Monday, November 15, 2010

Common Sense

                        A child is accosted at the airport. A child is told he cannot fly the flag for Veterans on his bicycle. A war Verteran cannot fly his flag on his paid Condo lawn. God is taken from the courts, our, schools, our commons, our debates, our public forums.
                        Why do Liberals want the word of God struck from our public forums? To make it easier to lie at them. The perversion of the word of God is a long and sordid past.

                       From the early Puritans, the Mayflower Compact, the Pequot Wars, Salem. From the Missions in SA to the Missions in Africa. The Muslims, whose sole purpose is to destroy any one not a Muslim: The perversion of God is antithetical to human expansion and Human Evolution. All I have listed here has done nothing, but perverse and restrain, the potential of Humanity. These, modern day, rejections of God and Country are the same damn thing!

                        There never is; a "middle road", always a struggle of one side, or, the other. The fight of the 21st Century is that again! Why? Why must we continue on this path and wonder why no one from 'out there' wants anything to do with us?

                      How can (some one like me) see this stupidity so clearly and no one else can see it? I know why.

                       Because, we are not as evolved as we believe ourselves to be. One side (the West) may believe themselves to be evolved. Correct they may be. The East, believes that God is vengefull and wishes to rid the world of infidelity (whatever that means, and, as correct as they may perceive). NOTE: Yes, I defer to the former in this discourse.

                      So, must we defer to the  minority religion, in order to, be accepted among them? What if they don't want us? Shall we continue this path of.."Please!!" Shall we continue the path of war?

                      NOTE: This is what sucks about being a former Liberal. turned Conservative. I can see both, fucking sides..God, I hate this crap!! Where is the Demorol??.."Can I get a drink here , please!!"

                     Maybe, that is the answer. Every one chill the fuck out! Let the kid fly his flag. Stop molesting the child at the gate and allow the profiled to stand proud and proclaim their allegience to America. Stop whining about being targeted and be proud that you are targeted. Then say; .."I am an American!"

                     Ever think to yourself?  God is asking something of ourselves? To be better than what the Media and Government ask's us to be? That..Things are going on right now and we must all take a chill pill? Be wary, be helpfull to your brother and sister and child. Be kind, have some common sense?

....And That Is The Diatribe....


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