Thursday, December 30, 2010

American Exceptionalism; Radical Approaches Part I

   American Exceptionalism must become the foremost Political Ideology of  21st Century America. It must replace Socialism and eclipse Conservatism. AE is an often talked about concept but is difficult for many to grasp. Debates rage between laymen and the educated over what this means, exactly, and both have ample evidence to support their arguments. AE encompasses both sides of the debate for no other nation is born out of the history that is intrinsic to the United States. No other nation tackles the problems of the disenfranchised as the United States, no other nation has created the immense wealth of so many, the freedom to choose our own destiny and the ability to weather the storms of a turbulent world, face down our enemies and still create stability for the average American Family; Stability of the rule of law, safety, plowed streets and a free, public education for our children. That stability is rooted in the day-to-day work of all of us who get up each day, unleash our swords and fight the dragon we call, the "daily grind". It is rooted in the man/woman who works two, three jobs, and still creates something (a better gizmo, art, school project, voting drive, anything). AE is the heart beat that has kept this nation alive during it's worst of times to come out, in the end, stronger and more aware of how sacred this mantle of American Exceptionalism truly is.

   True to the nature of American Exceptionalism we are tasked from time to time to alter course and rewrite our future history. We are faced, at times, with Captains who steer our nation Arri and always the people bring the helm back on course. It is in our heritage and in our blood. No other nation, or it's people are so ancestrally linked to a document, forged by blood ink, created at a time when these ideas of Liberty were considered Sedition as these, The United States of America. Here is where American Exceptionalism finds its purpose of being. It was this radical idea of destiny of man, incumbent upon one's own fortitude, that forged the anvil that which the steel of a Superpower would be hammered. Failure was not an option. As hard as this concept may be for today's generation to understand; the creation of Liberty and Destiny are an evolutionary turn for Humanity. Adapt, or die. Freedom, placed squarely into your own hands carries great rewards or terrible consequences.

   The 20th Century is heralded as "The American Century".  With victory in war and growing economic expansion came enlightenment, affluence, perversity, and eventually, adulteration of the principles of our Constitution. America became 'soft' as we grew comfortable with all we have built. We have depended on the immense power of our arms and State to "take over" the responsibilities we must do for ourselves. More, segmented, enclaves of society have devolved into dependents of that State. Freedom has allowed the growth of what author Alvin Toffler, in "Future Shock" calls, "subcults". All sorts of constituents grasping at the teat of Government largess and demanding that they have as much rights as any one else. They do not. Freedom is a responsibility not a weekly allowance. These groups now tailor our legislation, affect domestic and foreign policy. They are the new 'Captains' steering this ship of State in an altered course. They are funded, powerful and they vote.

   Many of these groups are like spoiled children who demand and think nothing of the demands they make on the ability of the parent to provide. The purpose of a parent is to teach self reliance to the young. The parent, who is the State, is not responsible for the dolling out of monies, laws and legislation to provide for these spoiled groups. It is their responsibility alone to promote their own cause. They must learn to do this themselves. For, by doing so, they become more powerful than any Government edict can imagine. Every time that a new law was passed for rights, a cause, equality via the United States Congress there has been a gradual chipping away at American Exceptionalism and dependency on our Government to provide and uphold those ideals. Had any of these groups gone the way of economic demands, strikes, boycotts, sit ins, shut downs and stayed with those ideas alone without legislation; an entirely different history would have unfolded. It may have taken longer but the outcome would still be the same except with no mandated laws suppressing freedom. All, any of these "movements" have done is take away  from some to give to another. Instead of changing the perceptions of Americans naturally over time, it was forced upon us by lobbyists.

   We cannot change the history we have been handed. All we can do is take a fresh look at how we arrived at this point and take into context the ramifications of those decisions. Hopefully, never make the same mistake again. We must begin to defund many of these programs to allow our children to grow as they must. American Exceptionalism is not granted by a handout but by allowing individuals to compete fairly in the open marketplace of ideas, economics, and justice. Many will fail and will be required to go it alone. There, they will find the truth in their own freedom and self reliance.

   We have come full circle in the quest for equality to a point where idiocy reigns over common sense. This is the opposite of what our Founders envisioned for America. This is what American Exceptionalism is; not more mandates, but as few as possible to allow the growth of oneself.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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