

   The lament is always heard: We don't make anything anymore. What if there was a way to re-create that incentive to bring home what is now made elsewhere? In a nation of "tinkers" there is a plethera of people with ideas that are stymied once they start the process of Copyrights, Investment Captital, and just getting a prototype out to the masses. Never mind the Insurance Leaches.
   What if we offered to companies a tax free period where they were required to bring manufacturing back to the US? What if we offered an extended tax free incentive to any start up company that wanted to make Televisions, or DVD players, or anything that is intrinsically American Technology, but is made in China today. Tax free; no SS, no income tax for employees, no corporate taxes for a set time period, adding that these companies must hire Americans who are unemployed. All money eraned is poured back into that company for further expansion. Then we further extend those tax breaks by taxing them at 1/3'rd the current rate for another set period of time. Would you consider this option?
   Lets consider an "Opt-Out" for paying into Social Security. It is, actually, that simple. Employees are given the choice of paying into the system as always or taking what they have payed thus far in a lump sum check. There is a catch: You cannot cash that check. It must be put into a CD, Mutual Fund, even a simple Savings Account at your local bank where it grows until age 65. If you die before hand, that money goes to your spouse, children or any one you deem in your Will with the same caviat; That this money stays until age 65. What we create here is wealth for Americans and a Trust left behind for the dependents of the deceased. The "Safety Net" would be that no worker can join this "Opt-Out" Program until they have worked and payed into Social Security for 10 years. This guarantees a minimal payment for workers who are struck down and cannot work anymore.

   These are, truly, Radical Approaches. We must consider these approaches when we are faced with looming deficits from a Local to National scale. These are just a chip at the glaciation that has become Washington DC. There is Insurance Legislation that must be scrapped with no regard to the Lobby Group that represents them. Either you compete or move aside.

   Tort Reform, long spoken of and as easily dismissed must become one of the pillars of this Radical Approach Theory I propose. Any one can sue any one else for anything they feel injured by. Job related injuries, Medical Malpractice must be decided by courts and the presumption of evidence alone and not by limits set by Legislation. By removing selections of past Legislation and allowing the Free Market of Litigants to pursue the case on the merits of that case alone we will drive down costs and allow those injured to have fewer hurdles to overcome in bringing such a case to the People.

   This list can go on and on. There is that much bullshit clogging the drain. Get the Department of Education to shut down, regulate EPA rather than EPA regulating. The past years of preservation, conservation and awareness of the general public has brought this nation back from the brink of species extinction. It is time we step back and allow the new awareness to take it's place. With communications becoming open and worldwide it is time for the FCC to close up shop. You cannot regulate or impose Government will upon the free flow of ideas and communications. The decorum of the airwaves must be regulated by the standards of the radio,TV, station itself and not the FCC. If you broadcast offensive material, then no one will listen. Free Market in action. These are just a pity few ideas.

   Freedom and Liberty are more than words. The documents we rest our nation's future upon are just paper and pen. We tend to look upon them as such. Those documents are a feeble attempt by man to exclaim the value and justification of the rights of human dignity granted by God. These ideas are greater than the ideas themselves and far greater than the authors of those ideas. They are a bridge between the spiritual notion that all are created equal and the evolutionary notion that the human race must pursue this course or forever perish as a thinking, inventing and learning species..

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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