Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Second Greatest Show On Earth

                    My grandfather had a saying; "Next to Barnum and Baily, the American Election Process is the greatest show on Earth!" How correct he was. Yet, how sad his prediction has become. We cannot vote anymore without a doubt of our selection's integrity to elect candidates. Our ballots no longer reflect the choice of our nation's direction, but rather, who is the least worst.
                    Voter fraud is just a normal part of the process now as much as long lines are normal at Dunkin Donuts. I can deal with deciding I want a coffee with cream then getting one that is without. I cannot deal with my vote being for "A" then discovering it was for "B". Then, I have to listen to some one tell me it was vote for racism, or, a vote for "going back".
                    Speaking of Dunkin Donuts and the election..I was accosted by an individual today at a DD.  The server was handling several orders at once. She got mine wrong.  I suggested she slow down and take one order at a time. Some A-hole called me a "dick" and berated me as my order was processed. ..I thought I was going to be in a fight. This guy was in my face!!
                    This made me think.. How much berating will we suffer this next week at the polls as people want to be heard properly and have the correct ballots to cast their votes. How many A-holes will be there calling them "dicks" and berating them to vote as they see fit.
                     The sad answer is; there will be many. Many will try to vote and be shunned away. Other votes will be auto-clicked to the Democrat Party.
                      Try to complain my friends...There is no recourse!
                     The reports from FOX already point to numerous voter fraud examples. Most of our military absentee ballots are in the trash or lost.

                      I love how I am accused of being a "right wing" guy. The funny thing is, that, my accusers don't have a clue as to my past. I was born and raised a Card carrying Left wing ACLU Democrat! I know the play book. I know the game plan. I am the consummate "mole" to expose the playbook of the Left. I lived that life!
                      Recently, I read one of Hillary Clinton's books, " Living History". She wrote about how she was a registrar for John Kennedy's Presidential Campaign. Her job was to gather registrations for the vote..A noble cause.
                     She wrote that she went to address' that didn't exist, names that were deceased, places that did not exist. She filled out her forms and went back to the campaign manager.
                     After she told him about these discrepencies, she was informed to forget about them and those names would be added anyway. She said she heard nothing more of this. This was in 1960 for God's sake!
                     You think this has gotten better?

                     Gore vs. Bush in 2000: Gore wanted votes recounted in only Democratic Districts to sway the outcome. The Florida State Supreme Court said that ALL votes must be recounted in ALL Districts. This lead to the stopping of recounting and Gore relequishing to Bush...The Left was not happy. They claimed that Bush "stole" the election.
                      Truth is, Gore wanted to slant the election in Primarily Democratic Districts where voter fraud was rampant. Thus the stage was set for ACORN in 2008. We can go to Jersey City/ Hudson County in 1997 for another great example of fraud. Two machines sent to a Teacher's Union non polling place already loaded with votes.
                     Shall we talk about the Black Panthers outside polling places in 2008?

                    So, here we are again... Ross Perot said in the 1992 debate that this would be the last truly free election. We all laughed at him and his big ears. His simple "fixes" for our economy....Damn..I wish Ross was President then.

                     His words come back to haunt us! From a simple man who built a company and was in the front row of the bullshit our Government has handed us over 30 years come the telling! A giant shit sandwich and we must all take a bite from!

....And That Is The Diatribe....

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