Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Importance of Constant Pressure

               It has become obvious to me that there may be no other redress of the grievences inflicted upon the people of the United States aside from insurrection, usurpation of the established Federal Government and an immediate return to the core values of The United States Constitution. The only problem we face is that any armed conflict will not be contained with the enemy being the Government itself. Many of the citizens are perfectly happy living as serfs and beneficiaries of govermental largesse and it's welfare system. Any conflict can easily become a wider civil war drawing out the length of such an event and the casualty rate of such an event. In short, It won't be just law enforcement, National Guard and Government Institutions as our main obstacle, but a large back up contingent of welfare recipients and Socialist ideologs.

               The importance of keeping the pressure on all our elected officials cannot be stressed enough. If they continue to act as if everything is business as usual, Future Tea Party events could become recruitment stations for an upcoming war.
                In his piece written for Renew America, Henry Lamb tells of the pivotal time the Tea Party has brought us too and how consistency must be the watchword for the next decade at least.

                               "...The rise of the Tea Parties is evidence of a growing rebellion
                               among the people unwilling to accept this current reality. This is
                               a time of great opportunity or great danger..The future cannot be
                               left to any political party, but guided by solid, proven principles.."

                 The insults upon the intelligence of citizens are rapidly gaining in strength and rates of occurance. Lamb points to the transgressions of the recent TSA violations of personal space and dignity while the Government, at large, leaves gaping holes in our border due to environmental regulations and ignores and impunes upon State's Rights to enact laws defending their territorial borders.

                 Further insults are disguised under the banner of Hate Speech. Free speech and Hate Speech are dictated under the guidelines of Political Correctness and fear of Ethnic backlash, especially any critical analysis of Islam. The International Free Press Society has listed many double standards in regards to critiques of Islam on Western European Nations. A meeting of fifty-six nations comprising the Organization of Islamic Conference. In 2008 this conference gathered to discuss a ten year plan to eliminate any critical views of Islam by any one, any press agency, any government. Under the universal threat of being labelled a racist, the OIC has enacted laws that has put some journalists under arrest and awaiting trial simply for pointing out violence committed by Islamic Terrorist Groups. The push in the United States to allow Shar'iah Law to exist within (and imune from) State and Federal laws grows at a rapid rate. No similiar Christian protections exist, Later Day Saints Fundamentalists are routinely arrested for their practice of Bigamy. Muslim husbands and Fathers can beat, rape, sell, kill their wives and daughters with no fear of justice. A secular couple can have a simple argument and the wife has Domestic Violence laws at her whim and disposal.

              We constantly garnish every new law with nice sounding names. They are anything but nice. Virtually every law, regulation passed since Wilson has done two things and two things only; 1;To suppress individuality, personal responsibility and Liberty. 2; To find a way to tax us to pay for it's enacting and perpetuation. In fact almost all these "Acts" have built in clauses so they may be revisited from time to time to strengthen them. Any call from the citizenry to repeal an outmoded law is met with a phalanx of protests and  lawyers on the payroll of these regulatory entities.

               The EPA was formed to protect the environment, yet, under the this agency the environment is the least of their worries when it comes to oil and gas leases on Government land and timber leases in National Parks. If you can pay for the rights, you get a free pass.

               The Department of Education should not even exist. This is a State's Right issue, if not a local city and community issue. Not one initiative has done anything to improve the quality of public schools but has institutionalized, standardized and sanitized the educational experience. This further erodes individuality and Liberty of young minds. Unions, in the pocket of both parties, has corrupted the system of education and its quality. Here again, any talk of a reform is met with feverish rancor from Teacher's Lobbyists. Anything to keep the slow creep to Socialism alive.

              However, this pressure must be kept on the burner. It must also have the heat turned up and expose any example of corruption and partisanship. We must take a play from the Socialist handbook of Cloward and Piven. The advent of Cable news, the internet has exploded with good and bad examples of a new surge of information and freedom of thought. Is it any wonder legislators have time and time again called for internet regulation and taxation. Senator Rockefeller has called for the elimination of FOX and MSNBC, again, disguising his rhetoric with the sinister statement, " we can get on with the work of the Congress". The Fairness Doctrine, disolved during Reagan, is always coming up in Senate Hearings to be resurrected. God forbid the nation should keep tabs on it's elected.

              The hatred and lies spread towards a populist movement are indefensible. The hatred and discrimination towards our Armed Services hasn't been this bad since Vietnam. The acceptance of a gaping wound on the Southern border, rewriting our history to salve ethnic members of our society, tolerating the intolerable are symptomatic of a nation in identity crisis and is ripe for the final chapter of Socialism to be written and the iron clad lockdown of its doctrine to be our undoing.

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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